Astrocartography: Life on the Jupiter line.

As the weekend draws to a close, I wanted to get back to using the weekends to talk more about Astrology. Unfortunately, my weekends have been quite busy and quite overwhelming in September but come October it should calm down a bit more. I have long been wanting to get into astrology more on this blog, there is quite a lot to share with you guys that you cannot see elsewhere on the web.

Today, I wanted to talk about Astrocartography. Basically, while you can look it up, the dumbed down definition of Astrocartography is when your birth chart gets adjusted to the new location you are in (which is not your birthplace) to show how you would feel and function in that place. Now the chart also describes what energies might plague you based on what planets run over that line. You can read more here.

I decided to do my Astrocartography chart and found that my Jupiter Descendant line runs through the northeast. Here is how relocation astrology describes it, in one of many ways:

Jupiter on the Descendant makes this place one of the best in the world for you to meet others! You may find you connect easily with people, young and old, rich and poor, foreign and domestic. Relationships in this location tend to expand your horizons while offering you generous amounts of good will, intelligence and cheer. The folks you meet here tend make a deep impression on you that will last long after you leave. They may perhaps launch you into world travels, introduce you to new schools of thought, or join you in a spiritual quest. In its most challenging aspect you may find yourself in relationship with people here who take up a lot of space, who live life to excess, or who act in arrogant or dogmatic ways. At its best, you experience a lot of joy, ease and celebration with your partners here, aligned in a shared quest for knowledge, inspiration and adventure.

Relocation Astrology

Now for my experience and things I noticed.

My Jupiter DS line runs through the Northeastern states and touches the Tri-State area. A few things of note, it also depends on how the planet is situated in your chart. If the planet is in a bad position, even though a Jupiter line is considered good, it might not benefit you. For me, I find that my Jupiter makes a lot of trines so it sits well.

I also have a Moon DS line that also happens to run through that area. So far, these are some of the things I have noticed being in NYC.

I’ve made a lot of friends here.

More than my college days and more than at any other point in my life. I have made so many friends in NYC who have changed who I am as a person, for the better usually. Some of the most fun times I have had, unrivaled by anything else, I have had here. Now this is all after college where people say making friends is supposed to be tougher. I naturally find friendships falling into my lap and find the people here to be oddly friendly.

I have had an easy time dating here.

Lots of matches, get approached more at bars, and women are friendlier. I find that the dating success I have had in NYC has gone up by a lot. While rejections do happen, I find that the women here are nicer than the women I knew in Atlanta. I’ve been on dates with about 50 different women here, from what I remember at least. Most of all, I feel like women just come into my life that are beautiful and they are nicer to me. I think this could also be due to the gender ratios in the city favoring men.

Finances and career success have come in droves.

By far my biggest benefit has been that I have had a lot of career success here and managed to make more money despite the cost of living. I have made so much money here that I am able to invest it instead of just fighting for scraps like I did in Atlanta. My career has definitely taken all of the right moves in NYC and I have met some great powerful people. I get five new job offers every month, thankfully, my boss is amazing and makes it hard for me to leave.

I am just flat out lucky.

Best way to describe living on my Jupiter line? I get lucky quite often no matter where I am at. I have had instances where I should have failed or should have lost but usually, I come back stronger and prosper. Whether it is a raise, promotion, job performance, dating, friendships, whatever you name it, I have simply managed to get quite lucky. My luck has been in my favor quite a lot in NYC moreso than anywhere else, which is why it pains me to leave the city.

But it hasn’t all been positive.

I notice that I have gained a lot of weight.

Ever since coming to NYC, I have gained close to about 30 lbs. I notice that my weight gain has been quite dramatic too and I cannot even believe it. The nights of eating out, drinking, partying, and getting wasted have no doubt caught up with me. I used to be able to see my abs and look good, now I am just chubby here in the city which has caught up with me. At times, I am surprised to have the dating life that I have had despite my weight gain. It’s odd….

I feel very comfortable, way too comfortable.

Let me make a sports analogy, it’s like playing Quarterback for a team that has a really good run game and a really good defense, it’s hard to be skilled. I feel like my development has in some ways stunted because so much has come to me so easily that I feel unfulfilled. I’ve made a lot of money due to luck and had things come to me which I am not even sure I actually deserved. My habits have been poor whether it is waking up in the afternoons on weekends or sleeping in a bit, things I am not proud of.

The old hungry, ambitious, competitive, and alpha male wolf in me has taken a back seat in NYC. I feel like I am doing less and not even being my best self but somehow and someway, life has always worked out in my favor. A lot of days, I do not even wake up energetic but I feel as if I am winning a game by just sitting on my ass sometimes and it is so hard to really describe that feeling better in words. On one hand, it’s good to have it but on the other, you know this is not sustainable.

Overall, I feel as if I am taking a lot of good things home but could be taking more good things home.

I came to NYC a beggar in some ways, not an actual beggar but a broken man. I had lived in a very regressive part of America where people get married at 25, have kids early, and your status in life is based on the family you were born into. To me, the kind of possibilities NYC presented of things such as being 35 and having a great dating life as a bachelor seemed kind of surreal. I wanted to believe they were true but had my doubts, until I actually saw them. In many ways, I came to NYC a broken man and a hopeless man who was not at his best, having been fired from my previous job in Atlanta.

Unfortunately, I brought a lot of baggage with me to this amazing city and despite all that, so much worked out in my favor. Life was great and I made so many amazing friends that I will remember forever. The success this city has brought me, I feel like I was not really deserving of.

I am often left wondering, I was not even at my best or at my peak and NYC somehow and someway gave me so much success….what if I was to come here a mentally sound, healthy, well-developed, and top tier kind of guy?

In a way, I think that it is actually hard to be the best version of yourself when you live on your Jupiter line because temptation comes to your doorsteps. Why bother getting six pack abs when women that are above your league seem to come to you? Why bother working harder when you seem to financially have just enough? Why bother to learn game and sharp social skills when somehow people just seem to be drawn to you?

It’s a catch 22 of sorts, you get out of the place then perhaps your luck runs out but you are at the place and never feel the need to improve yourself much because things just seem to workout. I am in this quicksand of good luck, perhaps that’s the best way to describe living on your Jupiter line, you are in a quicksand of good luck.

I have finalized moving away from NYC which is going to be a tough thing for me to do. The city I move to has no planets running over my line so perhaps I’ll be humbled a great day. One thing I can say for sure is that I am not done with NYC and I look to come back here one day a better and more improved version of myself. What NYC did was lift me up and showed me the light at the end of the tunnel, I couldn’t be more grateful.

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  1. Thank you, this is so cool. My Jupiter cities are Cairo, Hong Kong.

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