The cold hard truth about Scorpios

Scorpio season is almost over so it’s only fair that I make this post before we move to Sagittarius season.

Either way, I wanted to kick this post off by giving all of you the cold hard truth about Scorpios from someone who has a decent amount of Scorpio and Plutonic influence in his chart. After reading blog after blog and site after site about the sign, I wanted to give a more unbiased and objective view of one of the more polarizing signs in Astrology. Some of you will laugh, some of you will cry, some of you will nod, some of you will shake your head, and some of you will hate me (forever).

Throughout the years, I have known a lot of Scorpios in my life and by some luck, have had the chance to interact more with this sign than any other sign out there. After interacting with a lot of Scorpio energy and comparing it to energy from other signs, I saw certain things that were more prominent in Scorpios than they were in other signs. Whenever I have read about Scorpios from various mainstream blogs and from self-proclaimed astrologers, this has not been covered which is why I am making this post.

Now these are all my personal experiences over decades, if you have different ones then that is all on you.

For the basis of this post, I am talking about people with a lot of Scorpio in their chart. I don’t count it if someone has only a Scorpio sun, they must have 3 inner planets in Scorpio for me to count it. Here are some of my observations:

They are not actually that “intuitive”, they are just paranoid until their hunch is right.

Most Scorpios I know have let people close to them fool them and hurt them. I have actually found Air signs, Leos, and Earth signs to be a lot more intuitive. Scorpios I know are just risk-averse and paranoid, they see the worst in most people. Most of the times, their hunch is off and they see an enemy when there is none. Sometimes, they do get it right but it is because they think most people are evil.

Often times, I have seen Scorpios act in ways that bring out the worst in a given person. My cousin is a Scorpio stellium and when he said a guy was a prick, he started being such a prick to the guy that eventually that guy ended up being a prick to him. Often times, I have seen people smile and ride out a Scorpio’s rudeness until a Scorpio opens up to them, then eventually take advantage of him after he does so. It’s quite sad to see.

They are actually not that revenge-oriented and vindictive as you may think, or at least not that good at it.

Most Scorpios I have known tend to be the type to just block people and pretend like you never existed to them. If you have mutual friends, you better believe they will make them pick and choose between you and them. The idea of Scorpios being Edmond Dantes is something Astrologers, likely of heavy Scorpio influence themselves, try to hype up. Most I have known get too caught up in their emotions and lack the focus to carry out some long-term revenge. The few that do are so bad at concealing their intentions due to the emotional nature of the sign that people quickly catch on to it, doesn’t end to well for them in this regard.

The Scorpios I have known, if they decide to actually pursue revenge, will do so by posing as your friend. Most will pose as your friend, try to emotionally guilt-trip you, turn on you out of the blue, and throw dirt on your reputation with those around you. Usually, those who still associate with them are the ones who are actually in danger of being harmed. Scorpios prefer not to go after people who already catch on to their act and see them as enemies, they are not a sign of open warfare.

They’re not as “sexual” as Astrology says they are.

The Scorpios I have known prefer to talk about sex and their sexual exploits, especially the men, but they are not exactly “sexual”. One thing I have noticed is that it isn’t that common for them to have a high partner count, they tend to prefer close long-term relationships. I find high partner counts common for Gemini and mutable signs in general, not so much Scorpios.

One thing I have seen is that Scorpio men do tend to come off as “creepy” to a lot of women. The “smooth operator” mold doesn’t fit them well and they tend to almost consume whoever they are going after. Phrases like “coming on strong” get tossed around commonly when Scorpio men are involved.

The energy sits far better in women than it does in men.

I have met a lot of amazing Scorpios, the thing is, for the most part they were women. Perhaps because Scorpio is by nature fixed feminine energy which is why but I notice it functioning so well in the women compared to the men. Scorpio women I see are driven, usually honest, blunt to the point of hurting your feelings (but they are honest), attractive, mysterious (in a good way), and often times good looking as well. I find Scorpio women to be the positive and ideal embodiment of “strong woman”, like an Oprah for example.

