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Astrology has a liberal bias

Not reality, Astrology.

Around 30% of Americans are into Astrology and if you are in the 18-29 age range, this is even more true for you.

Lately though, I have seen a trend amongst Astrologers when they try to predict the future events as it pertains to politics, a practice known as mundane astrology. Most Astrologers are liberal and very right-leaning, especially those that are in the younger generation which is fair. At the same time, most Astrologers also tend to be women as women are more likely to believe in Astrology than men. Women also tend to be more politically liberal than men are.

So it is no surprise that anything that goes against the liberal agenda or is unflattering towards say the Democrats tends to be washed out from Astrology. No one wants to forecast that the Republicans or Conservatives are going to win anything in the US even when a lot of signs may point to it.

Here is why that is a problem.

The reason this is a problem is because Astrology ultimately bastardizes truth and molds it to fit the agenda of the Astrologer rather than sticking to the basics. In the end, Astrologers end up being victims to their own biases in politics which leads to inaccurate predictions and even giving false readings at times. Similarly, it leads to biases in how signs are portrayed by given Astrologers.

I was a bit dumbfounded around the Scorpio bias in Astrology, something I will write about in the future, but then it made sense. Scorpio is a water sign and water by nature is the most feminine element. Water signs tend to be driven by emotion more so than any other element out there. With the exception of Pisces, Scorpio is considered the most feminine of all the zodiac signs.

So it is no wonder that you get garbage like this being written about a sign and trying to flatter it. Ultimately, because it is a feminine sign, the writers will be biased towards writing good things about it. Meanwhile, fire signs are often seen as brutish and stupid by the same writers.

Astrology already faces a lot of backlash for being fake, how can it expect to continue in its growth to legitimacy when such bias exists?

I think its time we get Astrologers who are more on the other side of the political spectrum just so we can get another view and ultimately see whose prediction panned out correctly.

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