What makes you think you deserve a quality woman?

I have seen a common theme from incels and bitter old guys who cannot find a woman, a school of thought from them really, that says “all of the good ones are gone”. Yeah, all of the “good ones” are off the market and taken up while all that is left is poor quality. For all of us normal people, this sounds insane but you would be surprised at how many single men who are struggling with dating and meeting women think this way. For those men reading my post, I ask one question:

What makes you think you deserve any of the “good ones”?

I mean if you were such a catch yourself, wouldn’t the “good ones” have gone with you? Why would any of the “good ones” pick you over other men? What exactly makes you such a catch? Okay I did say one question so focus on the one in bold.

If you were such a catch yourself, then the “good ones” would have found you a while ago. Still getting your shit together and worried they won’t be there? Well, what’s wrong with going for women who are also doing the same thing?

If I had to point out one major driver of the incel movement above all else, it would have to be unrealistic expectations. I know everyone bitches and moans about how women are being fed lies about the kinds of men they deserve but the same shit is being done to young men. If you are some short, out of shape, and bald guy that lacks charisma to function well socially then you do not deserve a supermodel with her life together.

At some point, someone fed lost young men with a toxic personality unrealistic expectations around the women they can get in their lives. I remember reading about some deranged kid years ago in the UC Santa Barbara campus who was slim, looked effeminate, and then complained about how the hot blondes on campus did not want him. The guy posted on incel forums and even posted videos where you could tell that his vibe was toxic and negative. Now why would some hot blonde pick that dude over some charismatic upbeat fraternity guy that can command a room?

Sadly enough, that kid went crazy and a lot of people got hurt.

Now that was an extreme case but I am so baffled at the entitlement that men who are miserable being single have towards dating and meeting women. On one hand, I could actually forgive it if these men were giving their all and not whining like incels do. I know of one guy who is Pakistani and short but he has a thing for hot blondes, he approaches quite a lot of them and has even been with a few despite the major rejections.

Imagine if as a guy you could have your pick of all of the hot blondes and Megan Fox lookalikes in the world but somehow, a chick who looked like Rosie O’Donnell felt entitled to you. How would you feel? Now imagine how women feel when miserable men who lack the charisma to move the room complain about them not being given the time of the day?

Here is the reality for any guy reading this willing to hear me out, once you broaden your standards, you become a lot happier.

Assuming everything I have posted has not pissed you off to the point of throwing your phone against the wall, hear me out. You do not need a hot blonde with model looks that comes from a rich family in order to be happy or have a happy marriage. I used to think that my type was the very kind you guys pedestalize (blonde, good looks, etc.) but once I broke free from that, I have never been happier.

The best sex I had in my life was from a brunette with glasses and thick curly hair (she was French), we went all weekend. You can date women older than you who have made mistakes and be happy. We all make mistakes and screw up in life, I bet you have had your fuck ups too.

You have been misled by the red pill to believe that women who are not married by thirty are somehow weird or have something wrong with them. You have been misled by the red pill to believe that all women over the age of thirty are deranged and worthless if they are single. Well, you have been lied to and left a lot of good experiences on the table.

Don’t get me wrong, if you have the value to get the most ideal kinds of women, ignore that last paragraph. Here is the reality though, if you were that guy, you would not have found this post. If you are willing to be real with yourself, I promise you that your dating life and sex life will be pure bliss if you broaden your horizon.

Date a woman older than you, you will be surprised to find how cool some of them are.

Date a woman who is not a slim skin and bone model, you will be surprised at how much fun women with other body types can be.

At this point, you do not have any right to whine about the “good ones” being gone, based on the kind of guy you are right now they were never there for you in the first place.

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  1. I have always had a negative tone towards TRP, still playing the bachelor role too. Please do not use the phrase “grow up” towards LTRs, I find your tone extremely disrespectful. Learn how to talk to people properly and take your passive-aggressive shit to some PUA forum where it would be celebrated.

  2. More like 100+ and why do you even come on here if you do not like the content and find so much problem with it? The blue pill is that way dipshit, now go watch your wife’s boyfriend bang the living shit out of her and stand in the corner.

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