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Why Astrologers cannot honestly predict the US Pluto Return.

For those of you who do not know what a Pluto Return is, I offer you this link here. Here is some good news, you will not be experiencing a Pluto Return because Pluto returns to the position it was in about every 247 years or so. Here is the bad news, countries do experience Pluto Returns which is why they say the average age of an empire is about 250 years. 250 years…’s been about 245 years since July 4, 1776 which we can consider the birth of the US. Pluto is set to go exact for the US on February 2022, take note of that date.

Now to simplify Pluto for all of you, it’s the planet that rules things like rebirth, transformation, and death. Pluto represents some of the worst of humanity such as coercion, death, deceit, and you name it. On the same token, it also represents a rebirth and renewal of sorts. In order to become that higher-self, you have to shed that lower-self. Pluto isn’t fun and games though, it’s going to make damn sure that someway and somehow, you confront that lower-self. Upheaval is a term commonly used alongside Pluto and what it can do.

Quite a few Astrologers have tried to predict America’s Pluto Return and what happens during it, especially given the times we live in and how crazy the 2010s decade have been. Are we ever getting back to normal? What is the new normal? How will it affect me? What can I do to prepare? How much worse are things going to get?

Let’s take a moment to reflect a bit, shit has truly gone haywire in the US.

Never as a country have we been so divided outside of maybe the Civil War. People can no longer sit down to disagree with each other over politics, it is to the point where people are at each other’s throats. If you disagree with me or go for an opposing party, get ready to be yelled at and attacked. Violence has become the name of the game in politics are mobs are ready to attack, loot, and burn down the opposition. We can no longer trust the mainstream media like we used to because of how much deceit has been involved there.

It was never this bad decades ago, not even close. One could be a Democrat and another a Republican, we debated at worst and that was it. Both sides shook hands after an election and got onboard with the winner, trying to unite the country under them. Even if there was bad blood, people put it aside and worked towards a common goal. A defeat was often seen as a time to improve for the next election, never a time to accuse the other side of working with an enemy nation to get into office or cheating to win an election. Riots were not nearly as tense as they had recently been.

Distrust in the government and all large entities like big banks and big media are near all-time low or may as well already be there. Meanwhile, everyone is left wondering what the fuck happened.

Naturally, we seek answers to see what is to come?

While the corrupt politicians finally pay the price? Will a Totalitarian government takeover? Will it be power to the people? Will the big corporations and big tech companies finally pay the price? Will we have another depression? Maybe another recession? Will we come out of this stronger?

We want to know what Pluto has in store for us and naturally we look at how it’s in the 2nd house of resources and possessions for the US or the aspects it makes to other planets. At the same time, we try to see the various major transits happening such as the Saturn in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus. Looking at these and many other aspects gives us some kind of a guide but here is the problem, it’s not about having the answer that matters, it’s how that answer is interpreted and presented that does.

Let me relate that to this post.

“It’s not about whether or not the Astrologer has the answer that matters, it is about how they interpret it and then present it to you.”

The readings can tell Astrologers all sorts of things and lead to something that is the answer but it is up to the Astrologer to decide if they want to accept it or not. Only Astrologers themselves can decide how they accept the answer and then ultimately, how they read it back to you. The interpretation and presentation of the answer matters almost as much as the answer itself.

The problem is, Astrologers, like normal people, are quite prone to being biased when politics are involved.

Let me give you an example, let’s say that Pluto in Capricorn goes exact and transitions into Aquarius. Simple example here. If Capricorn rules the large structures and Aquarius supposedly rules community, one can interpret that as power from the banks to the people. Now most Astrologers, I would wager to say, do lean very much to the left politically. As a result, a lot of Astrologers might say power to the people to mean that we are going to stop those greedy Republicans and Trump Supporters from taking up all the wealth and privilege from everyone.

Now big bad racism and big bad homophobia are going to go away as we take back America from Trump supporters. Astrologers won’t present it as that but they will want to see it as that even if other truths are hitting them. Quite a few Astrologers cannot see anyone other than their own political side as being the good guys. So obviously, a Pluto Return would mean what you want it to mean which to an Astrologer can be Republicans being brought to justice as the Democrats come in to save the day.

Let me present another viewpoint to you, if you have made it this far. What if I simply see the oppressed as being those who do not want to lose their jobs because they don’t want to take a vaccine that was rushed through FDA approval, the American Blue Collar workers whose jobs are being shipped overseas in droves, and people of the Rust Belt who live in poverty and support Trump? I can also say the oppressors are big tech giants that censor opposing viewpoints, powerful government agencies that have a ton of say in how your life is impacted, and the party in power that wants to push a Trillion dollar infrastructure bill.

Now someone with that viewpoint can simply say that the power to the people and fall of large government institutions will mean that perhaps it is the big government agencies, big tech, and party in power being brought to justice. Yet, if I did that, some would call me a Right Wing nut job, a Trump supporter, and whatever name people call those that disagree with them these days. Most of all, a situation like I just described would scare the living shit out of your average Astrologer who is likely left leaning when it comes to politics. Even if that truth came to their mind, they’d immediately dismiss it and deny it, we all do.

So how can you best predict it and see what is to come?

For starters, lose your biases and stop letting your emotions get in the way. Unfortunately, we as a society have a real tough time doing that. We get emotionally unstable and angry whenever any possibility of our worst political nightmare comes about. If you are emotionally invested, moreso than you would like to be, then you will fall flat on your face trying to predict this. If you are pro-Democrat or pro-Republican and have a deep-seated hate for politicians on either side, that hatred and bias will cloud your judgment.

To best predict and see what will likely result, ask yourself the questions and answer as honestly as you can.

Who is truly the oppressor?

Who is truly the group with all of the power?

Who is truly the group abusing their power right now?

Which group has abused its power for decades and gotten away without any penalties?

Which group is the oppressed?

Which structures of American society are showing so many cracks that they clearly need transforming?

Right now, at this very moment, which group is being pushed to the edge and constantly tested by coercion tactics and power moves?

You might not like the answers if you answer to yourself honestly. That in itself is why this is such a difficult topic because I cannot rightfully tell a Trump supporter that cops will lose a lot of power and the privileged class will be held quite accountable. Meanwhile, I also can’t tell a Democrat that Republicans could very well be back in the White House and some of the abuse of power their party has done (as well) is also likely to be on the wrong end of Pluto’s wrath.

Whenever we talk about Astrology and predicting what happens with politics and society, emotions become heavy from our biases that the truth clouds us. It’s time to have a transformation and upheaval into our own biases before we decide what a transformation and upheaval looks like for the US. We don’t have too much time as Pluto goes exact on February 2022.

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  1. Why Feb 2022 when if we do count from 1776, it would be actually more like 2023 or 2024??

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