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My thoughts on going back to NYC.

Lately, I have been reflecting a bit about my future in regards to meeting women and partying. One thought that crept into my head is a potential return to Manhattan at some point in the future, obviously not this year. For those of you who have been keeping up with the news, apparently the infamous mandates are going to be lifted. So what are my thoughts about potentially returning to Manhattan?

Here are some reasons I am even considering it.

The truth is that as fun as Manhattan may have been, my time in NYC was underwhelming solely due to my own actions and where I was in life. I came to NYC as a broken man who had been raised in the social-circle heavy Country Club culture of the south. No matter how much “game” I did, it was still unusual to meet strangers out at bars and clubs down south because everyone stuck with tight knit social circles they knew from Church or school. Most of all, my mind was still filled with a lot of toxic beliefs about game and meeting women; the same beliefs that would carry over on to NYC.

NYC showed me what was possible and was a far cry from the assbackwards tight knit attitudes of the south. The irony is that growing up, I was an outgoing guy but overtime, I was met with so much rejection and resistance for being outgoing that I sort of just became more of a depressed version of myself. I arrived in NYC being maybe at my 40% instead of being at my best. The fact that I left so many opportunities on the table in Manhattan haunts me to this day. What hurts me more than anything is that the best version of me did not get to be in Manhattan and even the 40% version of me had dating success; one could only imagine the success which would have come if I was close to a 100%.

Next, the nightlife in Miami really fucking sucks. I cannot believe that I am about to say this but even Atlanta and some SEC college towns have a better nightlife than Miami. The nightlife scene in Miami is overpriced clubs with huge cover charges or seeing PUAs spam approaching girls at The Wharf. Despite the hype Wynnwood gets, it is practically an uglier and sketchier version of Williamsburg. I don’t even think Miami belongs in the top 10 when it comes to a great nightlife. You have South Beach, Brickell, and Wynnwood but that is it.

It hurts me to say this but the nightlife in NYC is at least multiple levels above Miami. If NYC is a heavyweight fighter, then Miami is a semi-pro fighter that is not even in the same fucking organization at best. Now outside of nightlife itself….

Despite how annoying New Yorkers get, there is a degree of sophistication and class amongst them that other cities cannot rival. You get a sense of validation when you win in NYC because you are going against the best. The people you meet are fresh out of the Ivies and you are competing with the best of the best in everything. I even noticed how from my university, the hottest girls from the classiest sororities mostly ran towards Manhattan. The vibe in NYC before the pandemic really is unlike any other at all, despite how much the politics suck.

I still take pleasure in that one night when I heard a bunch of radically left losers whine about Trump at a networking event, only for me to take home the hottest girl from that event and fuck her brains out. The validation you get when you come out on top of other guys in the game in NYC is just unlike any other you would get in other cities. A night that comes to my mind is when my wing and I took home these two cute girls from Long Island who had broken away from their friend group. One other night, I remember sleeping with a former college classmate of mines who was in the hottest sorority at my school while a couple of alumni stuck around chugging beer. Nothing beats the experiences that NYC can give a man.

Here is why it might not happen.

For one, obviously, the politics. I mean the politics of NYC are so fucking bad that they are enough to get you to leave the state. Seriously, the last two governors of the state have all been caught up in a scandal that stopped them from finishing their terms. The city also gives the country the likes of AOC and Bill De Blasio, enough said. The politics in NYC don’t just suck, they are just downright scary.

I fear living in an NYC only to know that at any moment, not only can the politicians put in a mandate, but the people and transplants are such cowards that they will cheer for more government to screw them. It’s not that out of the question for NYC to pass a mandate that requires people to have homeless drug addicts as roommates only for the virtue signaling Williamsburg and Hipster crowds to cheer and force others to do this. Politics in NYC are not just awful, they are downright scary and invasive. The city is just another George Floyd-like national travesty away from going into full-on riot mode again.

The other part is that you have no idea how dirty NYC really is until you live in another city for the time being. In Miami, the invader species phenomenon of Iguanas and Pythons being around is largely overhyped. Unless you go to the Everglades, you will rarely run into massive lizards or wildlife that can kill you. Meanwhile, step outside of your apartment in NYC and rats will be everywhere. Worst of all? You might be unlucky and find some mice and rats in your apartment, something I was able to avoid for the longest time. NYC is really fucking dirty.

Yet another downfall of NYC is the crime-rate which has rapidly skyrocketed since the pandemic. NYC is no longer the safe city it was after Giuliani, it is sketchy to go on the subways now. Be prepared to deal with some of the craziest homeless people ever outside of San Francisco. The San Fran techies have invaded the cultural fabric of NYC to where they have brought their radically left politics with them, bringing about the radical nutjobs we have in politics now. Speaking of the San Francisco infestation…

I wonder if NYC will still be NYC when I go back. Even when I lived in NYC, it felt like every passing year the city was culturally changing. To think that NYC is the same city that had Giuliani and Bloomberg, both Republicans, as mayors back to back to now being five years away from being another San Francisco. I wonder if NYC will still be the NYC I fell in love with when I first arrived. Even the Meatpacking District became unrecognizable over the years as the Scandinavian beauties and Eastern European model material slowly got replaced with skrillex haircut freak shows from the west coast. How there was such a strong correlation between tech companies expanding into NYC and the San Francisco freak shows infesting NYC nightlife as a result.

Finally, outside of a shitty nightlife, Miami is a damn good city. Yeah, I have shit on Miami a lot but the women here are some of the most beautiful in the country and the scene far more international. You are likely to go out and run into a European girl or actual Latina as opposed to the Basic Bitch types that were 80% of the women you run into in the Manhattan nightlife scene. I wonder if the best looking women in NYC are also flooding into Miami now that remote work has become the norm. I have done well dating wise in Miami despite my life being a shit show due to some personal matters going on in my life.

All I know is that it is going to be a decision down the road and ways off. Where I stand right now, I feel like I need a round 2 with Manhattan. I think Manhattan getting the better of me was like Matt Serra getting the better of GSP in their first fight, a fluke. One thing I know is that as I approach my thirties, time is not on my side here so this is a decision that needs to be taken seriously.

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