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The five strongest pairs in the zodiac.

Astrology weekends are here fans, all onboard. At some point, I might even start a separate astrology blog, who knows. Today, I want to focus on what I consider to be zodiac pairings that are just really powerful. By powerful, I mean that the attraction between these two is overwhelming and just consumes the people involved. If you happen to be someone involved in this pair, then there is a good chance that this will consume you like none other.

As anyone will tell you, there is more to it than sun signs themselves. Well, I agree with this to some degree although I do have to bring up that it is very common for someone with the same sun to also have the same Venus and the same Mercury sign. So for the sake of this post, we are assuming that the person has a lot of that energy in their chart and the other person has a lot of the other. So when I say that a Cancer and a Gemini make a strong pair, it means one person has a lot of Cancer in their chart and the other a lot of Gemini. Don’t worry, that pairing will not be mentioned here.

Now the other part is that I will break this down by gender since the way that signs operate tends to vary by the gender involved. For example, Taurus energy may operate differently in a woman than a man. I am going to do this in some sort of order but given that it is a top five, I want to say that the gap is minimal between the first and last. All of the pairings I mention will be powerful romantic bonds. It is just that the strongest bond I am going to mention is so strong that despite the bond between other pairs, it wins out big.

One final takeaway here is that if you are of the pairs mentioned, your life will be somewhat unfulfilled romantically if you do not have the kind of relationship mentioned below. I know I will piss a lot of people off with this.

Scorpio man and Pisces woman.

Drake and Rihana anyone? Yet, forget about celebs for the sake of this, I cannot imagine any pairing that rivals this. In terms of romance, intensity, and sexual attraction; this pair can be tough to rival in all three. Granted, some pairings mentioned might beat them in one aspect but all three? Forget about it.

Pisces women have a way of bringing out the sweet and soft side of a Scorpio man who is normally keen on putting on a strong act. Imagine the scummy guy that society hates and spits on due to his sketchy demeanor yet somehow, this one woman sees the good in him. The yin to his yang and the one to balance him out. She gets him and he knows she gets him, further lowering his walls around her to the point that he can be more of himself. It is a story of taboo in some ways as you see the dark personality going for the pure princess, very Hades and Persephone type of vibes.

Sexually, he will do things with her that he will not do with other women. She won’t even have to ask, he is going down on her. It is the kind of pair where once they are together, it takes a good bit for the two of them to let go. You will see him being cranky and a prick to all others in his life but to her, if he is to ever be that way, he will apologize ASAP.

In his life, he had to play up that role of a tough guy and try to be scary to others. Some challenged him and got the better of him, some did not, but it drove him to madness. Then, he found her, and it was different. Initially, he may have put on a tough guy act, she saw through it and loved him for who he is. He could no longer play up that scummy attitude with her because with her, he is himself. The intense passion from him, unfiltered, coupled with her giving ways.

I knew one instance where a Scorpio friend of mines who was normally all out there and brash seemed different when he started dating a Pisces girl. We were having a rooftop pool party where he took her somewhere private and was making out with her ways away. A couple of my friends tried calling his name, the two just ignored everyone as they made out. She immediately took this guy who got around into commitment, fast.

A pair that cannot be done apart, not even by death. Do anything to her in his eyes and he will turn into John Wick after he saw his dog die. She is his everything and he will give his heart, soul, and life for her well-being. At the same time, when the village hates him for his ways, she will be his sole protector. Only she can protect him because to the public, she is the good soul and they trust her word above all else.

Cancer man and Pisces woman.

Alright, Pisces women are desired right? Well who can debate that given that Venus is exalted in this sign. Cancer is a softer and nicer version of Scorpio in a way but the best part is that both Pisces and Cancer are ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer while sitting domicile in Pisces.

Through each other, the two expand their worlds and make life a great vibe to the world around them. The intense water sign emotions are mixed together with faithfulness, support, and loyalty that cannot be rivaled. Unlike the initial hurdle between Scorpio man and Pisces woman, this relationship is a match from the get go. Both love each other a lot and knew that when they met, it was meant to be. It’s like a romance novel without any bad parts to it, maybe too good to be true. This is truly a bond that cannot be broken easily.

Water signs and deepness, that’s to be expected.

Maybe I don’t have too much to write here because it is good without any of the conflict. Boring maybe? Depends, but it is a passion-fueled relationship without any opposition, unlike the next one.

Leo man and Sagittarius woman.

Taking a break from water signs, we fire things up (pun intended). Now this relationship is quite tricky because it takes a good amount for it to work long-term, which is why it is less common long-term as you won’t find many married couples of this pair.

