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The most important post on this site, ever. Share this with all men!

Over the years, you have seen me post a variety of content but as of today, this site changes and the very theme of it as well. No, this does mean we are going to talk about different topics or anything. The reason I make this post and have decided to change the direction of this very site and blog is because all along, I wasn’t getting what was wrong. First, men got misled into the lies of pickup artist game, feeding them naive garbage like looks not mattering and game being all you need. Then, a counterculture came up which is coming to fruition now in the form of the Red pill, Black pill, and Incel movement.

While attempting to feed the “truth” to men, the movement ultimately had a far more brutal consequence than even pickup itself. The Black Pill and Incel movement killed men, slowly. Men are dying at this very moment from consuming the Black Pill and Incel content where facial symmetry, race, height, and a host of factors out of your control determine your lot in life. At this very moment, young men across the world are being injected with a deadly toxin that will for years eat away at their social and dating opportunities.

I didn’t get it at first, but now I see the light.

I didn’t get it but I knew something was off, something about men in these recent years was just different. The vibe around masculinity was as bitter, hopeless, pessimistic, hateful, and angry than I had ever seen for ages. When I started this site, I was not aware that it was this bad. After seeing the picture for months and seeing what is out there, I have decided that it is time to change the direction of this site and what I ask of you, my readers. I will only ask every single reader who has made it this far for their undivided attention and ask them to do only one thing right at this very moment.

If I have your attention, I need it for a bit longer. What I ask you to do, it may pay off tomorrow or years down the road. Here is my ask:

You must detox your mind!

To every young guy reading this, and I hope many read this so please share this far and wide, you are being poisoned daily. Now some sites out there will talk about the stuff in our water and all of that but I want to focus on the poison of the mind. You will notice it whenever you have big goals in life and anyone close to you catches a wind of them, they will tell you all of the reasons you cannot do it. Now this has gone on for centuries and since the dawn of man kind but something is different now.

In the Age Of Information, this poison is easily accessible. You may easily run across it as you browse the internet and read depressing shit after depressing shit.

Women are evil and “hypergamous”.

Men of certain minority group can never expect to have dating success.

Men of certain ethnic group are not welcomed in this world.

You are too old to have a fun dating life.

You can’t have a great social and dating life after college.

You cannot make friends after college because it is oh so difficult.

You can’t possibly pull hot girls unless you have a top tier social circle.

Life is over if you are not at least 5’10.

Now such are the few limiting and toxic beliefs you may come across on the web or somewhat regularly. You will find them presented as “Red Pill” truths or some Black Pill truth, trying to gain popularity by waking men up to “reality”. Poisoning your mind quicker than alcohol ever could. Many more will exist out there but they all serve the same purpose, slowly poisoning your mind.

If you have any idea of what I was talking about with the Red and Black pill or the Incel movement or have consumed any of the content from them, I have some bad news. You are in danger of dying a slow and painful death of the soul, mind, and the emotions. No matter what piece of game advice you apply or what improvement you make, you are likely poisoned to the point where your vibe is so bad that women will run from you. Ever hear of the guy that does hundreds of approaches, even thousands, and gets nowhere? Well, if you are anywhere close to being that guy, it’s probably because your vibe has been poisoned and women are picking up on it fast.

You notice it, don’t you?

You can’t wake up as easily.

Your optimism for life and it’s beautiful things is gone.

You cannot see women, especially amazing women, in the same way.

You go out to “game” and can’t enjoy the night, you’re too busy looking at examples of “hypergamy” than having a fun night.

You cannot enjoy your day because you think life is a fucking joke.

Your dick doesn’t get as hard as it used to.

You can’t fuck as well since your dick can’t get as hard.

You’re like Stan Marsh seeing everything as literal shit and the Red Pill/Incel/Black Pill movement is like Morpheus from the same episode. If you follow South Park religiously, then you know exactly what I am talking about. My point being, if you related to any of the above, then you see what I am getting at. This whole time, you were being slowly poisoned. You consumed and read all of the negative toxic shit about life and now, you feel like absolute shit. Well, if you have been doing this for a while, it won’t end that fast.

All of that shit you were reading and consuming, it has consumed your mind without you even knowing. Sure, you may think you read it and laughed it off because it was some crazy incel that wrote it but right then and there, the seeds were planted. Now you got maybe a bit too curious and somehow, this “real” red pill content that sounded edgy and negative sucked you in. Even if you tried to disagree with it, it was slowly all around you and soon, your mind was poisoned. Now it showed, slowly, in your actions as you found it hard to trust women or even enjoy a night out at the club.

I give you a choice, either detox or leave this site for good.

You must detox right now. Right now, you must say to yourself that you will no longer let your mind be poisoned by this negativity and that you will take action to get it out of your mind. No longer are all women cheating whores or life is a big scam. You have internet access and enough time to read this post, you have it better than over 90% of the people in this world.

I don’t care if I lose a lot of readers because of this, it means nothing to me anymore. The site is reborn with a new purpose, to lead all men towards a detoxed approach to women and dating.

This doesn’t mean you can’t admit the harsh truths of life, no, you change your approach to them.

Pickup and “game” nonsense which said looks didn’t matter was nonsense.

At the same token, the Black Pill and Red Pill content which tried to wake men up to the “truth” was nonsense as well because it was just coping without taking any action at all.

Instead, The Detoxed Man (which you will be moving forward), accepts some truths out there that may not be the best news to him but brushes them off and takes action.

The Detoxed Man might be shorter than average height but after accepting that this may be a disadvantage, he takes action to still have a top notch life.

The Detoxed Man might realize that men of his ethnic group are not liked in a given area but instead of crying like an entitled bitch on the internet like most Incels do, he takes actions and does not even let the negative thoughts set in.

The Detoxed Man accepts the harsh truths of life but cultivates a positive mindset regardless and goes in with his head held high.

Champions, winners, achievers, and slayers are Detoxed Men.

In fact, the more nihilistic incel content that has consumed male spaces is pure cope done by weak men.

It’s easy to get so shaken by the truth that you resort to being a crybaby wanting a free handout. In fact, being one of these red/black/whatever pill incels is far easier than being a naive Pickup guy because the latter at least has to do some approaches. The former can just sit and cry on the internet all day which desperately trying to find someone to give them a shoulder to cry on, like a baby calling out for mama.

Being a Detoxed man is by far the toughest thing to ask. You have to accept the truths but at the same time, somehow, keep a winner’s mindset about it. You have to almost be like a Mongoose that isn’t affected by the Cobra’s venom. It seems tough which is why now, very few men will make it. What this means is that for the few that do, the rewards will be even better.

If you do not intend on being those very few, stop reading this site and please unsubscribe right now.

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