It’s never been easier to be a top notch guy than right now.

In a recent post, I talked to you about how much men have declined in 2021 and how its worse now than ever before. Well, I promised you a silver lining in all of this and here it is.

Being a top notch or that “20% guy who gets 80% of the girls” is more attainable now than it has been for years. You did not misread that, it is easier now than ever before to be that guy who gets a lot of cool quality women in his life. I bet you did not expect to hear that at all, well, it’s true. We are in such a massive time for transition and majority of all men have not caught on.

Your competition has almost taken itself off the market, it’s a much smaller playing field.

Just look around in real life or better yet, the internet. Your competition and most men even trying to make an effort are beyond deflated. The majority are crying about women not being marriage material. Most men are crying about not being able to find a wife and descending into bitterness and negativity over it. A lot of men are desperate for a wife and life partner, more desperate than ever before. Just look around at how many “pickup artists” have left the game and how communities once meant to empower men are full of men crying about not being able to find a wife.

These men do not realize that their bitter vibes and negative demeanor are what is driving women away but they somehow desperately need a woman to fill that bitter void in their life. The age old wisdom of being a desirable guy and improving yourself has gone out the window; these men are desperate for whoever will marry them. Unfortunately, almost all of them will live a life of solitude and descend into further hell due to their bitter vibes and desperation.

Meanwhile, anyone trying to even make an effort is bitter as well. Just look and read around, negativity and bitterness have taken over communities meant to help men. Most men will complain more about how tough dating is in a city and how much worse everything is as opposed to what they can do to fix it. When I say men have declined, I mean it, we are seriously heading towards a herbivore type of society like they have in Japan.

At the same time, women are also desperate because the supply for quality men is lower than it has ever been.

Most men do not look out for themselves and have lost their way. For the men who say do lift and put in work, there are quite a few who are just so bitter that they are a wormhole of negativity everyone is trying to escape. Women are desperate, literally everywhere.

The myth goes that women have social media and dating apps to fulfill their lack of attention from men, this is true. Well, what is not true is that even on dating apps, most profiles are garbage. One of my friends is gay and he swipes on the apps and finds that about 90% of men have low quality photos. Dating apps aside, women do not get approached like they used to and are still trying to find their footing in this new world.

People are nervous, bitter, and beaten.

We are undoubtedly in some of the toughest times society has seen in ages. A great transition is happening and society worldwide is on edge right now. Everyone has a lot of reasons to be defeated, negative, and bitter with life. Everywhere you turn, people are at each other’s throats and society has lost a great deal of its empathy. I am not going to tell you that times are easier, they are not.

And that is where you come in.

Funny trend, did you know that half of Fortune 500 companies were created in a crisis? Well, now you do! Something to think about because while everyone else is running around with their head on fire and shitting their pants, it seems like the winners find that golden opportunity where others do not look. Now if you are most guys then you are probably bitter, crying yourself to sleep because you will not find your future wife, and approaching everything with bitterness and negativity that drives people away.

You have the chance to be an exception to the rule here. You can do things differently and bring high quality, a positive vibe, make people feel good, and keep your head up. I know it sounds like motivational mumbo jumbo and the truth is, years ago, I would have never given you this advice. I would have thought you already know to do this or just told you to be more creative in your approach.

In 2022, just being in shape, having enough to live in a big city, and not being a bitter pessimistic fuck will put you in the top 20%. Guys like you used to be common, now they are a luxury!

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