Dear Readers, I was bitter this week and I apologize.

Not long ago, I did something I don’t normally do on this blog; take down a post. I wrote about the reality of “cougars” and “older women” and to be honest, it came off as quite bitter. As frustrated as I may be of how media overhypes older women as well as my irritating experiences with them, it was wrong. I went back and read my post, which I made after a couple shots of whiskey, and could not believe that I wrote that. The tone was nothing like me and it was far too bitter for my taste, whether or not it is actually accurate.

In a way, I felt it then and there too. I realized now why movements such as The Red Pill and Incel movements are so popular amongst younger men. When you are frustrated or irritated with a certain group or situation, why not just bash it and berate it rather than being the bigger man? The former is much easier to do and the truth is: bitterness is the path of least resistance. It’s easy to be bitter, angry, irritated, and turn to mean words and hate.

Now it is no mystery to me as to how the Incel and Red Pill movements have gained such popularity amongst younger men, it’s easy to be that way. Bitterness and hatred are an easy path to cope with whatever is bothering you in life. A group of people piss you off? Resort to bitterness and bigotry towards them. It’s almost the same emotion that links to guys losing their frame and getting emotional whenever they are in a bar and a woman throws them a shit test.

I did that in my recent post and I could not believe that I still had that side to me. For that, I take full ownership and for what I have written in that regard. I was in the wrong here and while do not care about who got offended; I care more about how it didn’t speak to what this blog is about. We all make mistakes and I am taking full ownership for mines.

You will see less bitterness on here moving forward.

2 thoughts on “Dear Readers, I was bitter this week and I apologize.

  1. Takes a strong person to go back, ponder, and take action on their own work. Keep doing you ๐Ÿ™‚

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