Mutable signs and politics

So for those of you who keep up with the news lately, you may have noticed how Russell Brand who used to be a passionate lefty is slowly switching to the right or at least hinting at it. You may have also heard about the ordeal with Nicki Minaj and what the jab does to your balls.

What I have found odd about the whole ordeal is that both Russell and Nicki are normally far left wing and your typical liberal celebrities. Want to know who else was like this? Donald Trump. We all remember an age where Trump was embraced by rappers and celebrities because of his brand but then he became a Republican.

How about Kanye West, a Gemini, who went from saying that Bush doesn’t care about black people to being Trump’s close friend?

For those of you who are keeping up so far, we know that Russell and Trump are both Gemini while Nicki is a Sagittarius. Both Gemini and Sagittarius are mutable signs meaning that they are good with change. Compare this with a fixed sign which stays the course.

What has happened has somewhat amazed me because on one hand, most of us will dislike anyone that speaks a view not popularly held. On the other, I almost respect someone who under such pressure can question everything that they have been taught in their lives and learn to see the other side.

I even look to Herschel Walker who is a Pisces and now running for Senate as a Pro-Trump candidate. We cannot fathom a black man who has been a celebrity supporting Trump but Walker has done so from almost the start. Despite the pressures in the state of Georgia which is the most blue of all the Deep South states, Walker has questioned everything he has been told and somehow ended up on the opposing side.

Cardinal signs come first, then we get fixed signs, and then we get the mutable signs. I know how easy it is for all of us to call Russell Brand a wacko for his recent releases, think Nicki is crazy for saying what she said, and think that Walker has somehow been brainwashed into supporting Trump. At the same time, could it be that mutable signs and mutable energy has a gift of seeing both sides and then objectively deciding which one is right rather than just being easily brainwashed by whatever society told them?

Do we respect the ability of mutable signs and energy to see all aspects and come to what they consider an objective truth or do we just make fun of them? I know most will say that mutable signs are indecisive and flip on a dime. Others can also say that mutable energy sees both sides which is something that fixed and cardinal signs are unable to do, hence their passionate defense of whatever they were raised on.

My honest thoughts are that mutable signs do come last for a reason and they have a new path to show us. While they say Cardinal signs like Aries, Libra, Capricorn, and Cancers are the starters, I actually believe it is mutable energy which can build off of all that has happened and start a new path based on that. Perhaps they are paving a way for a whole new type of revolution in terms of thought, time will tell.

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