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The Bachelor Tales: Winging with a Pickup Artist.

A few years ago, I was very active on pickup forums but I never really posted all that much. I was the guy who would see the conversations take place but never really get actively engaged in them. As anyone may be familiar with forums and pickup communities online, there are guys who post the most on picking up women and getting laid that tend to earn respect overtime. Whether or not they do well in real life is always up for debate since we only have their screen name and opinion for the most part to go by.

I was in NYC and one of these guys was quite an active poster, he had posted about the NYC nightgame and dating culture. The post must have been quite a few paragraphs and I am keeping his screen name as well as the name of the pickup forum out of this. I decide to DM the guy and kept getting told that he is busy and maybe a few weeks out would make sense. After being persistent enough just to see what this guy was about, we finally agreed to go out and wing but he had a few things he wanted me to keep in mind.

For one, he was not going to go to a nightclub because it is loud and he does not like getting drunk. Then, I get told that he is going to leave if I act drunk because that “ruins sets” so I agree, he had a point. After that, I get told that if he finds a girl’s friend ugly, he is not winging me. I say fair and finally decide to meet up with the guy. We met up in the Meatpacking District because that is where he wanted to meet up. From what he told me, he wanted to meet up at 10 PM or so outside of the Starbucks Reserve. I saw him and approached him, asking if he was from the community.

“Yeah yeah but not too loud, never know what people might think,” he said. Let’s just call him Bob for the sake of this post.

Bob was not the worst looking guy in the world but he did wear a shirt which was a few sizes too big for him and baggy jeans. Since it was early fall, NYC was not getting that cold. We decide to go to Le Bain and I am chatting with Bob about the city to an extent.

“Yeah, the women here man they are so spoiled, they only want the really rich guys, club promoters, or black guys,” says Bob, as I nod. Bob had this way of talking that was very intense to where his eyes became focused whenever he said something.

“Been to Gansevort before?” I asked.

“Oh that, I mean yeah, I stop by there a few times but it’s kind of a dead bar, barely any people in there,” said Bob.

“Yeah, looks like Le Bain is gonna have a line with it,” I said.

“Yeah, just let me handle this, I’ve been working with another member of the forum on a way to talk to door guys,” said Bob.

We waited in line for a good ten minutes and it seemed to go by rather quick. Guys who were in groups were told it was either pay up or leave. Women who went in or mixed gender groups seemed to be let in easily. Next, me and Bob were up as the bouncer asked both of us if it was only us.

“Yeah, we are seeing a friend in there, his name is Reggie and he is there with his girlfriend and her cousins,” said Bob.

“I ain’t see no Reggie come through tonight brotha,” said the bouncer, a big muscular black dude.

“Oh he also goes by Reginald, he told us to come here,” said Bob.

“No Reggies, Reginalds, or anything my man,” said the bouncer.

“Yeah, it gets confusing with all of those names man but I bet a lot of folks have come through,” replied Bob.

“I’d know if it was a Reggie since that’s my brother’s name,” replied the bouncer.

“Oh man, nice name for a brother, mines is just graduating college,” said Bob.

“Look bro, it’s gonna be 200 bucks for the two of you or else I can’t let you in,” replied the bouncer.

“Come on man, I get that women get preference but you see how crazy it’s getting out there for them, they have enough as is, cut a fellow man a break,” said Bob.

“200 bucks or go dude,” replied the bouncer.

“Look man, I am sure you don’t actually want to do this and agree with what I am saying,” said Bob, before being cut off.

“Bruh, there’s a long line, either pay up or get going,” said the bouncer, loudly.

“Pfft, fine,” said Bob, walking away as I followed him. I smile at the bouncer and get going, he seemed like a decent dude but he had a job to do.

“Yeah man, bouncers are the biggest tools bro, you know he is not going to be fucking any of those girls. I’ve worked at a club before and most of the times the bouncers get scraps if that,” said Bob.

“Well, let’s look at where else we can go,” I reply.

“I mean this whole city and its nightlife are fucked man, night game is general is a shitshow, like women play the pussy card and get in free and I am not paying shit,” said Bob.

“Yeah man, crazy times we live in,” I said, a bit thrown off by how socially uncalibrated he had been so far.

“I mean it’s total bullshit, it really is. These guys pay all that money and they won’t even go home with shit,” said Bob.

“Let’s go to Gans,” I said.

“If you say so but man tonight is not a good night, I am not feeling any of these women, they all look like dogshit right now,” said Bob, as we were in Manhattan. Yup, Manhattan and the women look like dog shit huh, it’s not like we are in Manhattan, KS here fella.

We end up going to Gansevort and it is more packed than usual. In time, we see a few good looking women and I approach one. I remember her being this tall brunette from Maryland and while it is going well, her friend interrupts saying that some creepy guy has been looking at us. The friend tells us it is the guy to the left of her (my right as I face her) and I give it a quick shot look; it was Bob. Bob was sipping on a drink and giving us all an intense look as he stood in the corner.

I ended up getting the brunette’s number as she had to bail. Then I catch up with Bob who tells me she is not going to do anything with me, girls give guys their numbers to tell them to fuck off. I ask Bob if he is approaching and he rolls his eyes, approaching a woman near him. The woman was with two friends, drunk, and was kind of loud in the bar.

“Uh, no dude!” said the woman, out loud as she looked to her friends and laughed. That was a tough rejection, I kind of felt it all the way on my end. Poor Bob walked over my way with an intense look of anger on his face.

“Fucking cunts,” whispered Bob, as the women were all laughing. I did understand why Bob felt why he did, those women were rude as fuck.

“Wanna do one more approach?” I ask.

“No, I have to call it a night, more to life than chasing dumb cunts,” says Bob.

Bob called it a night and boy oh boy did I learn not to believe everything you read on the internet. The irony since you are reading this post and over a 100 of you follow me 😉

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