5 ways men have declined even further in 2021.

I have talked about the sad state of men and before the year ends, as I look back on 2021, it is safe to say that men have declined even more. Now in my spare time, I do browse spaces meant to empower single men and as someone who has been doing this for years, the decline in 2021 is even worse than anyone could have imagined. Here are five ways that men have declined even further in 2021.

1 – Desperate for marriage and LTRs.

It’s one thing to want a long-term relationship or a marriage, it is something else entirely to cry for it and be extremely desperate for it. Back then, the men crying about how tough it is to find “the one” were minimal and the community gave them advice on self-improvement; this is not the case anymore. Now, the community of men join in crying about the current circumstances and how the government, the elite, or the media are at fault for there not being even enough available women.

No woman, unless those with a lack of options, wants anything to do with these kinds of men. Most of them will pass away the rest of their life in despair as they cry about no girl wanting to marry them. It is becoming that pathetic now and I have never seen it get this bad. Back then, men shunned marriage in these communities or at least thought of it as something that they will do when they feel it is right; now they are desperate for it. These men are desperate and their desperation shows.

Years ago, men were happy being single and not being tied down. Some men who did want a wife admitted it and then slowly worked on themselves until quality women came along. Now? Men are desperate at their knees for a woman to save them and say yes as they propose, desperate!

2 – Rise of the Incel and Black Pill movement.

Back in the day, these kinds of guys were laughed at. Now? Incels have a ear and an empire behind them; it is getting scary out there. As bad as the Red Pill was, at least it pushed for action and self-improvement. The incel and black pill movement is a movement of men trying to blame all factors out of their control and trying to come off as edgy by being overly negative. People no longer see these guys as a joke anymore, they actually have some pull! Same guys swearing you cannot get laid because of your race or distances between your facial features are actually being taken seriously.

You will find these types everywhere and I have even browsed Incel forums to see how much they lurk the web, trying to find whatever community would welcome their miserable minds. Whether it is on this blog or other popular communities, they are lurking and ready at a moment’s notice to see who they can ridicule.

3 – The negativity and bitterness is far worse now than it has ever been.

Almost going off of the first two points but this one deserving even more mention than before, it has never been this toxic and negative amongst men. At least years back, the red pill even kept somewhat of an optimistic outlook on self-improvement and there were good success stories that propped up. Now that kind of stuff is rare, it is endless bitching and moaning about everything. Men have genuinely become whiners that want someone to save them and most male dominated spaces have become honorary Incel forums at this point. I have never seen the community this bitter and negative in all of my years of following it.

I have seen this play out in various situations, particularly with the modern dating market and every aspect of it. All women are whores, all women are “hypergamous”, all women only want a certain kind of man, 80:20 (with a negative tone), etc. While it was around years ago, the idea was more of a proactive one and it focused on what men can do to fix things or make the most of a situation. Now? The idea fixates all on the negativity and how bad it is. Let’s talk about how fucked society is because women want hot guys rather than what can be done about the situation.

4 – Selectively moral.

The current state of men is that of selective morality as I like to call it. It is not strange at all that Christianity and religion is making a huge comeback for a lot of single men who shame women for wanting to sleep around. Such men are also the kinds who were involved with game and PUA but are now becoming more against it as they didn’t have the chops for it. More men are using a moral high ground to shame other men that are bachelors pursuing women or avoiding marriage. A lot of them claim that it is for the good of society when really, it hurts their egos to see other men succeeding in something they themselves could not.

Same guys who were once parading PUA and red pill around have now somehow turned into the morally self-righteous lefties they hated so much. This is where we are at and bachelorhood is shamed more so than it has even been before.

5 – Thirst and significantly lowered standards.

Years back, it seemed like men had higher standards on what they considered attractive in a woman. Now, the standards for men are really fucking low. I have seen women being considered attractive who years ago would have been seen as such, a big shift. While I can respect all kinds of standards of beauty that a guy has, what has become worse is the thirst. Men are thirsty as fuck these days and it has not been this bad for ages. If men are not taking themselves out of the market, they are bending over backwards to be a woman’s servant. The amount of validation that a woman gets now from men is unrivaled by any other era. Most men are now simps and the odds have shifted even more in a woman’s favor.

Stay tuned for my next post to find out what you can do about all of this and what it really means for you.

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