If you can’t be happy being a single guy, you’ll never be happy

I read a lot of content from frustrated single guys and a lot of frustrated single guys coming to me about their dating woes. Some of it is just straight asking for help and a lot of it comes in the form of the incel, red pill, and Manosphere type of community rants. Women are evil, the dating market is rigged, it’s hard being a man, and the complaints go on and on and on. I know how easy it is to fall into the toxic whining and pay attention to it as well as these sad men throw “statistics” and “the red pill” at you around topics such as “hypergamy”.

The problem is that these men are unhappy and on top of that, single. While we can debate the chicken and egg on this one forever, I rather not. A reality is that you will run into these men in your life as well, if you are lucky then hopefully not too much. Such frustrated men (or as they called them “Average Frustrated Chump”) are rampant in the corporate world, college, and the workplace. It is the bitterness and negativity from these men, whether in real life or an online forum, that can drive anyone wild and make smart people realize they need to run from them.

The reality is my fellow men, if you cannot be happy being single, you’ll never be happy.

All of these whiners, complainers, and men crying about how tough it is to meet women are unhappy men. Any grateful man who counts his blessings knows that being single isn’t the worst thing in the world. The amount of men I have seen who are in their 30s and single with a purpose yet also quite happy is more abundant than you would believe. Most of all, I see these men as strong men who attract a lot of desirable women in their lives. You have no responsibility other than for yourself and no woman demanding anything from you and you still can’t be happy?

Here’s the most cruel irony you need to be reminded of, it is that miserable and bitter vibe from these whiners that drives women away in droves.

Women, especially attractive and desirable women, are quite intuitive people. Women can pick up on vibes, emotions, and ulterior motives a lot better than men can. While you may be wondering if it is worth it to keep helping your incel friend, women have already read him for the miserable, selfish, and toxic person that he is and bailed. It’s such a cruel trap for these men to be in where they are miserable people who desperately need someone to fill the void in the sorry excuse of an existence they call life yet their very personality (along with other aspects) stops that from happening.

If you are following along so far, do not be that fucking guy.

I don’t care if it is “harder” in your 30s to meet women and what excuse you may have.

I don’t care if women are racist against men of your race.

I don’t care if you are not society’s ideal so women avoid you.

I don’t care if all women in your area are “shallow”.

The problem is and always will be you, now shut the fuck up and do something about it. Oh no, they won’t do that though, see these losers have “statistics” and “valid excuses” for why they cannot get laid. Yet, as much as they boast about going their own way, boy oh boy do these whiners need a shoulder to cry on and an internet forum to complain on.

I guess it is true what they say, society has become too soft so these genetic wastes get to live longer. In past generations, the hostile times would have made them either man up or done away with them. Imagine being a Mongol and crying to Genghis Khan about your dating woes, that would not have worked too well for you. Yet, in today’s society, these imbeciles not only get to cry, they have a voice.

In fact, if you are a single guy whose soft feelings didn’t get hurt, take this time to be happy.

You have a lot of free time to work on yourself, pursue your hobbies, build your empire, and have fun with it all. If you are doing those things and not obsessing with women, women will present themselves to you. Be happy that you didn’t marry young and now as you hit 30, face the dangers of a divorce.

I am not telling you to be happy because of some cope to where you can say you are better off without women. What I am telling you to do is to appreciate this time and make the most of it because once you are in a relationship, you will miss it. If you cannot be happy now as a single guy, wait until you have a woman who is expecting a lot out of you in your life.

In a way, women realize this too in a man.

When women see your typical incel crying about how tough life is because he cannot find a woman, what are some things they think?

I can promise you that a lot them are thinking that they do not want that fucking pussy defending them or handling their kids. If a guy cannot handle rejection and being alone, how can he handle being a father and protecting her from anything society throws her way? If he is too hurt by girls not being at his feet because of his race or the fact that he missed the chance to get hitched at 22, how well is he going to be able to handle an intruder invading his home at night? “Sorry honey, I am too brown to defend you, you’re on your own!”.

Most incels will deny it but what I said is true, majority are inherently weak men who are benefitting from easy times. In normal tough times, guys with their mindset would be eaten alive like a lamb surrounded by a pack of hungry wolves. Women who have options realize this which is why they automatically pass these men up as they cry and cry and cry about how tough it is to meet women and date.

Now compare this to a happy bachelor who just didn’t need women in his life. He is too busy with his hobbies, career, business, fitness, seeing the world, and leaving his mark on the universe. Drinks with friends and other fun shit, he always has something going on. Women? Not an issue, his lifestyle presents plenty of them to him for a night and if he wants, for life. Women want this guy and they want to be a part of his life because they realize how he has taken an undesirable situation, being single, and made it something other men envy.

While the incel was crying about how tough life is after college and how he cannot meet women anymore, the other guy was probably learning how to fight and survive in a crisis. Can you really be mad at women now for passing up the whining incel? I mean if society collapsed tomorrow, who is going to be more useful? The guy who knows how to find a shoulder to cry on or the guy who knows how to fight?

If you are a single guy reading this, take this time as an investment. Everything you do with this free time will determine what your dating life is like and what kinds of women come into it. If you cannot be happy now, you will never be happy.

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