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Winners and losers in the Age Of Aquarius

Ending the weekend on an astrological note, something I am trying to make an effort to do more and more these days, despite how busy my schedule has managed to get.

For those who regularly follow Astrology, you are somewhat familiar with the notion of the Age of Aquarius. As the link showed, there is somewhat of a divide on what astrologers consider to be the start of the Age of Aquarius. 2020 concluded with The Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in the sign of Aquarius so quite a few people suspect that is when the roots for the Age of Aquarius were laid out.

It is hard to really come to the conclusion of when the Age of Aquarius will actually begin, or if it has, but we should accept it as a gradual change that will happen overtime. We also have to talk about the nature of Aquarius itself as a sign and what defines it.

Aquarius is a fixed earth sign but something to note is the planets that rule it. The modern day ruler of Aquarius is Uranus which is known for sudden changes, shocks, break-throughs, and triggering events you do not expect. In other words, changes out of the blue that you could have never expected, more can be read here.

While we can see Uranus energy with all of the uncertainty associated with modern times, I want to bring attention to the traditional ruler of Aquarius, Saturn. Saturn is known to be cold, detached, and the disciplinarian of the zodiac. The signs it rules are Capricorn (an earth sign) and Aquarius (an air sign) with Libra being exalted in Saturn.

I also had a tough time realizing what Saturn is doing ruling Aquarius.

Aquarius is the cool kid and the rebel, he doesn’t do well with rules right? I also read a lot about Saturn in Aquarius and while it is domiciled, it doesn’t really go much in-depth into exactly why it is in such a good place in Aquarius. We can all see Saturn sitting well in the cold and calculated Capricorn but it is tough to think how the cool rebel like Aquarius, ruled also by the unpredictable Uranus, can somehow also be ruled by Saturn.

I started reading some articles that made sense such as this one here about Saturn and one that says how Aquarius can do the conventional in an unconventional way. Then it dawned on me as to how Aquarius energy sits home in Saturn even better than it may in Capricorn.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign and air represents intellect as well as the ability to be emotionally detached. While water signs are ruled by emotions for example, Air signs are ruled by intellect and facts. Air energy is more of the “screw your feelings, here are the facts we have in front of us”. I find that earth signs are also similar in the sense that they are not run on emotions and more so on what is objective. Now it is no mystery that the signs Saturn rules are all Air and earth while it does poorly in fire signs.

Then a lot of things happening or have happened in society in recent decades made a lot of sense to me.

Take news and social media for example. The innovation which happened in news and the way we communicated had a major impact on how we operate in our daily lives. Where does Saturn come in? It is believed that the last time Saturn entered Aquarius, the internet was invented. How can we look at it from the perspective of Saturn?

Well think about how easily social media and the fact that you can record a person misbehaving on your phone’s camera has changed justice itself. Many decades ago, someone could do something illegal to you or harm you and it would have been tougher to prove. Now? You do something messed up, it is recorded. Even worse, it gets on the internet where it is tough to take down.

Now this is the justice and perhaps cold side of Aquarius, the Saturnian side of it. Capricorn is more classical justice of the earthly kind where you pay a fine or get locked in a cell. Aquarius is more of the modern day justice where the discipline of your misbehavior is everlasting. Imagine how tough it is to get a job when a video of you being a lunatic goes viral. The Aquarian discipline is the discipline of the mind, some can say even far more punishing than one of emotions delivered by water signs.

I know Leos, Capricorns, Taurus, and Aries get a reputation of being signs you do not want to piss off. Well, I’d say that Libras and Aquarius when angered can deliver by far some of the most severe punishment without even lifting a finger. The fixed modality accompanied by the clear rational thought of air which doesn’t get corrupted by pride (fire) or emotion (water) makes this energy the last one you would want to mess with of any of the signs. Perhaps the embodiment of how punishing this energy can be on the receiving end of someone is the permanent damage to the community or crowd it does when someone is at the receiving end of it.

Think of how powerful politicians will do anything to hide a past sin and how celebrities are scared shitless of a scandal. Yet, such is the nature of air energy, you can’t hide from it. You have to face justice and no amount of appeals to emotion and no amount of financial bargaining will save you. You fucked up, explain yourself. Think of Aquarius as that judge who is not letting your wrongdoing slide even if you pay them because it is a fixed air sign ruled by ideas. Meanwhile, a Capricorn will accept a hefty fine since it rules the earthly wealth as opposed to what is mental.

