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How women perceive your zodiac sign.

If you have talked to enough women out there, you know that quite a few of them are a bit too much into Astrology. Whether for the sake of curiosity or legit being deep into it, women care about your zodiac sign. On a long enough timeline, girls will ask for your zodiac sign so it is wise for you to know in advance a bit about Astrology in that regard. Yes, some women will turn you down for your zodiac sign alone.

Feminine vs Masculine in Astrology.

To give you a real quick summary, each zodiac sign has an element and the elements are: fire, air, earth, and water (from most masculine to most feminine). Fire is the most masculine element and water is the most feminine. As for what signs belong to what element, here is how it goes:

Fire: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

Air: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

Earth: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Water: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

The stereotype goes that Fire signs shoot first and ask questions later, they are primarily the outspoken doers. Air signs lack emotion and run mostly on logic but they also tend to be forward thinking. Earth signs tend to overthink things but are also very numbers drive; practical in other words. Water signs are highly emotional.

Ideally as a guy, you want to be in the fire and air category. Deep down inside, she will know that you are that bad boy archetype even if she initially puts up a front. Women might say that they like Scorpios for example but it is the equivalent of a girl saying she just wants a nice guy who listens to her problems and takes care of her.

So, how are the various zodiac signs perceive by women? Well here is my take over the years.

Aries: Hotheaded cowboy that doesn’t think much and just does things. Basically as macho as it gets and blunt.

Taurus: Lazy and stubborn, the kind who refuses to do things she wants to do and just does his own thing. Also a bit of a pampered type that loves comfort too much.

Gemini: Two-faced guy who will lie his ass off to get his way but at the same time, it’s also kind of lying in a cute harmless way. Great with words and knows how to use his tongue in all matters.

Cancer: Short fuse and can have a tantrum like none other. Dramatic, jealous, and needs a lot of emotional validation.

Leo: Loudmouthed showoff and the prototypical douchebag with a massive ego. In other words, bad boy one night stand material she swears she’d never get with but does anyways.

Virgo: Picky guy who gets into the nitty gritty on the details. Very courteous type that comes off as more of a gentleman to others, prototypical nerd (no offense to Virgos reading this). A gentleman and a scholar.

Libra: Pretty boy with no personality that is better off not opening his mouth. The male equivalent of arm candy.

Scorpio: Despite Astrologers hyping this sign up, Scorpio men are seen as the prototypical “Nice Guys” who will pretend to be her friend so they can get in her pants. Passive-aggressive, jealous, bitter, and sensitive.

Sagittarius: Manwhores just like fellow fire sign Leos minus the douchiness and excessive narcissism.

Capricorn: Big boss, type A personality, and the guy likely to make it big in life. Definitely marriage material.

Aquarius: The cool kid in class who knows where the best parties are and is popular with everyone.

Pisces: Pothead.

Make of this what you will gents.

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