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Why the California recall election is one of the most culturally significant moments of the century.

This is one of the most controversial articles I will write. I do want all readers to know that for one, I am not really a right wing Republican, in fact I’ve leaned left most of my life on social issues such as abortion, affirmative action and gay marriage. When I use words like “accountability”, justice or anything hinting at a side having to answer for its wrongs, in no way is this meant to be taken as any form of violence or anarchy. Instead, I use such words to imply verbally answering and explaining to the public why they have done what they have done and why they can escape certain restrictions that the common person cannot. I also use such words to point out that no one should be above criticism and everyone should have to face criticism for their actions and views they push on others, not just one side.

Given the political landscape today, to anyone that wishes anarchy or any sort of physical harm to any side, please don’t comment on my article and please leave my site as I do not support this whatsoever. I do think we can sit down and have a conversation without harming anyone we disagree with.

Now with the post, let’s see how this goes….

“As goes California, so goes the nation”

It’s a famous quote talking about how the same state that gave us Hollywood and Silicon Valley sets the course for rest of America. For those of you who even vaguely keep up with American politics, the current Democrat governor of California, Gavin Newsom, is facing a recall. If in the odd chance he does get recalled, he will likely be replaced by Republican candidate Larry Elder.

You can all look more into how nasty the race has gotten, with Elder being called “the black face of white supremacy” by journalists with an agenda to keep Newsom as governor. Political parties aside and even politics aside, the California Recall election may be one of the most culturally significant moments for Americans in this century.

For those of you who know how life is like in cities like San Francisco, you see how bad things there have become. I will focus a lot of, if not most of this post, on San Francisco as it is the city that gave the world Newsom.

A city that brought us Silicon Valley is now plagued by some of the worst problems around homelessness than any other major US city. We have become all too used to seeing scenes where stores get robbed in broad daylight and no one can do a thing. Clean streets do not exist as streets are full of needles and feces. Meanwhile, the same city is king at virtue signaling compared to any other major US city, even NYC. The rents haven’t gone down either by the way.

So you’re a single guy reading this right?

Maybe you just stay away from the crime and room with a bunch of friends to find a place. Well, you are not only paying high prices for dirty streets and high crime rates, not at all. Instead, you are paying for what is one of the worst and most toxic dating cultures for men in all of North America.

For anyone with an impartial view who has lived in San Francisco, you know that the quality of women in the city is some of the worst of any major city in the entire country. We are talking militant man-hating feminism that decries any guy who is true to himself as practicing “toxic masculinity”. So not only are you living in a major city with a high cost of living and women who manage to be even uglier on the inside than they are on the outside (quite a feat!), you are also having every inch of masculinity stolen away from you for it. Sex shaming to the highest degree if you are a straight guy who wants to date and live a normal bachelor life, nope, here is a 100-page list of how to be a “gentleman”.

I won’t focus too much on how much dating sucks in San Francisco, it’s practically a fact at this point to the common man that San Francisco lacks attractive women and manages to have a high number of man-hating feminists with nasty personalities. Worst of all, we are all too used to the fake virtue signaling of these women who act like Social Justice Warriors but are amongst the most prejudiced people on the planet behind closed doors.

You will never meet a bigger hypocrite and two-faced witch than your typical San Francisco woman. Thankfully, most men just have to take one look in that direction to see how ugly they are.

Even the culture of the city really sucks, like real bad!

I normally do not link to Vice but this guy here sums it up well. Please tell me more about the insufferable passive-aggressive tech bros, a true cancer to society. When the author mentions how people on Wall Street and Hollywood actually know they are douchebags but Tech Bros hides behind this goody two-shoe facade, he has summed up all of San Francisco and even a lot of California culture.

At its core, California culture is liberal elites putting up a facade of being racially tolerant, accepting, and so not like those Trump supporters while being some of the classist, elitist, and prejudiced people on the entire planet. It isn’t just the governor, it’s the majority of people from The Bay Area and California.

Put up social justice pics on social media, be more prejudiced towards anyone not like you to where even Alabama will be loaded with envy.

