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How Black pill/Red Pill/PUA Community damage your brain and your game

So much of what we do is on the internet these days and that is all the more true for our interactions with other people. Today, I wanted to bring attention to the inevitable that most men will come across. Black Pill, Red Pill, and the PUA Community are once again gaining ground and despite the effort of society to push them out, they have made their way back. Their targets? Lost men who are struggling with women or just not living the dating life they want, especially if they are young.

It can be even worse than drugs.

As Robert Greene says in the 48 Laws Of Power, you can die from someone else’s misery. Emotional states are indeed as infectious as diseases themselves. For the most part, barring a few places, the pickup and men’s dating advice communities that focus on giving you the “truth” are really fucking toxic.

The worst part is that you don’t even see it coming and aren’t even aware of how much damage they can do to you mentally because unlike drugs and alcohol, there isn’t an awareness campaign to let you know how bad they are. I’d argue that at least the benefits of drugs and alcohol are that they offer the potential to spend time around hot girls because hot girls drink and do drugs, they don’t post on pickup forums (barring a few very rare exceptions). Think of the amount of men who are on the border between insanity and sanity that become full on deranged once they become a part of these groups.

Yes, drugs and alcohol do ruin your life, especially if you over-indulge in the latter like I did. Unlike drugs and alcohol though, the effects of being involved in such toxic communities are subtle and stick with you more long-term. Your mind gets hit little by little and radicalized to the point that you wake up one day completely hopeless about life and lacking any motivation to do much of anything.

So how are some ways such communities ruin you mentally and make your life beyond awful? Before I break down the specifics, let me share a short story with you.

It’s like Miami was the equivalent of bumfuck nowhere when it came to dating.

After moving to Miami, I was completely clueless on what the nightlife here is like. I have friends who live here but they prefer the outdoors and aren’t party animals. So I ask around online and before I know it, I get a link to a Telegram group which prides itself on having a game group for every city. The founder put a lot of emphasis on helping men with self-improvement by saying you must put a picture of yourself up or you will get banned.

For a second, I was optimistic because I thought this meant much less trolling. Well, I got to the group and noticed that very few people actually had pictures of themselves up. I thought nothing of it but as we were having a short chat around great spots in Miami, some guy bitches and moan out of nowhere about how women in the city are all a bunch of racist Nazis because they are from South America where whiteness is worshiped. I am like here we fucking go again, already a shit vibe.

Now I did end up meeting a few guys later that night who were decent guys but even they told me they stay away from the group chats, they only go to find a good wing and that’s it. We did meet this one guy who was very active in the group chat and tried to sound like an expert but his game was just awful, like the dude was legitimately creepy and it didn’t help that he was short and bald. Now it doesn’t help that I would later find how the Telegram group was started by a PUA that had an outrage article written about him and how he promotes rape culture, yeah it was probably by some bitter dude but the public perception is what it is unfortunately.

So I stick around the community and every single night it was all about how stuck up Miami girls are, how it is impossible to do well in the city, how flaky the women are, and how much the game in the city sucks because the women are all gold diggers. Then I see older guys who have no idea about Greek Life talk about how fraternity life was so ideal. Over the weeks, it added up to where I noticed that my new found excitement for Miami was now starting to fade away. I mean how did I go from thinking a great city like Miami is a small hick town in flyover country?

Well, when you surround yourself with toxic people, that’s exactly what happens. So let’s dig more into how exactly these communities ruin you.

You are around a lot of people who are negative, bitter, and toxic as fuck.

Not around them in a physical sense but engaging in live conversations with people who are overall negative people. The reality is that the guys doing well with women who have things figured out rarely stick around in these communities. Very few men in these sorts of places are actually doing even okay with women. The reality is that they are stuck on an Internet forum for a reason and what good do you think is going to come out of the brain of someone who sucks with women likely due to it being his own fault? Not much good, these guys are going to be sore losers who will share the worst possible experiences that they can.

They can’t be reasoned with.

Here is the bitter pill, don’t bother helping incels and guys that suck with women unless they have fully committed to wanting to be helped. Most of the times, you will just ruin your own vibe and your own time by trying to help incels. Incels and guys that suck with women cannot be helped for one reason, they have a hard time swallowing their ego. It’s never ever their fault and the way they come off, it is always their height, race, or environment that is stopping them from doing well with women. Truth is, most incels rather not be helped because bitching and moaning on an Internet forum is comfortable.

It gets very confrontational and invasive, which is stressful.

You are dealing with toxic people who have largely been shunned from society due to others quickly picking up on their negative and sinister vibes. Well, when you deal with such people, it doesn’t just stop at arguments and name calling. No, such people will go as far as to dox you and get you fired from your job just because you hurt their feelings over an internet argument. We are talking about the same communities who at their worst give birth to scumbags that think it’s okay to exercise their Second Amendment rights on a lot of random people just because they couldn’t get laid. Now imagine trying to sleep at night knowing that the kind of guy whose sensitive feelings you hurt is capable of that sort of evil.

You become trained to seriously hate most kinds of people.

Women and minorities are not your enemy but in most of these communities, there is content being constantly posted on how one race is better than another and how women are incapable of just about anything. Even if you are a sane person who is above the prejudice, I am not saying you will become a Neo-Nazi by being in these places but racist content will flood your mind. All in all, you will start to hate people as you are shown the absolute worst of humanity such as an urban thug knocking out an old woman or a woman cheating on her husband who is suffering from cancer. Yes, this sort of nastiness exists in the world but it’s not most people.

You start to give authority and unintended respect to low quality people.

Put your typical Pickup Artist and especially some Red Pill/Black Pill thought leader amongst others in public, especially around hot girls and cool high status guys, nine out of ten times they get laughed out of the building. Most of the people you are trying to please, such as important men that can get you places in life and beautiful women, look down on these men and see them as losers. More so, look at the typical guys themselves and very few are worthy of any respect.

A lot of them have that depressed cold look in their eyes and come off as social outcasts in their photos. Yet, you can’t see any of this and only see their long rants which get agreement from other incels and losers. Somehow, subconsciously, you are starting to give authority and respect to men who would otherwise be shunned in the presence of important people. Ask yourself, why would you take anything seriously from someone who is nowhere near where you want to be in life?

Now let’s talk about how it ruins you.

Given that you consume this content, it makes home in your head. You wake up and go through your day to day remembering what you read on the internet. People will claim that the internet is nothing like that and they never go through that with it but I call bullshit on that. Whatever you consume during the day defines you and impacts your actions to some degree.

For example, see a video of a cool guy chatting up a girl and having a good time? You will subconsciously think of that during the day and even feel emboldened to be more social. Read on an Internet forum about how all women in a given city are stuck up bitches? You will subconsciously think that and be less likely to approach. I remember when I read about how Miami women were stuck up gold digging bitches on the Telegram group, it ruined my vibe and I went out bitter.

Now take the paragraph above and say you were to play that out for over a period of six months. One guy mostly consumes positive content in regards to dating and meeting women such as videos of cool guys with a good vibe going out and having success. The other guy sits on incel forums and consumes content around “hypergamy” and how awful the game is for 99% of men out there. I would place my bet that the former does way better than the latter if all else is somewhat relatively equal.

Emotions are contagious, don’t get infected.

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  1. lol-the blue pill is strong in this one. you should try living life as a 5’6, bald, below average looking man & see if you have a different opinion on this topic. i have engaged in self improvement for many years and am pretty much the “best” i am ever going to be yet still have not had a single date in over 8 years. it’s not my mindeset which is the issue, it’s my inferior genetics.

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