Why being an Asian or Indian guy actually ends up being an advantage.

For the past few posts, I have basically been shitting on Asian and especially Indian men for the struggles they suffer in the hookup, seduction, and dating game. Now for today’s post, I am going to share an unpopular opinion based on years of experience and why I think that compared to being other races, being an Asian or Indian guy actually ends up being an advantage after a certain point and for a select few men from those backgrounds.

The reality so far.

As I have mentioned in the past posts, on a population level, Asian men have it bad and Indian men have it the worst in the western world. If I had to do it by percentage, there are only going to be a very low percentage of Asian and Indian men doing well compared to white, black, or Latin men doing well. To give you an example, 20% of white guys might have a lot of luck in the hookup and seduction department while maybe 5% of Asian and 3% of Indian guys will.

If I was to have more fun with numbers, maybe 30% out of white guys out there look good and put in the effort to do so. Meanwhile, perhaps 5% of Indian guys out there look good and put in the effort to do so. The reason I say look good versus good looking is to emphasize the effort the guy is putting into his physical appearance. You can look good (muscles, style, etc.) despite not being genetically good looking (tall, symmetrical face, etc.).

Now let’s get into how this ends up actually being an advantage.

But first, one caveat.

This will not apply to the vast majority of Asian and Indian men and it doesn’t have that much to do with genetics. The truth is that Asian and especially Indian men are raised with years of beta male programming through their families and communities; this is very tough to overcome. Most Asian and Indian men (80% if I am being modest) will not even chase the life of seduction, hookups, and trying to get laid as much as possible so that takes them out of the picture entirely. Of the ones that do, most will give up and bitch day and night about how their race and prejudice stops them from getting laid, forever being residents of Incel communities. Some will stick around only to struggle because they haven’t tried to improve their looks and are riddled with toxic thoughts about their race which messes up their vibe.

Who this applies to are the small number of Asian and Indian men who:

  1. Have put in the effort to look good/looksmax.
  2. Have improved their social skills and charisma.
  3. Are not riddled with toxic, negative, and “realistic” (hurr durr muh dating studies) beliefs on race and dating (translation: “you see I can’t get laid because this dating study said I am to receive a 5% lesser of a response rate than a black guy”).
  4. Actually do want to go out there and get laid a lot.
  5. Have some alpha personality traits (confidence bordering on irrational, charismatic, etc.).

One more group this applies to are Asian and Indian men who were naturals growing up. As for how this ends up being an advantage.

For one, the expectation for you is naturally much lower than men of other backgrounds.

Especially for Indian men.

People, women in particular, weigh you against other men of your background. White guys are being weighed against the Channing Tatums and Tom Bradys of the world. Now this is part of the reason why Inceldom ends up being so big in White men, it’s pure Pareto Principle where 20 to 30% of the White guys are having all the luck. Sure, there are some ethnic women out there (especially Asian) who will fuck anything that is white with a pulse but these women tend to look hideous and are more unhinged than the average Arkham Asylum resident.

When you are an Indian guy, you are literally being weighed against a Fobby convenience store clerk. For most women, they have no idea of what a handsome Indian guy even looks like, the actor from The Big Sick is the closest it comes and even then he is not that popular. In other words, contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to do as much to get attention for being attractive.

When women see a handsome White guy, he is probably the fifth handsome White guy they have seen that day. When women see a handsome Indian guy, he is probably the first one they have seen all year because Indian men do not really care that much for their own appearance. You are rare, scarce, and a diamond in the rough. An Indian guy with six pack abs who is over six feet tall, has a handsome face, and social skills is going to be a massive hit just due to how rare he is. A White guy with all of those traits, though objectively attractive, does not stick out as much.

If you can somehow find a way to be in good shape, dress well, not be socially awkward/toxic about race (“liek ZOMG according to the latest dating study I have a 10% chance of getting laid compared to a 15% for a white guy, hurr durr muh prejudice and Hollywood holding me down arrgghhh!”), and ideally not be short (below 5’9) as an Indian guy, you’re practically guaranteed success. Sure you may have a smaller “market” but you’re probably the only fucking product worth buying in that smaller market, speaking of that.

The supply is really fucking low.

Even if the demand for attractive Asian or Indian guy is twice as less as that for an attractive White guy, well the supply is at least ten times lower. A woman with a thing for White guys that look good and have charisma is in luck because there are just a lot of those out there. Meanwhile, a women who want an Indian guy that looks good and is charismatic is screwed because there are not too many of those around. A small fish in a big pond comes to mind here.

Pause: You may ask why I am singling out Indian guys here and not Asian men. Well, the truth is that over the years I have seen Asian men really step their game up, whine less, and have a lot of success out there on a population level. Meanwhile, I get a handful of emails weekly from Indian guys crying to me about not being able to get laid due to their race and the Indian men out there aren’t doing too well.

Now getting back to it.

To put it in numbers say that out of a 100 women, 50 have a thing for charismatic White guys that look good but there are 40 White guys out of a 100 that are charismatic and good looking. Now meanwhile, say that out of a 100, 30 women have a thing for charismatic Indian guys that look good but there are only 5 Indian guys out of a 100 that fit that bill. 40 guys competing for 50 women versus 5 guys competing for 30, you have much better odds if you are the latter.

When you are a charismatic White guy that looks good, you may have a bigger market but your competition is far more fierce because there are a lot of men just like you out there. I have seen a similar phenomenon in how guys pursue women as well. Objectively, White women are considered the best looking and most attractive women out there. Yet, when a good looking Middle Eastern or Indian woman comes along, she gets a lot more attention than her White friends because of how much more rare she is by comparison.

Finally, your scarcity drives urgency in women.

Women who have a thing for a charismatic Asian or Indian guy that looks good will be even more inclined to sleep with him faster because well, they don’t come around too often. Meanwhile, for a White guy, there is less urgency because charismatic White guys that look good are a dime a dozen. Even as a guy, you will habitually do this. You will be less inclined to close girls that are all too common compared to women who are not as easily found in your world.

I have personally seen how women act around a handsome Asian or Indian guy compared to a handsome White guy, with the former there is far more urgency. One blonde from Texas I knew who was seeing this tall Korean friend of mines outright told me over some drinks at Happy Hour that she needs to get with him fast because “they don’t make too many men like him”.

The verdict.

Yes, as a whole and on a population level, Asian and Indian men have it tougher than men of other groups. A lot of this, even though they themselves will blame racism and prejudice, is due to the fact that alpha males are much more rare in their groups than others. While I have seen Asian and Indian men, on average, struggle more than guys of other backgrounds, I’ve also seen the ones with their shit together have it way easier than top notch guys who were of other backgrounds.

If you are an Asian or Indian guy reading this that seriously wants to do well with the hookup and seduction game, take advantage of the fact that the average guy of your race just sucks at this compared to the average guy of other backgrounds. For Asian men, that window of opportunity closes more and more every year because the average Asian guy in the west has stepped his game up in a big way. For Indian men, you have a lot longer because the average Indian guy is a mess.

You may not think of it right now but for the few of you who do make it, you will realize how good you had it being a big fish in a small pond.

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