The sad state of men in 2021 and what it means for you.

Over the years, we have heard about various movements that target men such as the Red Pill, Pickup, MGTOW, and various Incel communities. We have even heard of men in places like Japan become “herbivores” as they opt out of dating and meeting women. Now it is normal to think for the most of us that perhaps that was it and maybe something better arises to help men out. I used to think that it was a temporary issue and eventually, you will have some promising trends that show that everything was exaggerated.

It was bad before but not this bad.

I am used to my blog being linked to various sites out there and in recent weeks, I decided to read on the discussions of what people have to say about my content. Now I remember years ago that the mindset used to be a lot more different than it is right now with men. Men were angry but they were hopeful and actually trying to get better at life. As much as I hate the Red Pill, I actually liked that it told men to work on themselves and how it gets better as you get older if you put in the work. Now I did think the Red Pill was a scam but it was exponentially better than where we are at now.

When men gave each other advice on being single and bachelorhood, it centered more around being happy and fulfilled with yourself. Even in discussions when you had that odd incel crying about how bad women are and how tough life is (despite him having internet connection to engage in an online discussion), people usually saw him as that oddball that needed help. That’s the one thing that gave me hope, as bad as things were, men took great pride in working on themselves and putting dating second.

In fact, on a more optimistic note about MGTOW, at least men were okay with being single. Men were okay with living a fulfilling life without committing to a woman or having success with them. The difference is that it genuinely showed in their tone, they talked about their hobbies, politics, and other things quite passionately while just kind of disregarding women and dating. You didn’t as much bitterness in their tone, they were just happy.

When you hopped on to a site like reddit and read a discussion about a guy crying about how tough dating is, there were men that genuinely gave him good advice. The best part is when a comment would come up and tell the guy to focus on getting fit and focus on things he is passionate about, to be happy in his own life despite women, and to not put his emotional and overall happiness in success with women.

Perhaps the most promising thing is how men were happy with the idea of being lifelong bachelors back then.

Whether it was the red pill with their “spinning plates” or other movements, men were happy with the idea of being lifelong bachelors. Plenty of men were completely satisfied with the idea of not finding a long-term partner and it didn’t seem to bother them. Men talked about traveling the world, fulfilling their hobbies, and the things they did in the time they had for themselves. Success with women came with short-term flings and then they just kind of moved on with their lives.

All of that has gone out the window, it’s gotten really sad now.

All of what I previously mentioned? It’s gone out the window.

Now, more and more men are not just crying about being unable to meet women, people are actually taking these bitter losers seriously and lending them an air. Years ago, these whiners would be shunned and ignored as trolls or incels but now? People actually take these guys seriously and see them as some voice or authority. Years ago, people would laugh at that bitter incel in his 30s who talked about having a great job but women not wanting him. Now? People actually get behind him and whine with him to further amplify their message.

As bad as things were years ago, men still aspired to live a life true to their passions and hobbies while paying little emotional investment to dating and meeting women. Even with MGTOW, men at least tried to focus on things other than women and voluntarily took themselves out of the market. Sure a lot of these men were bitter but they were a lot less bitter and a lot more focused on whatever hobby they were focused on.

Now men are crying like babies over not being able to find a wife.

It has regressed a great deal and now, you see it all over the place. Men are crying like babies about how badly they want a wife and how badly they would love a long-term relationship. Back then, at least men were pretending to not be as desperate for a woman and were focusing more on other things. Men back then had learned to accept that they may never find a woman and they were okay with it as opposed to crying about it. Yeah, you still had your Foreveralones and Incels but at least they were a fringe group.

For anyone who has read this far, note that desperation is a turnoff to women and to everyone in general. Even when you think you are not being desperate, just that inner desperation of wanting to find a wife by 35 is a turnoff. Women smell it and sense it a mile away and the sad thing for these men is that they are parasites to women. Women hate men that need company and cannot be happy being by themselves. Most women cannot stand to be near a guy that needs her, she wants men that can be happy without her being there.

You see the gap here?

Male spaces are not just loaded with desperate thirsty men, those desperate thirsty men are actually being taken seriously. Their whining, crying, and their desperation has not only found a ear to hear it, it has found others to come together and amplify its message.

You see it everywhere now, men crying about how you will “never be happy” if you don’t get a family. Men berating other men who live the happy bachelor life after 30 as being “unfulfilled”. You even have a lot of former pickup artists all of a sudden become religious and morally self-righteous. Men have gone from giving up and finding other pursuits in life to coming together and singing in desperation for wives. You read it everywhere in male spaces now where men have all of a sudden become champions for a wife and kids life while crying like babies over being able to find a wife.

I mean this is really bad guys, really fucking bad. At least in the past few years, men tried to be happy without women and the good news is, some were. Men turned to their hobbies, becoming lifelong bachelors, and becoming so committed to a given craft or passion that they forgot about dating. I am talking older men here too, like past the age of 35.

The worst part is the way in which these voices are being heard by young men out there.

Some young guy at the age of 18 will hear these voices and marry the first woman that shows him interest because he doesn’t want to end up like those losers. The same guy will now likely got through a divorce at some point in his twenties because of what he read and the amount of reach the sad crying 30-somethings had. Young men are going to come across these sites and see these countless bitter souls crying and think that life ends after 30 if you don’t have a wife and kids.

What does this mean for you?

The silver lining in all of this is that there has never been a better time to be alive as a guy, your competition is taking itself out one way or another. Whether it is Red Pill and MGTOW creating bitter men that hate women or the new age of desperate men bitter that they cannot find a wife, the competition has died down. Women will not be giving most of these guys the time of the day which is great news for you as a guy.

If you are an independent guy who has his finances, career, and health figured out (or in a good enough place), then all that needs to be worked on is your mindset. If you somehow manage to keep a positive mindset, be truly fulfilled and happy with what is going on with your life, and not need a women for company, then you are set. Women will find you as that diamond in the rough who has great things going on, you may even get approached or have some easy layups.

Your competition is such a joke that women are just begging to see that one independent guy who has great things going on in his life and spreads good vibes. Expect for her friends to even push you into a relationship with her because they know what a catch you are. Women are going to be the ones desperate to find that guy who doesn’t need their company and has amazing things going on in his life, even preferring to be single because of how happy he is with it.

Meanwhile, the bitter desperate guys are going to embarrass themselves and grow resentful over their lack of success with women. Most of these men cannot figure out that the reason women avoid them like the plague is because they have nothing going on in their lives and cannot find the strength of being alone. Majority of them cannot figure out that they come off as extremely desperate and scare women because of how badly they have to have a marriage with kids. Most of them live a sad existence by themselves and have nothing in life they are passionate about, growing resentful on the inside because they cannot find a wife.

One thing you may need to watch out for is that as a guy who is happy in life and draws women in, these men may try to target you. A lot of them may spread nasty rumors if they can or just outright confront you. A way to prevent this is by playing down your success with women and if you can help it, being discreet. Try not to show off your Tinder matches or even talk about your dating success, there are a lot of resentful losers out there (who cannot come to terms with their lack of success being solely due to them) who cannot stand to see other men succeed.

I would also caution most of you to avoid male spaces online that center around dating, they have grown extremely bitter. At this point, you have enough knowledge around dating and meeting women that all it takes on your end is taking action. Stay positive my friends!

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