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What impact will proof of vaxx have on nightlife and social outings?

For those of you who live in NYC, you are now slowly adjusting to the reality that all indoor activities whether it is restaurants, gyms or nightclubs are going to require a proof of vaccination. I don’t think that this is going to go away anytime soon and will likely stick around for years to come. My fear is that it spreads to even red states and more conservative areas of the US but I am counting on them to push back.

Some, like me, are deciding to leave the city because of these kinds of measures being implemented. My fear is that it won’t just stop at indoor dining and nightclubs, pretty soon you’ll need proof of vaxx to even get out of the city. I am against coercion being used in order to get people vaccinated but let’s talk about the impact of it.

I don’t really think it will have that big of an impact.

While you may read an article here and there about restaurants reeling from the mandates and the proof being required, I don’t think the impact will be as big as you think. I actually think that all that is going to happen is that this will stick around for quite some time. There are actually plenty of reasons why I feel that the mandates and proof of vaxx will have minimal if any impact on social outings and nightlife in major cities.

The people engaging in these activities are likely to be pro-vaxx and for this kind of stuff anyways.

Think about the average girl that frequents nightclubs to get wasted in her twenties and the average crowd alongside her. Most lean quite left, easily follow the mainstream media, and are likely to just go along with whatever the government wants them to do. The same people are going to shame others for not getting vaxxed.

Bars and nightclubs won’t really scrutinize it.

Most bouncers are not going to check against a QR code just yet, they are going to likely look at the card and after a glance just let you in. The system is unfortunately open to errors and for the time being, people will abuse it. Most politicians and authorities will care less since, well, they get to parade and celebrate over a certain percentage of the population getting the jab so they have their victory.

People will just get used to it and justify it.

“I am saving the world”

“We are cultured here unlike those red state bumpkins!”

As you can see, people will get used to it all and end up justifying their actions. It will just be yet another card to check at the bar and another few seconds spent by the bouncer. Most people will go on with their night as usual and not care. Such is the reality of the generation, they don’t care to question this kind of stuff because whatever mainstream media tells them is fact.

People just want to lose being locked in and rather go out to get wasted again.

Alcohol, binge drinking, getting wasted, and partying your ass off are what the world missed. The leaders of every city know this and they know people fear lockdown. Due to the fear of the lockdowns, people will do anything to get back to “normal”. To most people in big cities, “normal” means spending weekends to get wasted and party hard. If it means a jab for a vaccine that got rapidly approved and a card needed to show it, so what?

Ours is not the generation to think critically and question things. No, that’s too much work, it’s not enough comfort. Ours is a generation to want their Netflix, their booze, their drugs, and hedonism.

In other words, it’s going to end up being business as usual.

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