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Miami vs. NYC

After posting my verdict on Miami, I am going to share with you guys how it compares to a city long-considered great for single men, NYC. I have had the chance to be in Miami for a few months now and NYC for quite a few years. While the two cities are loaded with beautiful women and a fun culture, I still think that there is a winner in all of this and a city objectively better for single men right now.

If you had asked me before the pandemic.

I would have said NYC without a doubt. I mean if this was an MMA fight, I’d be saying NYC by first round knockout and if this was a Superbowl, NYC would win in the same fashion by which the Seahawks beat the Broncos. In fact, very few cities on this planet let alone this country could have even held a candle to NYC when it came to being a bachelor who wants to have fun and date hot girls. But then the pandemic hit and NYC went downhill. I’d say it’s like comparing an athlete in their prime to one in their final years in the sport and NYC is no Tom Brady.

But now, we are talking about life after the pandemic.

We are talking about an NYC that has gone through having arguably one of the worst mayors in its entire history. We are talking about a city hit hard with mandates over vaccines, one where you practically need a proof of vaccination to have a meal indoors or hit the gym. We have seen crime go up in almost every precinct for NYC. Meanwhile, the politically radical run the city further into debt and virtue signal rather than solve problems. Such is the NYC of 2022 but can it really compare to a rapidly thriving and growing Miami when it comes to being a single guy that wants to meet great women and have fun? Here’s my take.


Before the pandemic, the nightlife in NYC was the best in the country. After lockdowns which forced a lot of places to close for good and draconian mandates for the vaccine, NYC is a shell of its former itself. Meanwhile, Miami is supposedly known for its nightlife and partying right? Well, once you live there, you realize just how underwhelming it is.

You see, Miami is mostly a nightclub with expensive cover charge city. Miami is not a city where you can just walk around and go to a fun bar to watch sports, talk to women, and meet people. In fact, Miami does not have anything close to that heavy amounts of bar in one area atmosphere that a Manhattan does. Miami’s nightlife is exclusively expensive nightclubs with a cover, everything else is largely a joke.

Even though it is well past its prime, NYC is still miles above Miami when it comes to nightlife. The nightlife in Miami does not even crack top 5 in the country for me. If you are not willing to spend a lot to get into nightclubs, you are largely SOL.

Winner: NYC

Daytime activities and day game.

Both cities are good for approaching women, especially for those into daygame. In NYC you can do it on a subway ride or as you wait for a train. Various parks in the city offer great daygame opportunities and you can meet women at stop walks. Miami on the other hand has the beach itself and a great daytime drinking culture. Wynnwood has better quality during the day than at night. This is a tough one.

Winner: Draw

Quality of women and the women themselves.

Now this is a toughie because these two cities will always duke it out for the top spot here. I want to break down the differences between women in Miami versus NYC, something I will even do a post on in the future. Miami is a far more international city than NYC and that reflects in the women you meet. You are far more likely to meet women from Europe or Latinas from South America when out compared to your time in NYC. In NYC, you are going to meet a lot of the Sorority Basic Bitch and white collar American women types. If not sorority girls fresh out of college, you get the worst of the worst, local women from places like Jersey and Long Island who treat life like a continuation of high school.

It all comes down to your preferences but NYC is surprisingly bad if you want to meet European women or women from other countries, it becomes quite an American city when you are out and partying. If you do not like the sorority girl types or women who were the popular kids in high school, avoid NYC. You will be surprised how often you go out in Manhattan only to find that 80% of girls you run into are post-grad sorority sisters.

We can also talk about the attitudes and persona of the women. Miami women are far more approachable and far friendlier. NYC women pride themselves on being bitchy and giving you a cold rejection. In fact, NYC women will love to turn you down and laugh with their friends about it right in front of you. Perhaps the one place where I see a huge drop off in quality are Latinas. Miami has the prettiest Latinas in the country while NYC Latinas are rude and heavily Americanized.

If you like white women, local NYC women are quite awful. If you are lucky, you might get a cool and educated Jewish or WASP girl. In other cases, get prepared to learn why there are a lot of bad stereotypes of Italian American women once you have to interact with one in NYC. Get ready to deal with rude and annoying women of Eastern European descent and second rate Barbies from Jersey and Long Island. It is transplants from outside of the state and region that increase the quality of white women in the city by a lot, exclude those and NYC is San Francisco.

The Asian and Indian women in NYC are nothing to write home about either. Most have the worst personality traits of an American woman while playing up the Asian or Indian act for social ladder climbing. Get ready to meet a lot of Asian women that go “Stop Asian Hate” but won’t dare date anything other than Hitler’s ideal.

Meanwhile, South Florida hits it out of the park with local white and Latin women. The women are not only hot but also somewhat feminine. Lots of hot blondes in South Florida as well, way more than NYC. Most women are chill and want to have fun, not grumpy. You also get softer rejections, not the rude kind in NYC.

