The cold hard truth about older guys that complain about dating.

You probably know some of them in your life, you work with some, and you sure as hell read post after post from them on the internet whether on reddit or internet forums. These men are toxic because they are like a disease that falsely presents a depressing reality for everyone when really, it is only applicable to them. A sad truth is that I have known a lot of men like his over the years and overtime, I have learned a common thing or two about them.

Now I am not talking about how well the guy does with women or how much of a playboy life he lives here. The difference I am talking about here is between older guys that don’t complain about dating and meeting women versus those that do. In other words, regardless of how well they do with dating, I am talking more about how being single actually affects them. You can assume there is an overlap too, single and happy guys will do a lot better than single and miserable guys. So what’s really the truth?

Is it looks? Is it “game”? Is it money? Logistics? What is it?

Why are these men single? Why can they not meet women? Why is their dating life so dystopian?

I had a chance to know a few men like this who were in their 30s and older. Now to compare and contrast, I also know of older guys who have no issues at all with dating and meeting women, they will be the first ones to tell you how it gets better after 30. So clearly, there is something that separates the former from the latter. Is it looks? Is it money? Is it “game”? Logistics? I mean all of this can make a difference but it is not make or break.

The underlying theme is that these men who complain are just toxic.

Once you got to know them long enough, you could not stand being near them. You notice that a lot of the stuff they whine about with dating, they take with them to all other aspects of their life. Most are that passive-aggressive whiney coworker, that friend whose life seems to always be a mess, that ungrateful piece of shit that ruins the vibe of the whole room, and the least fun guy at parties. Due to how toxic they are, most people avoid them so they take to complaining and finding anyone who will give them a shoulder to cry on (on or off the internet).

Dating struggles are just a part of their undesirability but we will focus on that. As most of you may know, women are very intuitive, more so than men, and can sense the toxic vibes a mile away. When women who are worth going after sense this, they head for the hills. Not long after, these guys are left wondering where all of the single and available women went.

The worst part is their entitlement towards wanting quality women.

Most of these men feel that they deserve a Megan Fox with her act together while these men barely have many friends or that much to offer. Sure, they may have money and a job but being around them is a job in and of itself. Most of these men do not have a lot of good friends or people they formed quality social relationships, they drove them all away with their toxic vibes. A lot of them do not even have hobbies they are passionate about, if they were then they would just be working on that and not whining about dating.

Now some of these men could humble themselves and realize that given their station in life coupled in with their toxic personality, they don’t deserve that model in her twenties that a lot of men already want. Quite a few of these men might actually be best off going with a woman their own age who may have some baggage but still make for a great LTR. Do not get it twisted, there are a lot of amazing women in their thirties and forties.

Is it fair for these men to ask for a model with the perfect personality and her life together? Given that a lot of these men are toxic, complain a lot, and are desperately wanting someone to fill the void, NO! I cannot fathom how these very men would be so against going for a woman their own age who may have her flaws if they themselves are largely flawed.

The thing you should always assume about these men, if they are always complaining, is that they are largely flawed. Assume that there is something toxic to their personality and assume that they cannot get it together. Always assume that there is a good reason women are avoiding them and unless they are family, you should too.

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