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Why I talk about politics and society more.

For those of you who have been following my blog long enough, you know that this originally started as a blog meant for dating advice and semi-red pill sort of things. Lately, I have started to talk more and more about politics to the point that I rarely talk about dating advice as much anymore. Some of you have emailed me asking me what has led to the shift so I thought I’d explain.

Simply put, politics and social trends dictate dating and the kind of dating advice given.

My advice for men lately when it has come to dating has been simplified, you can read it here. What I have not mentioned is that all of the ways dating works is impacted significantly by politics. Try going to NYC and telling a girl you are a Republican, especially in Manhattan, kiss most of your dating pool goodbye.

Now take the vaccine debate which has flooded our society. If you are not vaccinated, the fact of the matter is that most women will refuse to date you and be near you. If you put unvaccinated on dating apps, the algorithm will fuck you dating profile up beyond repair to where you will hardly get matches as a result.

I only tell you these social trends because I think it is to your benefit to know what the reality is, how you can act, and then how your actions will ultimately shape the kind of dating life you have. Unfortunately, we live in society and if you go to a bar sounding like you do on Youtube comments, it will end poorly for you.

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