The future for Asian and Indian men in the western world.

So to cap off my series on race, solely dedicated to Asian and Indian men, I wanted to point to the future. As I have shared on this site here and there, things have surely changed even in the past decade from my observations. When I first arrived in Manhattan, it was not that common to see Asian or Indian guys dating hot girls of other races. As I left last year, I noticed that change in a big way and would see both men doing a lot better.

What happened?

How did we go from it being super rare to seeing Asian and Indian men have dating success to it being a lot more common now? What exactly changed?

For one, the two groups just assimilated more into middle and upper-middle class American culture. I believe you can most point to this during the high school and especially college years. After all, a lot of the people that can afford to live in places like Manhattan usually have a degree from a great university. The women who went to these colleges started to see more and more Asian guys in their circles, especially as it pertains to Greek Life, which meant that Asian men became more normalized. When dating, women will always refer to men they have known in the past to come up with a conclusion about you.

Slowly, the image shifted from the unappealing foreign accent immigrant to someone more a part of American society. Now granted, this is not going to be the case for a woman who say grew up in a working or middle class NYC neighborhood but never went to college. When we look at NYC alone, it starts to make sense as to why some girl who grows up in wealthy Manhattan or old money Westchester County is a lot more open to dating Asian guys compared to some girl that grows up in middle class blue collar Long Island.

You can generally say this about most areas in general. Women who tend to be educated and go to colleges that are well-ranked academically will be a lot more open to going for Asian and even Indian men than women who are more blue collar and look down on that academically oriented crowd. Now this is not to say that one is smarter than the other actually, it is to say that women who take their academics seriously and end up at good universities are likely to run into more Asian and Indian men and see them as more normal as a result due to exposure. Then add to this the fact that you are likely to have Asian and Indian men at these schools who do things like joining Greek Life and they are likely to have met an Asian or Indian guy they see as cool.

So what does the future have in store?

I think that Asian and Indian men will have different experiences for the future.

For Asian men, I see a lot more immediate success internationally with women and also in the western world. I think with the success of Kpop and the rise of so many Asian stars in mainstream American TV, women are just going to be open to going for Asian guys a lot more. Contrary to popular belief, of all the minority groups, I probably see Asian men doing the best when it comes to dating good looking (keyword) women of other races. While media and the rise of Asian countries has had a say in this, I think the credit here belongs to Asian men themselves. I have seen Asian men put in the work and hustle hard when times were tough, those results are paying off.

I am surprised at the amount of good looking women I meet, especially white, who have an Asian guy fetish or are at least very open to going for some. In states that lean heavily Republican and Conservative, Asian men are easily the most preferred minority group for women that want to go interracial. The effort of Asian men throughout the years and their success is to be commended. I truly think that in these coming years, things are going to be great for Asian men.

For Indian men, I actually see things getting a lot worse in the coming years. I already notice that Indian women, who used to not be as open to dating out, are dating out a lot more now. At the same time, the media and social perception does Indian men no favor at all whatsoever. While Asian men have benefitted from positive stereotypes and the rise of Kpop in recent years, Indian men have not had anything of the sort. What makes matters worse is that Indian men get grouped in with Middle Eastern and Arab men in some cases which, especially in Western Europe, further hurts their chances.

As much as we can blame prejudice and racism, I think Indian men really have themselves to blame. While Asian men put in the work to be attractive, made the push in media to promote handsome men of their races, and actually put in the effort to get into the game; Indian men were sitting ducks. Indian men sat on their asses and did absolutely nothing for the past few years. I even notice it in game as well where an Indian guy will have ambitions of dating good looking women but actually just waste everyone’s time, mentally masturbating more than anything.

I think part of the reason for this slower progress for Indian men is also because Indian men got comfortable due to arranged marriages. While Asian men had to see their sisters date interracially and had to compete more for women, Indian men could sit back and rely on Indian women being a lot less willing to go interracial. Unfortunately, this has now changed in a big way and you even see it in media a good deal. The issue is that in all of the years where there was some sort of safety net for Indian men, they got very comfortable and didn’t put in the time to develop themselves. Now this is to point out that Indian men were not very appealing to women of other races in those years either but could rely on Indian women to be more partial to them.

The Silver Lining if you are an Indian or South Asian guy reading this.

It’s true, you do have some tough years ahead as a group. Even now if you read any group of Indian guys discussing self-improvement and trying to make themselves more attractive (SouthAsianMasc subreddit for example), it hardly if ever centers on actually talking about game and is just a bunch of feel good mental masturbation mumbo jumbo. The other tough part is that you cannot even rely on guidance from your brothers about sex or sexual strategy, making things even worse for you. In the coming years, as a group, you will be the butt of all jokes in the western world. Yet, there is a huge silver lining to all of this.

Assuming that as an Indian or South Asian guy, you are able to be focused on real self-improvement, lose your limiting beliefs (no “hey man, yeah I am maybe 5% less likely to get laid than someone who is white”, I mean lose them for good), work on your social skills, work on your appearance, and really give it your all with game; the world can truly be your oyster. The reason is that even compared to Asian guy, the quality amongst Indian and South Asian men as a group is really fucking low. Seriously, most of your brothers are creepy beyond belief, lack social skills, are toxic to speak with (bitch and moan about race more than anyone), weak, and do not care a bit for their appearance. Of any group, the supply of charismatic brown guys that look good is really really fucking low.

I’d also avoid most men of your own race as friends. Majority will be too busy bitching about how they are a better version of Indian because they are from one part of the country despite having a beer gut and man titts. Seriously, stop wasting time associating with guys who just want to talk and mentally masturbate.

Despite all of this, there are quite a lot of women who absolutely love Indian culture. Yoga, Bollywood, Indian food, and you name it. If you were to hypothetically look good and be a genuinely cool guy that takes care of himself, I would wager to say that you would have it easier than guys of any other group out there. The reality is, even if 20 women out of a 100 have a thing for Indian guys and 50 women out of a 100 have a thing for White guys, you are probably going to be the only Indian guy satisfying their standards compared to at least 40 white guys out of a 100 doing it. You won’t even be a big fish in a small pond, you’ll likely be the only fish in the damn pond.

So while on a population level, things are about to get really bad for South Asian guys, on an individual level, you can have it easier than ever. One of my good friends in NYC was an Indian guy from Texas and he did not fit the stereotypes at all, he even supported Trump. In all of my years in the city, I have never seen anyone pull more than he did and I hung out with people of all races.

For you, on an individual level, things should actually get better if you apply the advice given.

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