To all men graduating college this semester.

Graduation season is right around the corner and in just a little over a month, a lot of you are going to finish the “best four years of your life”. Now sites like Total Frat Move along with your parents and society have hyped up college as being the best time of your life. After all, it was supposed to be the time you slept with a lot of hot girls and partied hard, right?

But most of you likely didn’t.

In fact, college for you was likely a lot of exams and a lot of stress. You saw other guys having fun and then realized overtime that it was only a small group of kids that had all the fun. You realized that college was house parties that involved drinking out of plastic cups and upperclassmen that preferred bars downtown to all else. In a way, college felt a lot like high school with all of its cliques even if you did have a fun time.

Well, depends on what you do, the best years of your life are about to start.

I wish someone told me this when I was graduating college. The years after college in your twenties when you are unattached, living in a big city, likely have some roommates around your age, and have some money too are going to be some of the most fun you will have in your life. You will not just date girls, you will date hotter girls. The same sorority girls who could not date you because of clique reasons are now more available to you.

Yet, it depends on one thing, the city you pick.

You see, when you were selecting colleges, you didn’t select any college. Instead you selected a college that was geared towards partying. Pretty hard to have the “college experience” when you go to an engineering school, community college, commuter campus, or a liberal arts school. No, the “college experience” was geared towards certain “party schools”.

Well, selecting a city is just like that. The city you select for your twenties will ultimately decide the kind of experience you have with dating, meeting women, making friends, and partying. You can either be way better off than you were in college or the typical miserable post grad. Select wisely my friends!

Tough ask right?

Yes, but no fear, because I am working on releasing an E-Book which will break down how to do Post Grad life and do it right. It will be out before the summer and available to everyone.

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