Five reasons why single men should avoid NYC now.

You heard it many many times in the past few years of why NYC is THE city to be in if you are a single guy. Before the pandemic, I myself hyped up NYC as the best city in North America, if not the world, for single men. In no other large city do you get as favorable of a gender ratio and a culture that does not care if you are a bachelor in his forties casually hooking up with random women. Well, things have become just that bad in NYC now for single men that I think it is time you looked elsewhere.

Before I begin, trying to be as objective as I can here, the city does have a pulse.

Even as it was declining, I could not deny that NYC still had quite a few attractive women around. In no way shape or form is NYC like San Francisco but it is slowly heading in that direction and a lot faster than you may think. One silver lining is that December is the last month for NYC under what has been the worst mayor the city has seen in decades. We do not know how the next year mayor will do, for all we know he can be just as bad, so a lot hangs in the balance. Personally, I saw enough of a decline in the pandemic to warn all single men (and men in general) to look elsewhere.

Here are five reasons why you should avoid NYC.

You no longer get what you paid for.

NYC boasts some of the highest rents in the US along with sky-high taxes that can only be rivaled by San Francisco. While you could justify paying those when things were “normal”, you now deal with a skyrocketing crime rate, overbearing mandates, a tense atmosphere due to the pandemic, and a nightlife that has died down since the pandemic.

Rents are as high as ever in the city but at the same time, you are dealing with stricter mandates due to the government. You paid those high rents many years ago as NYC was one of the safest cities in the country, this is no longer the case. It doesn’t make sense to keep paying high rents and much more tax than just about anywhere in the country only for you to deal with crime rates that keep rising and COVID restrictions. The city gets dirtier and less safe every month and it shows no signs of improving.

Things are socially very tense and hostile in the city right now.

In the old NYC, people were happy and approaching was easier. In modern-day NYC, expect to be chided or targeted if you do not wear a mask. Hate crimes keep going up and the safety which many people took for granted is no longer there. Whether you go for a coffee or go anywhere without a mask on (vaccinated or not), expect to get into confrontations in Manhattan. My friends and I used to cold approaches all the time before the pandemic and they were met with a good reception.

NYC of five years ago was relaxed on a social level, people went out to have fun and enjoy the remainder of their youth. The new NYC has shifted alongside the toxic modern culture so it has become a lot more #Metoo and radically crazy. Ever since the riots in 2020, everyone in the city is on edge to where it is not safe to be there anymore. People no longer trust each other and this translates to women walking faster and not wanting to be approached. Even bars are seeing lower volumes as a result of the restrictions and people being afraid of catching COVID.

The people who are somewhat set are those who are local and have large social circles as house parties have become the norm. If you are not socially connected, this is not an avenue for you. The ways you could have become socially connected have been closed off meaning you are SOL.

Big Tech and woke techies have had the city on their radar, making the local population much less cool and the women a lot uglier.

In the NYC of a few years back, you could go out and see quite a few beauties whenever you partied in Manhattan. Over the years, that started to slowly change. As Google, Facebook, and other big tech companies made home in Manhattan, the quality of the crowds decreased. Old NYC was suave cool guys and beautiful foreign women, new NYC is weirdo bearded techies and women who have the “just got out of bed” look.

You know what comes with big tech culture as well right? Yup, the irritating woke politics which have poured over to NYC nightlife. The gender ratios which the city boasted have also become a lot more balanced. As tech companies opened offices in NYC, more single thirsty losers flooded into the city from the Bay Area, creeping out hot girls at clubs and driving them away from the scene.

Now you even see it with NYC politics because old NYC was either more Republicans like Giuliani or middle of the road types like Bloomberg. New NYC is AOC and far left communist politics, this means Cancel culture on steroids. You start to notice it the more you go out and interact with people, it is tougher to have a conversation now. If you are stuck in NYC, for the love of god never tell a girl you aren’t vaccinated. In the new Manhattan, you are likely to get a lecture on being woke and being politically correct than talking about normal things.

The cool kids have mostly left.

Ever since remote work became the norm, the winners have decided to bail from NYC. The financially savvy see no reason to deal with the nasty train commutes, bad weather, high taxes, overbearing politics, and an overall poorly run city heavily in debt. Smart people have moved to places where their money is treated better and the party life is just as good.

I noticed from my circle that almost all of the hot girls I met and kept in touch with, even if I did not hook up with them, have left for other cities since the pandemic and made a permanent home there. When the incentive to no longer be in the office along with leading firms in the world embracing remote work is there, less people are moving to NYC. People want greener pastures, freedom, and a chance to have fun without constantly presenting papers. Most of all, no one wants to party in a city when safety becomes a major concern and the homeless population gets worse.

Don’t believe me? No worries, NYC did not even crack the top 10 of cities where most millennials are moving to. Still not convinced? The wealthy in Manhattan moved en masse. Even though there is some promise in 2021, the mood is largely the NYC’s population will continue to decline despite hints of a comeback. Here is more data for you to look at around the population trending in a negative direction.

Now that was the data talking, here is the experience. You are going to be in a city where the cool kids have left, stuck with woke techies and left approaching women who look like they just got out of bed with the flakes still in their hair.

Other cities can offer you the amazing perks of NYC now without the unrealistic cost of living.

Back then, everyone who wanted to live it up in their 20s moved to NYC since all other cities were not as cool. Then the pandemic hit and the whole city got shut down, people got fed up. As a result, the same crowds that would be partying in Manhattan flooded elsewhere to find the party. Without mandates and without a tyrannical government, other cities have already knocked NYC off of its top spots for being prime spots for meeting attractive women.

Sure, NYC might have a year or two left max for its scene but soon everyone will catch on. The crime keeps getting worse, mandates more restrictive, rents higher, and taxes are not going down anytime soon. With the rise of remote work and the freedom to move anywhere, people no longer see any point in just being in NYC for their twenties. Plenty of other cities can now offer what NYC can with a nightlife that is even better due to the lack of COVID restrictions.

As for what those cities are, stay tuned.

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