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Signs that “dating advice” has poisoned your life.

I’ll use the word dating advice loosely here but I am trying to say advice for men as it regards to getting better with women or just coping with not being successful with women. What are some signs that the advice has poisoned you and done you more harm than good?

You are more bitter than before.

Easiest sign of them all. Do you find yourself being more misogynist? Perhaps more racist towards certain groups because of what you read on the internet? How about just hateful in general? If you find that you are more bitter after joining Pickup communities or reading any Black Pill or Red Pill nonsense, you have surely been poisoned.

You see the worst in people.

Every woman is a “hypergamous” gold digger. Every guy is out to get you and screw you over. Deceit is there at every turn and people are only out for themselves. You no longer see the good in humanity.

You start to hate women.

One major sign here, you hate women and are bitter towards them. While you’d love to sleep with them, you commonly have negative thoughts about them. You cannot for the life of you see one woman in your life that you can respect. All women are whatever negative shit the Red pill and Black pill tell you.

You don’t enjoy going out like you used to.

Going to bars and clubs used to be fun and brought great feelings into your life, not anymore. Now you are that bitter guy who goes out and stands in a corner to yourself. You see other people having fun and it tears you up on the inside. Some part of you wants to have fun but you cannot because of how much toxic material about women has been filled in your head.

You seem to want to justify being a sexless loser.

Now you are somehow a “MGTOW” or some monk who is above all of those people that want to party and get laid. Deep down inside, you want to meet women and get laid but at the same time, your ego cannot accept that you suck right now. Somehow, the content has given you so much to cope and protect your little ego that you found surface-level fulfillment in being awful with women.

You care way too much about politics now.

You are starting to hate minorities more for some reason or blame a certain political party for your dating plight. You are too obsessed with social trends and what is going on with society solely because of your concern on how it will impact your dating life. Even worse, you yearn for the good ole days of when women were given less rights. It’s getting really bad here.

You yearn for the past.

You know, before “technology” and stuff. You want to bring back the days before things got “this bad”. Instead, you want things to be “back to normal” as they used to be in the time of your parents. You wish that technology never existed, hookup culture never happened, and it was all a 1980s Sitcom. More on this in a later post.

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