Reflecting back on 2021 and some news for 2022.

I’ve been silent for a while and 2021 was definitely a tough year for me with all of the changes. Not only did I experience a lot of ups and downs, I also moved from a city I swore I will live in for quite some time. We managed to get some great posts and more traffic than any other year since we have been around. While the output might not have been as aggressive, we stayed afloat.

The biggest pivot of 2021 was that I went from talking exclusively about dating to putting my foot more into politics and society. What I believe is that society, politics, and social trends have a big say in how successful you are with women. One of the reasons I moved from NYC is because of how much the city had socially decayed and declined overall due to the pandemic.

But that’s the past, now for some news for 2022.

This will likely be the last year this blog is around if it does not become profitable.

I am strongly considering selling the domain name or just not renewing it if by summer, this blog has not generated a profit. The reason for this is because at this point, I have ideas for an online business that can be profitable and have prioritized an income from that over just writing on here. As of date, this site has been my hobby but I realize the importance of gaining an online income. I will give this blog one more go for the next six or so months and if by then it has not generated the profit I want, the domain is not getting renewed.

E-books coming out.

I have decided to start work on an E-book which I have always wanted to write for all of you. It is very likely that I have 2 e-books out by this summer. My goal is to have one E-book talk about post-grad life and how to succeed with it and the other to be an NYC nightlife guide. Both e-books will come at a cost and their sales will play a role in determining how much longer the blog stays active.

More field reports.

Given that I am now in an area of the US that is more open and has a thriving nightlife, I will be getting back out there. Instead of just giving dating advice or social commentary, I might dedicate a weekend to field reports. So weekdays may be the usual stuff but weekends will consist of my field reports. Speaking of weekends….

We are doing away with Astrology.

I believe in Astrology and do find it legit but I find that it doesn’t really mesh as well with the content of the site. It is likely that in the future, I just start an independent Astrology blog and go from there. Astrology cannot be discussed in two posts a week and needs more content. I will however, drop a few more Astrology posts before easing it out before the end of January.

Affiliate links.

After some work, I have decided to move forward with an Affiliate Marketing program. Affiliate links will be added to this blog for all of you to check out what products have made a difference in my life. How the overall program performs will play a part in me deciding what I want to do with this blog in the future. Before the end of January, we should have some of the links up.

For now, this is it. Happy New Years everyone!

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