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Find your one go to spot in public.

I find a lot of men are out and about in town just approaching random women, at least that is what pickup tells them to do. Now while this numbers game can lead to some success, I have found that it can also have you coming off as that creep. So how can you tie it in to where you are a natural and not really just some creep hunting out in town? Here is what you do:

Find your spot in public where you are likely to have people passing through and be a regular there overtime.

My recommendations are typically coffee shops, great place to get work done or sit around to either read a book as people pass through. Parks are also great if you happen to live near one and so are any kind of cafes. One of my friends lives in an apartment with a great rooftop where half of the population is in college, needless to say this opens doors for him.

Next, you don’t just talk to hot girls, you talk to anyone who happens to be an approachable stranger. If you are just there to talk to women, the staff and others will pick up on your vibes and you will once again be branded as that guy. The point is that you happen to just be a regular who sits around, reads a book/types on his laptop, and then as people pass through and seem open enough, makes small talk.

You keep doing this and some days, you might just talk to random people who are not the ones you were meaning to talk to as you set about. It is different than going out into town and approaching random hot girls. Instead, you make small talk with lots of random people who seem approachable, sane, and cool enough. Some may be cool couples, some cool guys, and some hot girls.

Overtime, you start to keep in touch with them but you just happened to talk to them because of chance rather than randomly approaching them in public (which can scare people).

The idea is that you are actually out in public and not trapped in your place, getting shit done (reading and working on your computer), and you just happen to make small talk with random people who seem chill enough. It comes off as less forced, less awkward, and less weird than random cold approaches.

But I get it, you want to meet women. So you pick places that are more likely to have them passing through. Coffee shops in the cool part of town, parks that are large, and others that fit the bill that you do not have to go out of your way to go to.

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