The Age Of Aquarius can best be known as the age of transparency. The way a business conducts itself can easily be found on the internet with the reviews customers leave it. Customer reviews and public opinion based on the actions of a person or entity ultimately determine profits and how successful someone has become. You can no longer hide scandals as easily or do things behind closed doors to gain power, even if you somehow succeed, people will find out and know of it.

Yeah, Aquarius is a damn scary sign to fuck with.

So who will benefit from this age and who will suffer?

Took me over a thousand words to get to it but here we are, probably why you even clicked on this post in the first place. What kinds of people are set to see success in the Age of Aquarius and which ones are going to suffer some of worst punishment imaginable?

As we break apart characteristics of this age, here are people who will be the big winners in the Age of Aquarius.

Genuine people, whether you like them or hate them.

This includes people who are even genuine pricks. Keyword? Genuine. People who are true to themselves, wear their hearts on their sleeves, have controversial opinions that others find taboo, and are the “what you see is what you get” types will win big. As much as people may dislike Trump, many owe his success in politics to the fact that he was just more genuine and relatable compared to someone who is a “politician” that will put on any act to gain votes.

We love genuine people, it’s why girls go for bad boys over “nice guys” (aka fake deceptive men who play nice to get into a girl’s pants). No matter what side of the political aisle they are on or what their religious beliefs are, genuine people are going to win big in the Age of Aquarius. People can sense the “realness” in the way that genuine people carry themselves and how they will hold on to a controversial opinion under immense pressure because they believe in it.

Intensely curious people that just want to learn as much as possible.

The ones always researching on the internet to the point that they may be in danger of being “conspiracy theorists”, the ones always looking to learn, and the ones always willing to hear the other side out no matter how much they may disagree (rare in our society these days). These are the kinds of people who will be on top of upcoming trends, likely invest in something that has a better value in the future, and may even rebound after a loss because they know just how many opportunities are out there. Who knows, maybe those days of browsing Internet forums might help you out!

Effective communicators.

The Age of Aquarius is going to run on logic and objectivity, not emotional appeals to people. With so much information readily available, it is going to be much tougher to deceive people because eventually, enough of them will get to the truth. Instead, the winners will be those who can effectively communicate the truth and then lead people into actionable outcomes. The Age of Aquarius won’t reward someone who constantly tells others to “think of the children” as a way to emotionally manipulate, rather, it will reward someone that says “this is the situation we are in and here is how I say we make life better for kids and why I think this it the best way to do so”.

Honest people.

It’s the reality, you just won’t be able to hide in the Age of Aquarius. Your worst secrets and skeletons in your closet? They are gonna come out. You won’t be able to hide your dirty laundry for long. I also notice that people who have a lot to hide tend to act in certain ways and come off in a way that makes the more intuitive amongst us suspicious. The winners in The Age of Aquarius are rather going to be those who can be honest to a fault, even if it temporarily harms them. People who can admit to their wrongdoing and own up to it will do a lot better than those who try to cover it up.

Those who previously had opportunities denied to them.

The people who could not get a job due to locale or due to socioeconomic barriers are going to have their fun in the Age of Aquarius. Due to technological innovations and sweeping changes in the workforce, people who could not previously access wealth will have more opportunities. How well you can do the job will matter more than your actual pedigree. I think of the white-collar shift from Investment Banking to Tech as a big example of this.

To work for a Goldman Sachs, you would have needed a degree from an Ivy League school and all the right connections. Meanwhile, Google and Facebook are hiring people without college degrees simply because they know how to code and do the actual job. Expect the Age of Aquarius to reward those who can do the job itself over those who just happen to appear on the surface as people who can do the job.

People who have a habit of doing the right thing rather than bragging about doing the right thing.

The key word is transparency, it’s all going to be out there in the Age Of Aquarius. Think about how people being recorded now with cameras on cell phones have effectively eliminated al lot of privacy. In some ways, I think those who have done the right thing but never been recognized for it will get their respect.

Air and fire signs.

Perhaps the most controversial statement so far, I do think that Air and Fire energy will win big in the Age Of Aquarius. Air signs are logical and driven by facts but most importantly, they are amazing communicators. I notice that Air Signs have a knack for getting themselves out of trouble with the gift of the gab, the best example of this being Gemini. I think that Gemini is going to win big in the Age of Aquarius due to its communicative skills and how the sign rules the media in some ways.

I say fire signs will do well because they are genuine and a bit too much of themselves. Fire signs tend to be more blunt and direct as opposed to being sneaky and hiding things. One fire sign I see winning big is Leo, they are just too much of themselves. It is tough to believe since Saturn is opposite to Sun (which rules Leo) and Aquarius itself is opposite to Leo, but Leos are really good at presenting the real them. It is no mystery why Obama (a Leo) was so popular and probably the most formidable political opponent to go against.

