Five of my most fun moments in NYC.

Not long ago, I officially left NYC and with the way things are going there, I doubt I will ever return unless I am compelled to against my own will. While NYC is a former shadow of itself since 2020, I cannot deny that my years in the city before things went haywire were the best in my entire life. In recent months, I grew to resent my time in NYC because it was a shadow of its former self. Over the past few months though, I have learned that resentment is not good for the soul so I thought about the good times I have had in Manhattan.

I might even do another post depending on what comes to mind but I just had to do this.

After much reflection, I had to admit that back when times in NYC were good, they were really fucking good. No other city can offer a young man the opportunity to enjoy the social experiences that exceed even those of a college kid in a college town when you are in your twenties. Here are my five most fun moments in NYC.

Yeah, I remember you from back in college.

As a lot of you know, I was an outcast that went to a college with a ton of snotty people in it. The years in university were perhaps the most miserable ones I’ve had in my entire life. A big cause of those years were certain snotty kids from suburban Atlanta which ran the scene and let a lot of people know they were not welcomed to it.

I would run into these people again when I moved to Atlanta after college, which is pretty much a continuation of SEC Greek Life.

After establishing myself in NYC with a lot of friends and having lived a life I always craved in college, I would run into such people again. Well, they tried to get under my skin and reminded people of who I used to be in college while my friend Trevor made them feel stupid for caring. I’d see these guys approach women only to strike out, get aggressive with a bouncer, and then get thrown out of the bar. A week later? I saw them try to get into a popular club and fail. Maybe what goes around does come back around.

A wingman met.

One night, I went out in Bowery as I lived in the area for drinks. I was out and I see this guy wondering around, talk to him, his name was Ron. Ron was actually Russian, weirdly enough, and quite loaded. We approached some girls and eventually, we approach these two really hot girls at a bar. The blonde is feeling Ron while her raven-haired friend is feeling me.

We have a great night and a week later, I go on a date with the raven-haired girl. A week after that, we fuck. She was one of the best looking women I had ever slept with.

It can’t support the two of us.

One late afternoon, I came back to my place. At the time, I was living with three roommates in Kips Bay and was in my first year in the city. Due to how things had panned out, I would not get home until eight due to work. Two of my roommates were away while one, named Rob, had brought him this short blonde he was wanting to get intimate with.

Unfortunately for Rob, the blonde had her tall and tanned brunette friend who was a former volleyball player in college (and built like one) with her. The brunette was playing cockblock to make sure Rob would not try anything while the blonde seemed to want to experiment a bit. I walked in to the two and not long after, joined the conversation.

The blonde and Rob were bubbly, the brunette was playing cold. We managed to warm her up a bit with jokes and I even teased Rob, saying to her he is sketchy. At some point, I said to her “alright security, don’t put me in any headlocks, it ain’t fun!”. The cold expression on her face turned into a smirk. Rob spent time with the blonde and I got to know the brunette better and she played volleyball for a college in Oregon.

Rob and the blonde had a spicy vibe going while I kept the brunette’s focus off. Not long after, Rob managed to take the blonde to his room while I kept the brunette busy. We vibe well and she was wearing shorts due to how hot it was on that day. Once the tough exterior cracked, she was quite a sweet girl who wanted some play for her own.

By using the excuse of telling her how small the rooms can get, I managed to take her to my room while Rob was making out with the blonde in his. The brunette ignored it and as soon as we got to my room, I made a move. She didn’t resist at all and I kissed her on the neck which got spicier over the next few minutes. We started to take off our clothes and fuck on my bed. After a few minutes, she started to ride me.

Now for reference, I am around 6 ft tall and was close to 180 lbs back then, she was 5’10 and built like a volleyball player. We heard it and before we know it, the bed frame collapsed. The sound was so loud that even Rob shouted wondering what happened. The brunette felt embarrassed as I laughed, kissing her. As messed up as it sounds, we spooned with the mattress halfway collapsed and had a fun time. I still look back and laugh at that moment.

A surprise visitor.

One of my crazy roommates had been out and managed to bring some girls home the Wednesday night before a big meeting at work for me the next morning. I went to sleep early and then found that this roommate of mines had come back closer to 2 in the morning. Now I did hear some loud conversations and there was a room empty due to one of my roommates being away.

At one point, I hear my door open as I laid on my bed nude because I love sleeping naked. This short but curvy brunette who was drunk stood over me and said “wanna fuck?”. I called her to my bed and she cuddled up with me. I had never met her before but she felt up on my nude body and not long after, we fucked. Needless to say, I still killed it in the meeting tomorrow.

Intern season baby!

I spent an entire summer just going out and realized that the bars were loaded with interns doing their summer work. One weekend, I hit up a nice rooftop and I find that one of the girls was a freshman when I was a senior at my university. We have some fun as I take her out to another bar, it was getting too loud at the rooftop. The same night, we fuck.

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