Talk all equality, but then ask for more shit because of your gender.

Speak of high morals, do some of the most deceptive things known to mankind.

An utter wasteland completely devoid of any and all human emotions with social media virtue signaling clout being the only currency. I almost thought South Park did San Francisco a favor in their episode on the city, it isn’t just a cringe city, it’s one with some of the most sinister people out there.

The culture of The Bay Area is breeding grounds for largely inhumane people that are born and bred to play Machiavellian social ladder climbing games. It is this game of trying your best to appear like a superhero of virtue on the outside while simultaneously being Emperor Palpatine behind closed doors. A breeding ground for the future Emperor Palpatines, that is probably the best way I can describe San Francisco.

You can move right? Not so fast, given their clout chasing nature of being obsessed with cool culture, they will come to any thriving city and like parasites, suck all of the fun out of it.

Just ask Texas.

While you’re at it, ask Colorado, Arizona, and Nevada too.

As a New Yorker, I became familiar with the tech bros who flooded into the city after hearing about its good dating scene for men. Unfortunately, them flooding in sent a lot of good looking women slowly flooding out. Nightclubs that would feature beautiful women in droves now had hideous soulless faces that you eventually found happened to move to the city because their tech company opened an office here. Gender ratios that favored guys? Good luck with that, try hard Dudebro Techie and his friends also decided to flood in and throw that off.

At least we managed to get a few good laughs in at a non-funny version of McLuvin getting rejected hard.

I saw how the same city that elected Giuliani and more stable moderate Democrats like Bloomberg now elected radical leftwing nut jobs into leadership. The end-result? How about us now being the first city to implement vaccine mandates if you want to eat inside or use the gym?

The same people who left a lame city because of its sorry excuse of a culture and horrible economy for the average man somehow happen to move to other states and vote for the same stuff they ran from. I will never be able to make sense of this but just realize that overtime, we can’t run from these wackos.

Try-hard cringy tech bros, radical left-wing nut jobs, hideous women that are uglier on the inside than Darth Sidious, aggressive attacks on any sort of masculinity from a straight man in the dating world, and hypocrisy that is unrivaled by anywhere else on the planet; all the basic California package. Don’t worry, I didn’t mention LA, while they might be slightly better they still suffer from the same nonsense albeit to a lesser degree.

If any area becomes fun, cool, and hip? These parasites who were spoiled at birth and are as entertaining as watching paint dry are going to flood in. Pretty soon, that rich culture which is a breeding ground of great vibes, creativity, beauty (inside and out), paradise, and just a good deal of humanity now becomes drained because these clout chasing parasites took over.

These people change the politics, social climate, dating culture, and almost all aspects of any city they move to. At this point, I am just repeating myself by saying that hideous women (just as ugly on the inside, often uglier, as the out), try-hard pansies, fake two-faced virtue signaling from God Awful people, and an overall culturally toxic atmosphere are coming to any decent city near you.

You can’t run from it, you can’t hide from it, it’s time to confront it.

Therein lies the cultural significance of the California recall.

So I have gone through a thousand words to tell you what a shitshow California is culturally and how you cannot run from it, I can go tens of thousands if not millions more. Someone can write a book on this and become a best-selling author but I want to get to the recall.

We can’t avoid these parasites who will undoubtedly move en masse to any good state and try to ruin it. Even if they supposedly left California for economic reasons, they will surely be voting to bring those same economics to your state. The recall is a group of brave people pushing back, confronting the reality, and saying that enough is enough.

It is a push back against double standards where some liberal can put on the progressive facade but act with extreme prejudice and elitism towards the common man, all the while also getting away with breaking the same rules they expect others to live by.

These people aren’t just staying in California, they are coming to a neighborhood near you. Whatever San Francisco is experiencing with extreme wealth inequality and a soul less culture right out of a dystopian film? Your city is going to soon experience that too and it may even be sooner than you think. It’s not as simple as running away from California or just never going there to escape it, they are bringing that same culture to your doorstep. These people never had to face any backlash for whatever they did because of their fake liberal mask.