With Scorpio men, I have not noticed these traits. I find that the men are prone to getting envious, have a persecution complex, constantly go around picking fights, are quite insecure, very sensitive, disrespectful, and overall bitter underachievers in life. If I had to pick someone that portrays the male Scorpio archetype well, it would have to be Cassius from the Julius Caesar story by Shakespeare. Envious, jealous of others who have more, always trying to manipulate people around them, and full of bitterness.

One other trait I notice is that Scorpio men actually lack the charisma that the women tend to have for some reason. The word “creepy” tends to get thrown around quite a lot when you talk to women who have interacted with them. I have met a lot who try to be suave players but usually end up being a future rape accusation or an HR nightmare.

There is however an exception to the rule but it does not apply to this post. I have known a lot of Scorpio suns who had inner planets in Libra and Sagittarius, they were often cool guys. With Scorpio Stellium men, it is not so much the case.

Whenever they are mad, there is usually something deeper than what meets the eye.

The sign is known for its anger and getting mad but whenever it does get mad, don’t assume that it is for what they say it is for. For example, if a Scorpio gets mad because you left the door open and flips out over it, it wasn’t about the door. Whenever a Scorpio gets mad, there is always some deep-seated resentment towards what that given person or cause stands for. Often times, as much as Scorpio readers will hate to hear it, this all comes back to envy. I have yet to meet a Scorpio stellium, at least a guy, who wasn’t envious.

So say a Scorpio gets mad at a guy for being too loud, chances are, that anger is more deep-seated than just that. Perhaps the guy embodies something or someone that the Scorpio has grown to hate, this lines up in the context of society. For example, if a Scorpio hates a rich trust fund baby, then they will be more inclined to flip out and get angry at whoever looks like or acts like that archetype. As a result, whenever that archetype acts a certain way, it will anger them more than others acting a certain way.

They are nice to you, so as long as they see you as someone below them or someone who they can “save”.

Scorpios are not mean towards everyone or hateful towards the world, they are actually nice to certain people. The one thing a Scorpio loves is someone they can see as a “victim” who they can come in and save, almost someone with a traumatic backstory or a tough life. Scorpios love people who they can feel superior to or see themselves as being above in the social ladder in their heads, they are very nice to these people. The kindness towards those they see as below them makes them feel powerful and charitable.

Now who are they not so kind to? Scorpios tend to be hostile towards those they see as potentially leapfrogging them in life and people they portray as being above them in whatever social ladder they have in life. Once again, Scorpios are prone to envy more so than any other sign out there. If they see you as above them in any way and especially as someone gaining success in life who can leap frog them, they turn quite adversarial. Who feels this the most? The people close to them who are succeeding. If you are doing well in life and about to gain that pay bump and that rise in status? Well, you better believe your Scorpio friends aren’t going to have nice things to say about that.

There is always a trigger for their envy.

If a Scorpio obsessively mentions something and constantly mentions it in a negative light, it is because they likely tried to get that thing and failed. You will commonly see them do this with anything of status or social affluence. The trigger could be a certain job title or field they were not able to succeed with, a certain city they could not hack it in, or a certain type of girl they couldn’t get. There is always that trigger for their envy and you see it in their behavior with how much they will diss it but with more passion than usual.

They are not these big mean evil diabolical beings either.

Truth is, a lot are ambitious but a good number don’t realize the work it will take to get their ambitions fulfilled. As a result, most Scorpios end up expressing negative traits like envy and bitterness. You will find that it isn’t that they are bad people, they just have certain ego issues and a tough time being real with themselves. They become easily threatened and paranoid because deep down inside, they are quite insecure.

I will compare Scorpios to another fixed sign like Leo in terms of how they deal with failure. Leos are able to brush things off and keep going at something until they succeed, they don’t seem to let a loss faze them or at least show their discomfort openly. Scorpios are more tactical in their goals in that they will not go aggressively after a wild dream even if they want it deep down.

Astrology makes Scorpios out to be these diabolical revenge machines, I’ve rarely seen this. Almost all I knew were just emotionally vulnerable and scared to show weakness so they put on a rough act. Once you know them one on one and reason with them, they actually open and try to reason with you as well. Most I know actually cannot get themselves to hurt someone and rely on a threat to do its job. If a threat does not work, most will even try to reason with the person in question and ask what they can do to come to a resolution.

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