Five reasons why you should avoid cougars and older women.

Lately in American society, there has been a push to glamorize and hype up older women as being attractive to younger men. We can all think back to Stifler’s mom in American Pie and think about how powerful of an effect media can have on a person. In reality, older women are not attractive and the Biological Clock is certainly a thing. Now while I have said that you should consider dating women slightly older than you, it is important to know the difference. If you are a guy in his 30s going for a woman in her 50s, it’s time to back off!

Now I am not saying be one of those creeps way past college age who dates women in the 18-22 age range either. Yeah, I’d say even 18-22 is a bit too young for most men. What I am saying is that you are best off sticking to your own age range and it is not the best for you to have a big age gap. Guys ask me about age of consent and I’d say if you are even asking that, seriously consider what is wrong with you because you do not want to be near girls who are in that range. If you are well into your twenties and going for women anywhere close to 18 and 19, there is something wrong with you. Seek help before you get arrested in some states!

While we know the dangers there, I seriously think that most younger men need to be weary and avoid cougars. Any woman who is more than 10 years old than you and seeking you out, avoid her. Here are five reasons why you should avoid cougars and just women who are 10 years older than you in general.

For one, it is a huge knock on your own social value.

You are not a teenage American Pie character anymore, people see younger men who date significantly older women as lower value guys who cannot get the more desirable women their own age. No matter what you do or how young she acts, a cougar is not going to be fun at a nightclub and it is going to be awkward to bring her to social gatherings. Most men will not see you as that young stud getting with a cougar, it is not American Pie. Majority of people will think that you are a low value social misfit who is seen as ugly by women his own age so he has to go for women past their prime in order to have any luck. No matter what you do, a cougar is not going to be seen as cool at a nightclub, people will laugh at you even if they pay you a compliment in front of others.

Say you don’t care about any of that stuff, okay….here are other reasons.

No, they are not better in bed, in fact they suck.

Older women are not better in bed despite what porn tells you and what Hollywood tries to get you to believe. On the contrary, older women suck in bed. Now older women might suck you off and do more for you in bed but that is because they are inherently aware of their lower value. Most older women know that they are way past their prime and are simply compensating in a big way. The whole ordeal about them being better in bed is just spread so they can compensate for their lack of value against younger and more attractive women. Most cougars have poor cardio and cannot do well with prolonged sex compared to women in their twenties who are at their physical prime.

A lot of them look hideous.

Hollywood is not real life and those actresses have had a ton of work done. Even then, a lot of them lose out on roles to much younger actresses who are up and coming. Your average woman who is older typically looks like crap no matter how much she tries to care for her looks. The vast majority of them have wrinkles, eye bags, and rough skin from years of drinking and not looking out for themselves. Finding fit women in their forties is rare, majority of them just put on the pounds. The few who do not put on the pounds are having surgery done like most Hollywood stars do. Chances of you finding a Courteney Cox? Very minimal even in a major city.

They are very bitter.

Older does not mean wiser, in fact, it usually means bitter. Older women are, in fact, bitter no matter how attractive they may be. Most older women chasing younger men get angry at women their age who are married with kids and a loving family. A lot of them use the positive stereotypes of “cougars” to cope with their own misery when on the inside, they are very unhappy people who have seen life pass them by. Older women who chase younger men are doing it to cover up for their own insecurity and lack of fulfillment in life. If you ever talk to one, you will see how quickly the bitterness comes out.

There is a damn good reason they are single (hopefully, for your sake).

If a woman is significantly older and has not found someone going for her, even if her looks are okay, there is a reason for that. Most of the times, it is because of very obvious personality flaws that show up in their dating life. A lot of these women had an unfulfilled youth and are using their old age to compensate for it which is kind of weird after a certain point. Many of these women will go for younger men not due to actual attraction or love but because they want to relive their past glory which they are just too old for. Now this is assuming she is single, but even so, she comes up with an assload of baggage which usually involves a lot of mental and emotional issues you want nothing to do with. Healthy women who are in their forties will go for men in their age range or men older than them, they will not prey on younger men.

And if she is not single….

You legit risk not just breaking apart a marriage but getting a pissed off older guy coming after you. Even though he may not be that young meathead, he has all the connections and anger to get even. Maybe he knows a few cops a bit too well because he plays golf with them. Perhaps he is just bitter with nothing to lose at this point and is willing to pull out all the stops to get even. Even if you can handle all that, was her oldass really worth it?

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