Observations as Pluto enters Aquarius

For those of you who have been keeping up with the news lately, Southwest became slightly more lenient on workers applying for exemptions for the COVID vaccine. While it is not a major victory by any means, I do want to note a collision we are witnessing in American and western society as Pluto slowly starts to leave Capricorn over the years and enters the sign of Aquarius.

To give some slight background, Pluto in Capricorn represents incarnating together to learn lessons around achievement, structure, value and purpose within the social context of systems, hierarchies, rules and regulations. If I am to draw a parallel between the sign Pluto is in right now with Capricorn and the one it will go to, Aquarius, it is key to note that both are Saturn-ruled signs. Saturn is domiciled in Aquarius and Capricorn and exalted in the sign of Libra. I highly recommend giving this post here a read, it lays things out so well.

Pluto in Aquarius will expose what is rotten (Pluto) in our society (Aquarius) so that we can build a better structure and infrastructure for everyone here on Earth.


As you will follow along in the article mentioned, notice how it says that the problem with Pluto in Capricorn has been too much consolidation of power at the top. As you read along, you notice how Pluto entering Aquarius is supposed to correct this and reorganize power from top down to bottom up. With Pluto in Capricorn, it is the state, government, and big institutions that are in charge. With Pluto in Aquarius, it is indeed We The People who have all of the power here. Supposedly.

So I went back to read about the last time Pluto entered Aquarius and what happened, just so I can get an idea of where we might be headed.

I like to reflect on past trends when Pluto entered Aquarius so I can draw a parallel to modern day. Later on, I will point on some of the things happening before our very own eyes as this duel between Capricorn and Aquarius plays out.

According to Cosmic Intelligence Agency, Pluto has previously been in Aquarius from 1532 to 1553 and 1777 to 1798. The year 1777 immediately caught my eye because July 4, 1776 is when the Declaration of Independence was declared, giving birth to the strongest empire the world has known to date. Already from 1776, Pluto was transitioning from big overbearing government to the people rising up. As you look on the link, other events mentioned as Pluto has been in Aquarius are:

  • The French Revolution (May 5, 1789 – November 9, 1799, I am amazed to see how it started during Taurus season and somehow ends on its opposing sign in Scorpio)
  • Catherine The Great in Russia came into power
  • The Protestant Reformation which diminished the power of the Catholic Church was picking up momentum (though it did start when Pluto was in Capricorn)

A central theme behind all of this is that the people who are the oppressed fight back and take power from powerful leaders and powerful entities. We look at the frustrations in the masses that took place when the American Revolution and the French Revolution happened. Ultimately, it was the masses frustrated by leadership getting away with everything while they struggled, the tale of two halves. Poverty, famine, and disrespect from leadership hit the common man until society which was facing this as a whole took power into their own hands.

Modern-day observation.

I am not going to make any predictions here because so much is left in the hands of free will and the people. Instead, what I will be doing here is making an observation on a current situation I see playing out where powerful entities seem to be pitted against a decent chunk of the masses. If you don’t agree with my take and have an emotionally-fueled dog in this fight, I don’t care for your bias.

Vaccine mandates, green pass, and vaccine passports.

Throughout the world, we are seeing protests prop up where the masses are going against their government requiring proof of vaccination to work, enter stores, and shop. In countries like Italy, you see thousands protesting the Green Pass. One thing that has amazed me as the protests have played out with COVID is how two distinct sides have emerged during this divide.

On one side, you have the big mainstream media, celebrities and Hollywood, colleges, big tech, large healthcare, government, large corporations, big pharma, powerful government institutions such as the CDC and NIH, and people who are loyal to what these institutions say in being pro-vaccine and even pro-mandates. Do note how the people who are pro-mandates and pro-vaccine tend to be found in major cities like NYC and areas where their leadership pushes for more mandates.

On the other side, you have alternative media voices like Alex Jones going against the grain, alternative companies to big tech, the outnumbered political leaders pushing back against mandates (De Santis and Abbot for example), and overall just the masses themselves (whether or not they are the majority) realizing that this is overreach. Clearly, this side is the weaker side on paper and likely the one at a disadvantage. It is fair to say that the Americans were also on paper much weaker than the British crown during the American Revolution.

What has managed to amaze me is how the side with the power is doing all it can to censor and silence opposing voices. While it is hard to ignore the thousands protesting, the mainstream media refuses to show this in headline news. Whenever news is released which is unflattering towards the leaders in charge who are pushing for mandates, it is disregarded. Ever wonder why we are getting so much coverage on the Gaby Petito story even though the world is going to shit and is in a tough spot, especially in the US?

Yet, according to a poll released this year, 61% of Americans believe that mainstream media is not doing well at being objective and non-partisan. A Gallup poll found that this number hit a record high in 2020 as 60% of Americans have little to no trust at all in mass media. The answer is as clear as day, the American people have lost trust in their mainstream media. Meanwhile, Biden currently sits at an approval rating of 41% meaning that most Americans do not even trust their leadership right now which was the case even when Trump was president.

I digress.

Back to the topic of mandates, it is starting to seem more and more like Capricorn energy which embodies mainstream media, large government, and power structures in place is slowly starting to bump heads against a certain group of masses. Now media will cite statistics saying how majority of people support mandates but notice how it sharply declines once you stop asking Democrats. Well, it just so happens that polls oversample Democrats and they are more represented.

Let’s talk more about the deception going on here.

Mainstream tech platforms like Youtube readily remove information contrary to what the government says around COVID and Reddit hands down bans for “Covid Misinformation”. Meanwhile, it is tough to find any content contrary to the narrative put forth by governments on Google because it gets scrubbed. I believe it is fair to hear both sides of the coin rather than quickly label people as “Conspiracy Theorists” but tons of voices are being silenced here. In this way, Capricorn energy is acting against Aquarius energy.

Going back to Astro Butterfly who has done an excellent job in presenting Aquarius energy here, I want to bring attention to the quote below which talks about how companies like Facebook have Aquarius qualities to them but with one catch:

Of course, many of these companies are now also known for shady business practices, and this is something that Pluto in Aquarius will likely correct.

-Astro Butterfly

Somehow, as we get closer to Pluto entering Aquarius, whistleblowers come out against Facebook.

Yet, it is important to note that we shouldn’t be too optimistic about Pluto entering Aquarius.

Aquarius is opposite to the sign of Leo in that the sun, which brings up the individual, does not sit well in the sign. While some can rejoice and think that Pluto entering Aquarius means power to the people, it is tough to really think where we are headed. We could be headed to a true Democracy where the politicians and big corporations have diminished power. At the same time, we could very well be headed towards a Totalitarian society where individuality is destroyed and you are forced to fit in with the masses.

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  1. Do you think the current US Neptune transit, which will be exact for a third time in March 2022, could be contributing to the confusion over how things will play out?

    The previous US Neptune transit occurred just prior to the Civil War, which at its crux, was about state rights vs expanding federal rights, a similar scenario to what we’re witnessing now. I’m not suggesting another war, but pointing to a similar pattern of events which could be contributing to confusion around the outcome Pluto could create.

    1. Yes I do. I have read some good content about it although it is not as easily top of mind for me right now but it plays a huge role. Neptune fogs everything up and I believe right now, it is fogging up the communication. People think stuff is alright when it is really not.

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