And now for the big losers in this age.

Fake people, especially those who put up a self-righteous act.

We all know of people in our lives who will act all good in-person but once you get to know them better, are actually terrible people who are nothing like the way they present themselves. The person who puts up Black Lives Matter on their Instagram page but only hangs with their white friends while freaking out if an actual black person wanted to be friends with them. People crying about the injustices of life and greed when they themselves are quite greedy.

The conservative preacher talking about the lord and how we should all serve him, condemning affairs and sex before marriage, only to be caught doing those very sins. The liberal college professor who talks about racial inequality and how bad the other side is, only to treat students of color poorly and have a strong preference towards hanging with an all-white crowd. The self-righteous “influencer” who puts on the progressive act and virtue signals left and right, only to have their actions show them as being greedy and treating others poorly.

When the Age Of Aquarius hits, these people are going to suffer tremendously.

People in positions of privilege and authority who have abused others and gotten away with it.

I think to the “Karen” meme which took off in 2020 and the social impact of it. For decades, white women of privilege threw their weight around and abused people of color in retail settings and many other environments. Then, the Karen meme came and it has really put these women on the spot and exposed their behaviors to the world.

I suspect that in the future, more phenomenon-like events such as this will happen and it will center solely on those in positions of power and privilege. It is not far-fetched to think that scandals involving people in positions we once held in great regard will become commonplace and they will lose respect from the society they once held.

People who got where they are at in life due to nepotism and privilege.

Sure, some people will always benefit from nepotism but it will become more rare overtime. With increased global competition and the age of transparency, the people who will suffer most are those who have had to rely on privilege and nepotism to get them ahead. It will be tougher to get hired solely because you are someone’s friend if you lack the skills for the job because that very person has a lot tied into the project that depends on results. The incompetence will become too public for it to be sustainable.

People with a lot to hide and those that hide a lot from the public.

I think secretive people will suffer in the Age of Aquarius, especially if they are seeking positions of power. People are just too nosy and curious to put faith in those that hide a lot from them, it will create a big lack of trust. While I do think that those who are secretive and prefer to keep it that way will still be able to attain success, it will be because their behavior comes off as very genuine. In some ways, someone who can say “look, I just wanna get the job done and prefer to keep a lot of my life private” might win big. Keywords, genuine and transparency.

People that have benefitted a lot from an unfair system due to characteristics about themselves they cannot change.

While society has made strides, it is fair to say that racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, Anti-semitism, and xenophobia still loom large. Such prejudiced schools of thought have benefitted certain groups seen favorably in it and harmed those who are viewed poorly. All of this due to something a person just cannot seem to change about themselves. Not just making money but social respect, safety, attractiveness, and many other aspects of life are effected by such prejudiced schools of thought.

The people who have benefitted from such an unfair system will suffer not in the sense that they will now face the backlash, but rather, their privilege is going to be significantly reduced. So much is going to depend on results and how well a message from the individual resonates that little will depend on their background. Think about a site like reddit, people hide behind a screen name and the animosity is based more on where their thoughts stand rather than how they look because, well, for the most part we have no idea of how they look.

Stubborn people stuck in their old ways.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which means instability and sudden changes. People stuck in the old way of thinking which may have worked decades ago are screwed. How we pay for things and how society runs is in for a major overhaul, those who do not get with the program are going to be in for a rude awakening. One can say that those who are mutable and willing to constantly shift to new schools of thoughts may come out the biggest winners.

Water signs.

What better way to end this post than with another controversial statement! I think water signs are screwed in a big way unless there are other aspects to their charts which balance things out. Water signs are more hidden and rely on the emotion-driven decisions of people in order to get ahead. I do think that Cancer and Pisces are going to be okay but the one sign that I think is fucked is Scorpio.

Scorpios crave power but have usually relied on covert and hidden means to get it. I also find that by nature, Scorpios mask a lot of negative emotions under their self-righteous mask. The sign is also driven by envy and often, their hatred towards someone is fueled towards wanting something that very person has. A Scorpio may call rich people evil because it lacks the wealth they have, often masking its tirade under a self-righteous mask.

Of all the signs, I think Scorpios are in for a very rude awakening under the Age Of Aquarius unless they have really toned down some of the negative aspects of the sign.

That wraps it out.

Been thousands of words now, what can I say? I think I am outta air! 😉

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