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Forget pickup, red pill, and “game”, only piece of dating advice you’ll ever need.

Over the years, I have learned what works and what doesn’t work with dating and meeting women. I have seen movements and programs dedicated to coach young men with dating only to find that those same movements end up doing more harm to young men than good. When the blog started, I may have even given some dating advice that was not the best. Well, here is dating advice that will supersede all previous dating advice I have given to all men.

They tell you to “learn game”.

They tell you to “build status”.

They tell you to learn the “right lines”.

They tell you to approach like a mad man.

They tell you to take the “red pill”.

Well, what if I was to tell you that for the most part, all of that is eventually going to do you more harm than good?

Some of you may feel that it is too late because you already spent years doing approaches and learning game. Some of you will hate me for saying this because you think I am making fun of you for falling victim to all of this. Before you do, hear me out.

All of it eventually did you more harm than good.

Here is why, because you eventually and subconsciously pedestalized women.

Don’t put pussy on the pedestal but….

Do a lot of approaches because you want to meet a girl.

Learn red pill because you want to get inside the true nature of women.

Say the right lines to get her to go home with you.

Build status to meet lots of women.

See what I am getting at?

You were lying to yourself and living a lie in your head. You told yourself you do not want women (don’t put it on the pedestal) when you really did. Don’t you get it? You were trying to invest resources into meeting women while simultaneously telling yourself women don’t matter. In the end, they really did. In the end, they meant more to you than you cared to admit. Why else would you read so many books about them, invest money into bootcamps so you can meet them, and try to learn their true nature? Because they do matter to you.

Your life is now a paradox and whether you know it or not, women can pick up on it. You see, women are intuitive and they are good at reading emotions. Women know when men are trying to get in their pants even if you think they do not. Women are generally more intuitive than men are because they had to be better at evaluating threats when humans first came into existence.

So I have told you that the red pill, pick up, and all of that stuff is garbage now. You realize that they eventually did more harm to you than good. All of the nonsense you read led you down the wrong path and one of misery. So what is the right thing to do?

Well, here is the best piece of dating advice you will ever see that will change your life for the best.

Figure out who you are and be true to that.

The problem with pickup is that it takes these dorky guys and tries to make them into alpha jocks. You will never be an alpha jock if that is not who you naturally are as a person. People will be able to tell that you are faking it and women will cringe at it. Instead, figure out who you are most comfortable being and stay true to that till the very end. Eventually, the pieces will fall into place.

Ever wonder why you see that dorky guy with the hot girl who loves him?

How about that jock who also gets the hot girl?

How about the weirdo hipster who also gets hot girls?

Here’s the truth, these guys are true to themselves and comfortable being whoever they are. Eventually, the rest falls into place.

Why is it that a certain city can be awful for most men but some men just figure it out and have a great time?

Because they vibe well with the city and its culture. Eventually, it shows in who they are and women sense it too. When you are having a great time and living a life true to you, you project a great vibe that others want to be a part of. Eventually, this leads to friends which leads to a social life which leads to more women wanting to be a part of your life.

It is why some men can be so quirky and dorky yet they regularly get hot girls in their lives, they are comfortable in their own skin. At the same time, this is why the whole idea of approaching 6 girls a day or whatever is stupid, they can sense that you are trying to up your count. Instead, be more focused on finding who you are and who you are most comfortable being, the rest will fall into place.

This is why I say you should pick the city right for you over a city better for dating. If you vibe better with San Francisco’s culture than NYC, even though the latter is better for dating on paper, you will do a lot better in San Francisco than NYC and have a more fulfilling dating life there.

The guys who are getting lots of women in their lives? They come in many flavors. They are jocks, nerds, hipsters, liberals, conservatives, alt right, radical left, and you name it. They all have one thing in common, they are true to themselves. Be true to who you are, unapologetically, even if society hates you for it.

4 thoughts on “Forget pickup, red pill, and “game”, only piece of dating advice you’ll ever need.

  1. Anyone (guy or gal) basing their approach on life, relationships, and their own self worth based on ANYTHING in the RedPill doctrine is guaranteed to have a miserable, lonely, sociopathic existence. Life’s pleasure’s can still be enjoyed but they will do it alone or with some short-lived passing fancy who’s just as shallow and heartless as the RedPill disciple. RedPill is all about division, dark, primal, abusive desires and hypersexuality and stripping their members of the individualism…buzz words and phrases like “unapologetic, zero fucks given, keeping frame, being stoic, DREAD!!!” just trains already weak minds to consider emotions, connections, and empathy as feminine traits and hence worthless…high on machismo men, especially young men, are dangerous and with no connections to keep them humanized…well…just go read on how the Proud Boys first started as woman-hating group too and just see what happened…the path of amped up, hypersexual predators whose values are upside down and who are solely transactional so devoid of any close loving relationships or real ties to community or the human race…and since they already hate over 50% of the population just because they have different plumbing 😑 the transition to the next level of IDGAF easy money for the Red Pill leadership running the data mining operation cloaked by the RP’s Reddit presence and daily stirring up the drama…just enough distraction that even the disciples haven’t figured out the endgame yet…they’re too busy getting play by themselves. Smh…hopefully it’s not too late for you Rob.

    1. I have written about how I broke free from their brainwashing by questioning the end game. A lot of it is politics and religion these days anyways. They have dreams but no plans to make life happen. Some advice like holding frame is good and I am glad they acknowledge that looks matter but they are a shadow of their former self. Their influence has waned and no one takes them seriously.

      Most male communities are garbage these days anyways, we are truly on our own.

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