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Your are being poisoned and don’t even realize it.

Lately, I have embraced and almost pushed on all of you to get detoxed from all of the garbage you have read about game, women, and dating. The reason is, your immunity to negative and toxic shit will be tested when you go out and pursue women. Well, if you have been involved in the game a lot, I am here to tell you that your mind has been poisoned.

Look no further than 99% of pickup forums and communities out there.

In one word, toxic. Despite the crap their leaders put out, the communities are far beyond toxic.

When I moved to Miami, I decided to ask some questions on a discussion forum and some guy sent me a DM to a PUA Group. Now I go on the group and thought that it was for genuine self-improvement. The leader of the group does, after all, talk about all of the positive stuff you’d expect some motivation speaker to speak about. As soon as I join the discussion, what do I get hit with?

Miami women are racist and only want Latin and white guys.

You can’t score here unless you are a millionaire.

It’s a pay to play city.

You spoke to these guys for just a few minutes on this group, they were swearing that Miami is worse than some small town in flyover country. I am not kidding here, these are the same dudes supposedly optimistic about “cold approaching” and meeting women but yet, the discussions were so fucking toxic. Now this is a supposedly positive Pickup group, imagine how bad the Red Pill and Black Pill/Incel movement is. I rather you not imagine though.

Yet, in a subtle way, your mind slowly gets poisoned.

It starts with the depressing stories you read that are shared by the losers on the internet. It starts when they talk about how tough it is for them to meet women after college and how tough it is to make friends. It starts when they talk about “hypergamy” and how women cannot be trusted. By then, the poison has slowly made its way into your brain and slowly makes a nice home for itself there.

Then you read about how pickup is impossible these days or how the world is isolated. You read about how approaching a woman leads to rape accusations. You read about how women are cold hearted bitches that do not care for other people. Finally, you read about how it is only a handful of elite of the elite men getting the good looking women you will not have. Poison my friends, poison.

The effects of the poison are not immediate.

In fact, they rarely are. The toxin works slowly overtime, wearing you down day by day and month by month. Before you know it, you have lost your urge to go out. You have lost your urge to approach women and talk to them. You are not your usual excited self anymore on the approach because you expect the worst. Women get interested in you and you seem dead in expression, all human emotions and liveliness having left your body.

You’ve been poisoned my friend, poisoned. You are a shell of your former self and do not even realize that you are this way. Your days are depressing and deflated as you see no reason to continue on. Overall, your zest and passion for life as it involves women and dating are gone. Perhaps your arousal to women suffers as well now because of how much you have been poisoned.

So what do you do?

First of all, accept it. Accept that you have been poisoned instead of holding on to Black Pilled beliefs that your height and race determine your dating success. Accept that you have been fed lies that have taken hold in your mind. Once you accept, you can actually work towards an antidote and that is something that will take months. If you feel like you have been poisoned and that this post applies to you, please let me know.

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