An advice to all readers in these times, now is the time to be nimble!

August started and at the start of the month, I heard the news as a New Yorker. Proof of vaccination will be required in order to go to the gym or eat indoors at a restaurant along with a host of other events. Now this made NYC the first major city in the US to implement this and while the naive may think it has to do with public safety, it’s really about a failed leader who couldn’t get any traction in his run for president trying to add more clout to his political career. By appeasing to the Reddit wing of his party, such an idea which was implemented in Europe is supposed to make one a better pick for president in the future right?

Whatever the motive, it will be New Yorkers who will face whatever comes of it all. I think that bars and restaurants will likely see less traffic and continue to find it harder and harder to find workers. I don’t think this stops at requiring a proof to go about your daily life, there is a push now to require a proof to even travel across states meaning you need it to even travel out of the city. Surprise surprise, it is all coming from a New York politician.

The way these events unfolded had me in a situation where I have made up my mind to leave the city indefinitely for a state with more freedom. Don’t worry, I am not going to be one of those New Yorkers who moves to a free state and votes the same way he did in NYC. This New Yorker knows that our politicians mostly suck and are some of the worst in the country.

Your takeaway in these times should be one thing, BE NIMBLE.

This should be especially true for those of you who are in major cities in the US, especially places like NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, and LA. Any city that is being run by corrupt and power-hungry politicians trying to enforce as many restrictions on locals as possible are likely going to have a lot of their population leaving. If you are living in any of these major cities, it may be time to start evaluating other options.

You don’t need to go to a small town or some small city without much to do, some cities may be able to afford you decent social options while not having restrictive politics.

I am going to live with the reality that the city I do end up in is going to lack the fun and options that NYC had. At the same time, I doubt NYC is its old self anymore with the proof of vaccination being required along with lockdowns chasing away a significant chunk of the population. I saw the nightlife in NYC degrade slowly as techies moved into the city which meant uglier women with even uglier personalities and just flat out weird guys.

We are living in an ever-changing world.

Everything from how we go about our daily lives along with what we knew about the world is going to change. For those living in major cities, you will feel the changes directly and more strongly. We might be heading towards a time when borders will be closed and people will not be able to move around as freely as they once could. I think the next wave of lockdowns that come might be due to the weather and the environment itself.

Your priority should be focusing on what place you want to live long-term and moving there ASAP. You may also want to evaluate if that place you wanted to live in is still the place you knew growing up. Chances are, if you love NYC like I did, you will find it almost unrecognizable after the pandemic given how the politicians have leeched off of the people and run the city so poorly in recent years. The situation is so bad that I am almost being forced to leave this city. Do it now before things start getting restrictive.

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