Winner: Miami


Perhaps the most important part of it all, logistics. You need to be able to pull and have a place to pull. NYC is a walk-heavy city and often in Manhattan, you will be near a ton of bars if you are in any of the decent neighborhoods. Miami on the other hand has the fun concentrated in just a few areas (Brickell, South Beach, and to a degree Wynnwood). By sheer size, Manhattan is just one large piece of land with lots of bars and nightclubs in a close proximity to each other.

You can easily pull a girl back to your place in NYC while in Miami, you need an Uber or to practically live in one of the prime areas. The winner here, even after the pandemic is clear.

Winner: NYC

Culture and people.

Even though you are there to party and meet women, at the end of the day you still have to interact with the people. After the pandemic, certain kinds of New Yorkers became unbearable. While that might be the case, I found this to be the most true for white and older New Yorkers you encounter in places like the Upper East Side and Upper West Side. I found that Black and Hispanic New Yorkers were much more fun to chill with.

Miami on the other hand has a lot of people who just do not care about the COVID politics and are too busy living life. So far, I have found the people of Miami friendlier and also nicer. New Yorkers just became too political and nosy after the pandemic, trying to lecture you on getting vaccinated than just being a person.

On average, the people in Miami just look better. You run into girls that have amazing bodies as well as guys who look out for themselves. In NYC, you can get away with not being great looking but in Miami, you stand out for being out of shape. People in Miami are also easy to chat with and aren’t going to argue with you over everything. As much as I learned to love most New Yorkers outside of the Karens of Manhattan, my answer here is clear.

Winner: Miami


In cities where there is little competition, you have to do little to stand out. In cities where there is a lot of competition, you are kind of screwed. Now in which city is your competition not as tough? Say you are out at a bar or club, in which city are you likely to encounter competition that is not as tough?

NYC guys are more successful in their career and how much they make. On the other hand, NYC guys are also quite dorky on average and don’t have the swag you’d believe them to have. The Latino and Black population of NYC saves it and gives the city the swag and charisma to thrive. Meanwhile, the white population of NYC is a bunch of try-hards from outside the city (Jersey, Long Island, etc.) that try to desperately be a character in a Martin Scorsese flick or just some socially awkward academics. The high Asian and Indian population means that you get a lot of guys who just aren’t that alpha when it comes to women and game. Competition in NYC is very manageable and it’s quite easy to do better than the average guy there.

Miami guys on the other hand are suave and have very tight game. I have seen guys here on average look better due to hitting the gym, dress better, and approach more aggressively. I’d go to bars in NYC where hot girls would stand around not being approached. In Miami, that is unheard of and the men do approach. I attribute this to the Latin culture but it seems like even the white guys in Miami have a tight swagger that white guys up north cannot compete with. You better bring your A Game to Miami if you want to score. The high black and Latin population coupled in with the white guys having the Rob Gronkowski swagger means your competition is tough.

One good thing is that Miami has very little Asian or Indian guys so if you are a cool alpha male of either of those group, you can clean up.

So what city has the competition that is easy to conquer?

Winner: NYC


Surprisingly closer than you think between the two. Yes, Florida has no state income tax but here is the other downfall of Miami if you are a young guy, poor roommate culture. In NYC, you can be a 23 year old making 60 to 80k a year and still live in Manhattan because roommates are so easy to find. You are expected to live with roommates so Craigslist and Roomi are always loaded with people trying to welcome you in.

Now in Miami, the rents have also skyrocketed since the pandemic happened because the world wants to move here. You need a car to get around or else you are fucked. On the flip side, you do not have to deal with the crazy drugged out homeless on trains or the fact that the streets are going to have rats and garbage at every turn. In other words, it does balance out for keeping your sanity. By a close margin, I give this one to Miami.

Winner: Miami

Opportunities for growth and networking.

If you are a younger guy and a bachelor, you do have to grow and network. You need to meet people who will help you be a better version of yourself and find career opportunities. While we are in a remote world now, it still helps to go to good networking events in-person and network with cool people. As much as Miami has advanced, it cannot hold a candle to NYC in this regard. Despite the crypto craze, Miami is just not NYC when it comes to career opportunities and personal growth.

Being number one in NYC and conquering the competition there whether that means walking out with the hottest girl at the bar or getting the nicest pad has a special meaning to it. NYC’s prestige across the world still runs strong. You will grow more in NYC than you will in any major city out there because of how much you are forced to, or else you burn out.

Winner: NYC

The winner?

Tough choice here right? I am assuming you want to be the guy that hooks up with a lot of different women and parties hard. I am going to assume that you are not looking to get married and have kids anytime soon either. As much as it pains me to say it, even after all the pandemic has done, the winner is NYC. The logistics, great nightlife (compared to an awful one in Miami), and male competition that isn’t too tough makes NYC still the champ. I’d say I had to give NYC the 5 round unanimous decision win on this one.

Winner – NYC

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