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3 things you can do daily to exponentially improve your swagger.

For some reason, I guess I don’t like to use the word “game” too much because of how corny it sounds. If you like as my reader though, you can use the word “game” as well. So let’s say you are either trying to get better at “game” or trying to really see where your game is at, here are three things you can do to improve.

Look at how any inconvenient, difficult, or adverse situation affects you and your mood.

Guy cuts you off in traffic, cop pulls you over, you get fired from your job, some rude Karen confronts you, and you can think of as many as you want. Look at how your mood, adrenaline, and stress is like during that adverse moment. Are you nervous? Worried? Feel yourself shaking? Well, chances are that there is actually work to be done here. Improve on you respond internally to that stressful situation. Once you start to have a cooler head and stop your nerves from getting the better of you, you’re getting better.

Why is this even relevant? Well, it is inevitable that when you are out in the day or at a bar, you will see a hot girl you want to approach. As you get closer to approaching her, your nerves will start to kick in. That is actually a stressful situation for you because no matter how advanced you are, getting rejected by hot girls sucks! The better you get at managing your response to stressful and tense situations, the better your game.

Detox your mind and don’t let negative content affect you.

I say waking up every day with gratitude is a good start but also, detoxing your mind in general is. You wake up everyday and find so much bad news about the world out there and quite frankly, the world is a shitshow right now. When you are involved in the game community, the toxic content gets ramped up 10 fold.

This race can’t get laid.

This city has gold digging whores that hate men.

Women only go for the top 1% of men.

Things were so much better 50 years ago.

You get what I am getting at…..

It is easy to get consumed by this content and start thinking negatively which affects your vibe. Your job now is to be more positive and think in a more positive way despite the bad news. More so, learn to let the toxic nonsense slide right off of you. Be like a mongoose where the venom of the cobra does not effect you one bit.

Talk to any woman for whatever reason.

If you are new, you do not need to try to fuck her at every turn. Ask for directions and move on. Ask for which bar is the best and move on. Good Looking Loser has an approach anxiety program for this sort of stuff. Most women will not be mean and yeah, some will just shake their heads and look at you like you are crazy. Your goal is to just interact with women for whatever reason and get warmed up until you feel comfortable doing actual pickup.

That about does it for today’s post. It’s been a while since I posted but I do have more content coming out!

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