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Does dating get better for men with age?

Quite a while ago, Rollo released his chart on male value vs female value as they get older. Now the idea was that men get better over time because they age better and have more of their shit together, given that women value looks less than men do. In some ways, the chart almost read as older guys having access to the best looking women in their twenties and it hyped up a lot of younger men out there.

Instead of beating around the bush, I am going to tell you the truth right now.

Can dating get better for men with age? Yes. Does it? Usually not.

If you read that correctly, it is possible for a guy in his thirties to do well but usually, it doesn’t happen. Now we have to take one thing into account here, guys doing well in any age group are a minority. At most, 20% of men in a given age group are actually “slaying” and doing well out there. Most men, younger or older, don’t really have a lot of success in the dating world. For majority of men, an LTR of any sort is usually the end game.

Now while I have told you that men usually struggle as they get older, why is that?

The most obvious one, serious decline in looks.

As I have found with age, it is a lot easier to gain weight. I cannot eat the same crap I ate in my early twenties and expect to stay at the same weight. Now, if I eat junk food, I can expect for the scale to let me know practically the next day that I have screwed up. This is not to add other age related issues such as wrinkly skin and balding.

The most important one? Bitterness.

Older doesn’t usually mean wiser, most of the times, it means bitter. Older men are significantly bitter than younger men and even worse? Convinced that they are right. Due to all of the issues life has thrown at them over the years, older men become beat down by what has happened. If I had to pin it to one thing, bitterness plays the biggest role in stopping older men from having dating success, especially with younger women. No, you are not going to be the typical bitter Red Pilled guy and expect to pull good looking women younger than you unless there is some serious money involved.

Perhaps the biggest thing about bitterness is that the men going through it do not even notice it, they are convinced that they are the ones who are “right”.

Out of touch.

Older men are usually out of touch with what is considered cool in modern society. Most find themselves to be above modern music and modern trends which might seem edgy in red pill circles but actually makes you unaware. Here is the truth, most women that look good want to fit in, this is even more true for women in their twenties. If a guy stops a woman from fitting in or takes away from that? It doesn’t matter if he his wealthier or has better “game” than a guy with similar interests to her.

In a way it’s common sense, we love people who can “connect” with what is cool and connect with us. Even with politicians, we love it when they are in touch with modern trends and can communicate with us through channels that are appealing to the “youth vote”. Similarly, women want a guy who is in touch with what is “in” right now rather than some outcast looking down on everything. You won’t find too many guys who have that sort of cool factor to them in the red pill and PUA circles.

What if you are older and none of that applies to you?

So you hit the magic 3-0 and haven’t declined in looks, aren’t bitter, and are very much a guy who is in touch with society’s trends, so what? Well, this is where it gets fun, that is when the chart starts to apply to you. I would say that maybe 15 to 20% of guys in their 30s and onwards are actually like this and I’d even wager to say that half of them are committed.

The rest, if they are still single, are going around wondering why the hell it hasn’t gotten easier for them with age or why it has become even more difficult. You will commonly see these guys post on Internet forums about how dating is so screwed after the age of 30 and how all of the “good ones” are taken. While these men may have worked on their career, they were too out of touch in their twenties to be able to relate to most women who value cool factor. Majority have odd interests and hobbies, they aren’t relatable enough for women to even want to give them a chance.

Now for that 10% that remained single and got it? Life is a breeze. I have seen men like this hit up quality from early twenties all the way to good looking women who are older than them. These are the men The Rational Male was talking about when he brought up his chart.

If you really think about it, they may say women peak at 23 in the chart but really think about that. How many 23 year old women have Victoria Secret supermodel looks out there or are just what we would consider “hot”? I’d say 10% fit that mold of being in the “hot” category. Just because you are supposed to peak at a certain age does not mean that your peak will necessarily be that high.

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