That is why they are how they really are.

It doesn’t matter if it is some elitist politician putting on the progressive facade or the twenty-something privileged Californian who brings their toxic culture to other places, the reason they have been how they have been is because they are untouchable.

Put on the liberal facade, act progressive, do the nastiest things behind closed doors to the common man, and then get way with it scotch free without having to endure any accountability. The very God Complex you see in the California liberal from the politician down to the common middle-class liberal that infests other states is there because they never had to answer for any of their wrongdoings. Simply point the finger at the big bad racist in the Republican Party, now you’re free to get away with whatever you want.

You see this not just in politics but also in common social interactions with these people. How the same California liberal parading as a social justice warrior on Instagram treats minorities by stereotypes instead of as individuals. It is almost a shit flowing downhill type of scenario we have here.

The only way anything can be done about this is if this problem is addressed at its core.

The deceitfulness, hypocrisy, fake virtue signaling, and overall cultural toxicity which spreads like a parasite to the entire country? You can’t run from it or hide form it, you have to face it. The California recall election is just that, a counterculture to the toxic California culture which has not only come to dominate California on a social and cultural level but also slowly spreading like a parasite throughout the US.

In many ways, this is a pushback against a toxic culture to show that its participants cannot escape accountability. The California Recall election is a pushback against that virtue signaling tech bro to let him know that we see behind the facade and that to most of us, he is pretty fucking lame and not welcome in our neighborhoods.

It is a pushback against the raging virtue-signaling twenty-something California girl that quite frankly, we don’t give a shit about her enough to hear out her wackjob politics and that she’s not as welcome in other states as she may think. It is a pushback against the angry hypocrites who talk about supporting equality for women but are really hellbent on ruining relationships and making sure all women become raging man-haters like they are, we let them know that they are truly alone in this world and are seen as jokes by the entire country. We let them know that they act how they do about women being objectified because no one ever objectified them.

Most of all, it is a pushback against Cancel Culture. It is a pushback against silencing all views that disagree with yours, as we are seeing on reddit. It is a pushback against all of those who think they can be above criticism and not have to explain their hypocrisy just because they put on a morally self-righteous attitude.

It is not really an election over Republican vs. Democrat, it is a pushback against insanity, hypocrisy, deceit, double-standards, elitism from big corporations, and all of the cultural toxicity that has come out of California from radical feminism to the soulless clout chasing social media culture.

It is a signal from the world to the sociopaths who saw themselves as untouchable that they are no longer immune to accountability. It is to let the raging feminist know that she will be called out for her hypocrisy. It is to let the virtue signaling California girl know that we don’t buy her shit and quite frankly, Ms. Texas is hotter anyways. It is to let the try-hard tech bro know that we all think his social justice act is just a farce and he is only playing “nice guy” because he can’t compete with Wall Street and Hollywood on a social level. It is to let the very group of people that saw themselves as above accountability know that they are now being held accountable.

In truth, I don’t think Newsom will really get recalled.

I don’t think that Newsom loses this election because of how politics works in the US these days, won’t comment more. Due to how far-gone California is, I think that Newsom remains governor. What I think will matter more is just how close this election really is and the degree to which Newsom has to try in order to preserve his seat. If this election ends up being a nail-biter as some say, I think it would send shockwaves to a side that has seen itself as beyond criticism and accountability.

What I think will happen from this is that a counterculture will emerge to slowly push back against one narrative. I think more people will start to feel like they are not as much in the minority as they may think and that there are others like them who are tired of the elite class getting away with everything. More people will start to push back on a micro-level and day to day against the hypocrites preaching equal rights for all genders when they really want extra privileges and two-faced virtue signaling millennials being called out for their fake act.

At this point, I don’t think California can really be saved, it’s too far gone. I do think however that this recall serves as a great way for those in power, who have so long escaped accountability, to learn that they are not as untouchable from accountability as they may think. It will expose even more sinister and toxic beings from a side which has long avoided any criticism and accountability. I see it as the 300, the Persians eventually won the battle but it was a great symbol of strength to all of Democracy.

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