This is how awful Reddit is now

I notice that I tend to get quite a lot of traffic from Reddit, more so than any other major platform out there. Years ago, I used to post a lot on Reddit and found it to be a good site to either look at pics of puppies or just learn a new life skill or two. Even now, there are many great subreddits to look at which can help you out with whatever you may need help with. While all of this might be the case, it is safe to say that the site is slowly but surely becoming George Orwell’s 1984. If you haven’t read the book yet, I recommend reading it ASAP.

For a while, Reddit may have had its opinions but it still hosted communities such as The Red Pill and also The Donald (which took off during Trump’s run for president in 2016). Then, things started to go downhill as certain communities were “quarantined” or “banned”. It became very clear to anyone and everyone that reddit was radically left-wing and now, it was not going to allow any dissent.

Then discussions came around the Pandemic and given the nature of the subject, everyone had their controversial opinions. You started to find overtime that the pro-vaxx crowd was far more vocal, heavily supported, and by far the majority. At this point, they had already quarantined any subreddit that would disagree with them and slowly started to pick them all apart. It got to the point that quarantined subreddits had to create their own websites to even have a discussion.

As you can see, Reddit became a hivemind.

Go to the politics subreddit? Biden can do no wrong. Both sides are never heard, its exclusively Democrat.

Go to any other general subreddit with a big audience? Far left wing.

Yet, you started to see that years back, more right wing Reddits gained steam such as The Donald getting a lot of votes on the front page and admins having to game the system to stop the support. This was the point at which the bias spread throughout the site and it slowly became a hivemind.

I look at the subreddit for major cities such as NYC which are not just pro-vaxx but also cheering for mandates and whenever an unvaccinated person dies. Any kind of disagreement against vaccine mandates is at first met with somewhat of a debate but then met with massive downvotes and mods banning you.

Want to know how bad it has become? Well, here you go.

I present you with photos and screenshots of a pro-vaxxer asking for reddit to cancel anyone and everyone that disagrees with mainstream narratives about the pandemic. What do I mean by anyone and everyone? Literally any major sub that has not done a good enough job regurgitating mainstream media narratives on a virus with over a 99% survival rate. I have done my best to hide the user’s name since I am trying to just show you the level to which Reddit has degraded and how big of a mess it is now.

Oh yeah, you read that right, all of those upvotes and gifts? It’s that fucked up.
Look at this!

Caught a breather yet folks?

I’ll let you digest all of that, apologies for the paragraph that repeats itself. I mean I cannot imagine how a whiner gets that many upvotes and that much support from people who should have bigger concerns in life such as, you know, the state of the economy and how the hell are we going to rescue thousands of Americans in Afghanistan? Does the life of thousands of Americans hanging in the balance get any attention at all from Reddit? Fat fucking chance it does, let’s worry about a virus the mainstream media has been telling us to worry about that once again, has over a 99% survival rate. Now that you have caught a breather, it gets even worse.

Notice the size of some of these and how some are not even related to the pandemic?
Uplifting news, Cats, and Netflix! Not allowing me to spread my agenda enough and forcing vaccines on everyone, cancel them!

Had enough?

I have, I cringe now.

My city’s subreddit used to be helpful and a place for great discord but now? It’s a shitshow of people pushing vaccines on everyone and cheering more restrictions, more mandates, and more government.

Granted, Reddit may have been originally meant for soft effeminate and neurotic men who cannot get dates. Somehow, it got bigger and attracted a wider audience. At some point, the psycho bias went so unchecked that you have a sensitive whiner who probably still wets the bet every night calling to cancel entire communities that disagree with their opinions.

In case you didn’t notice, this a bigger plague in society.

Good ole Cancel Culture on display here. Somehow, Reddit became a microcosm of what is happening to society at large as good ole Cancel Culture came swarming in to cancel any and all subreddits that aren’t forcing everyone to get vaccines.

First you cancel controversial subs that disagree with your opinion. Then you start to call for moderators to ban and suspend any account that you disagree with. Soon, you realize that you can easily silence all opinion and you call to cancel massive subreddits just because they didn’t join your little protest of getting the jab. This is how bad it’s become, be scared!

2 thoughts on “This is how awful Reddit is now

  1. Hey bachelor, we recently exchanged emails about a potential gues article from me, and as i read these oast few articles i cant help but feel relieved someone is also outraged at the state of the world.

    I may not agree with all of your points, but the fact of the matter is society is in an incredibly delicate place and it feels like not enough people are outraged. Take the housing crisis for example, we have millions facing eviction with the moratorium end on the horizon with a combination of housing prices that are absolutely asinine from being bought up by investment firms and corporations. This isnt a partisan issue that cancel culture or a far wing of either side can blame one another for, its a legit problem that reaches across the aisle.

    Just wanted to pop in and say you arent alone, and I’d be glad to write a few articles for you.

    1. Hey man for sure, you have my email and I have taken down the contact me button because these next few weeks are bound to get controversial. I’d love to hear from you and see your articles!

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