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The verdict on Miami.

After spending quite a few months in Miami, I wanted to share whether or not this city is worth it for men to move to for dating and meeting women. Instead of making your read a bunch of words, I will give you the verdict right now and you can continue reading afterwards if you want. How good or bad Miami is as a city solely depends on the kind of guy that you are. Certain kinds of men are going to struggle a lot here and are better off avoiding it, others will find it to be one of the best in the country. I cannot come out and say that Miami is a great city for meeting women like NYC before the pandemic but at the same time, it’s not awful like San Francisco either.

First of all, the good.

  • Arguably a top 3 city when it comes to the abundance of attractive women
  • Almost no lockdowns or COVID hysteria outside of some spots like Ft. Lauderdale
  • Locals are not nosy political nutcases like they are in NYC
  • No state income tax
  • Friendly population compared to NYC
  • Very international with people from all across the world
  • Beautiful wildlife and environment
  • The weather isn’t exactly the worst outside of hurricane season

Now for the bad.

  • Nightlife here largely sucks compared to NYC and is very pay to play
  • Rent is high and most people do not want roommates
  • Everyone is flocking here so the future is up in the air (can turn into the next Austin)
  • Hard to do anything if you do not have a car
  • Healthcare system is trash (most doctors do not even have an MD from a US school)
  • Hurricane season and apparently summer gets bad
  • Rents keep going up

A trend recently and why lots of men are going to be disappointed.

After the pandemic, lots of people moved to Miami since Florida was open and Miami is known for its party scene. Many of the people that moved to Miami worked in tech and finance, quite a few of them being guys. Overtime, these men ended up realizing that Miami was not exactly the paradise they thought it was going to be. The women they saw in videos growing up and the stereotypes they heard did not exactly pan out in their favor.

Does that mean that Miami is a bad city to date and meet women?

Not exactly.

The truth is that your stereotypical guy who works a white collar job and has the personality suited for that role is going to struggle here. Think about the stereotypical techie or the overcompensating finance bro who loves to throw his credentials in your face. Well, that guy is going to have a tough go at Miami. Unlike NYC where some women will give him a chance for that alone, it doesn’t happen in Miami.

Now the kind of guy who gets into pickup, reads game advice, reads too much into dating studies, and is academically oriented will struggle. While this guy could find some success in a Boston, NYC, Chicago, or Seattle; it won’t happen for him in Miami. You are going to get a lot of guys in the coming months complaining about why Miami is awful and well, for them it truly is.

In that group, you also have a lot of PUAs. Yeah you know, those creepy guys who flood malls of Toronto and get banned from them? Miami has a pretty big PUA scene which you will see in bars like The Wharf. A lot of PUA lairs have propped up and you will see these kinds of weird dudes spam approaching lots of women on places like Lincoln Road.

So who is Miami good for?

Well, for one, think about why a woman comes to or moves to Miami.

Is it to talk philosophy and Calculus?

Is it to bitch about politics? Nah, she can move to DC for that.

Women come to Miami to have fun, plain and simple. Sure, the tech bro or the finance/crypto guy might have the money but most of the times, those guys are not fun. In other cities, their more intellectual vibe would register well with local women but not in Miami. If I had to describe the kind of guy who would absolutely clean up in Miami, he would have a similar vibe as NFL star Rob Gronkowski or some crazy Youtube prankster.

Most of the finance, crypto, and tech bros do not have that vibe even if they have the money to pay rent in the city. You are going to have a lot of disappointed guys standing around at bars being mad that they cannot pull. If you are being honest with yourself and are the type of guy to take himself too seriously, I’d reconsider staying in Miami. I have seen too many of the career driven type of guys you’d find in tech and finance move to the city and just struggle because women here hate guys that come off as serious.

I have seen this play out over and over again in the past few months.

My friends who are more of the academic and serious types have struggled in Miami, a lot. On the other hand, the guys I know who are more carefree and give off that fun party vibe are cleaning up in this city. The worst thing you can be in Miami is serious and boring which is why I expect a lot of men to struggle here. If you are anywhere close to the stereotypical Silicon Valley techie, you will struggle here more than you would in San Francisco.

I hate to tell this to guys and I have had to tell this to a few friends who have struggled here. Some men are not just not made to do well in Miami, it isn’t the city’s fault. Miami is more for social guys who are fun and bring that relaxing good vibe with them. The intense Pickup Artist or Type A tech bro will struggle here. I’d say that if you take the pickup community seriously, you will struggle in Miami. If are in anyway a sperg-type of a guy or someone who speaks in weird tech lingos, you will struggle. I’d even go as far as to say that anyone who is seriously on reddit, internet forums, or dorky dating sites (PUA, Incel, etc.) and even knows garbage lingo like “LMS” will probably have some struggles here.

Miami is very much a city made for naturals, cool guys, jocks, and that crowd. I think most guys into pickup or even slightly dorky stuff will struggle like crazy in Miami. If your vibe does not scream Rob Gronkowski or party animal, do not come to Miami.

As discouraging as this sounds.

I did take up the oath to make this site a Detoxed site, so I want to give some Silver Lining type of content for you guys. You can naturally become that fun guy overtime if you decide to hang out with those fun guys. Don’t take yourself seriously and let loose. On the other hand, plenty of good cities out there other than Miami as well!

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