Despite this, the two will remember those nights they had with each other like none other as something that life afterwards cannot rival. The reason I don’t think it rivals the previous two is because it is somewhat lacking on the emotional space but what it lacks there, boy oh boy can it make up for in sexual compatibility. He will take her worldly librarian demeanor and turn her into a pornstar real quick while she will take the classy prep and turn him into a feral creature, only these two can do this to each other.

I think that this bond is the only one that can rival the one between Scorpio men and Pisces women, sexually that is, elsewhere it cannot. In fact, I’d wager to say that when it comes to sexual compatibility, this is the strongest bond in the entire zodiac and the embodiment of “fireworks” in bed. I notice it quite common where the two will see each other on the side for the sexual fulfillment they are lacking in their current relationship, as sad as it seems.

The two will argue like no tomorrow in front of others, shout at each other, yell at each other, and have a good bit of confrontations. Don’t confuse this for conflict, it just means that relationship is heating up for the fireworks to come later. One unique quality to this pair is that trash talk is attraction and very common when they are into each other. She will often say a bunch of dirty and mean things to him to get him going. A Leo man and Sagittarius woman may not even like each other but their attraction to each other is close to unrivaled.

One Sagittarius woman I know who is an Instagram model got into an argument with a Leo who I know through friends. She even shoved him at a bar and was turning pink from anger as he laughed her off. Later on, they cleared the air as she sat on his lap at a pool party, grinding on him with an arm around his neck.

A week later, someone who was close friends with the Leo showed us a sneaky video the Leo took of the Sag model walking around naked in his bedroom shouting up some sexual banter as she casually danced around. Later on, the two dated and had quite a few sexual snaps with each other, one in which she was at the beach topless making out with him. When we would see the pair, she would commonly talk trash to him with some serious sexual undertone. For example, one instance she said to him flat out “yeah dumbfuck its lobster meat, jeez, learn how to read, hope my pussy isn’t the only meat you’ve been eating”.

The very thing that makes this the most sexually compatible relationship also stops this from working out long-term in most cases. Leo men hate having their egos hurt and will eventually move on to other women because they hate how brash and mean she is towards them.

Gemini man and Aries woman.

Aries women, the personification of go-getters and fighters who shoot first and ask questions later. Gemini men, the tricksters but also the diplomats of the zodiac who can negotiate their way out of just about anything. Fire and Air, compatible elements that cannot be separated so easily.

She will come at him with a mean attitude at times, even trying to dominate him, and he will play her off with a smile. Other men are scared of her feisty ways, he laughs her off and chats with her to calm her down. She cannot help but laugh at his humor when she has the look of a killer in her eyes. His cool and calm in her feistiness earns her respect like none other, he just seems to get her in ways others cannot.

Sure, being the Gemini he is, he lies and tricks her which she momentarily hates him for but at the same time, cannot get enough her. Imagine a couple that role-plays a lot with each other, this is that couple. She is the cop, he is the robber, and she is going to set him straight that night. Only he can balance her feisty ways and bring comedy into it all instead of meeting it head-on.

Aries and Gemini in general are very compatible because neither holds a grudge. She will hit him playfully and get mad at him for a moment as he laughs off her temper, making her see how foolish it was. She will remain temporarily angry only for his joke to get her to crack a smile. He laughs and she hates herself for laughing with him.

Capricorn man and Scorpio woman.

She is intense, unruly at times, and has an anger that is amongst the most feared in the zodiac (even by men of her own sign). Yet, no sign can check a Scorpio better than a Capricorn can as Saturn holds the unruly Mars in check when it is not playing nice. On one hand, she can easily stomp her way through most men as the Scorpio woman is quite a formidable force.

Yet, if she was to say go for a Leo man or an Aquarius man, he won’t bend to her will so easily and give her a lot of problems. So why Capricorn men? Because they can help her be her best self without offending her or hurting her. When she is truly understood for who she is, she tends to be quite a loving spirit who is just afraid to get hurt.

He sees through her facade and her vicious ways with his objectiveness and is not scared to call her out on it. At the same time, his dry tone and objective ways are such that the emotions are taken out, given her the fact as is. She realizes that her gossiping was not worth it and she is better off spending her time doing something else. In a similar way, he also helps her achieve her life dreams to where it makes this quite a powerful couple.

Do not be surprise if this is the couple that lives in a mansion on an island a few years down the road, just hope they don’t both have sinister plans because for better and especially for worse, they’re quite a force!

Do you agree, disagree? Do I care?

No doubt people will have their disagreements, do I care? No. If you feel like I missed any pairings, throw them in the comments so I can see whether I agree or not.

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