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Why music festivals are overrated.

Around a week ago, Miami had the Ultra music festival which was hyped up non-stop. In the past years, music festivals have been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Now your typical music festival has a start singer or a few, overpriced tickets, and tons of drugs and booze to help with the debauchery. A few years ago, I was really into music festivals but for now, I no longer attend them.

Add to that girls in skimpy outfits or what seems to be little to no clothing. You’d think you have a gold mine for meeting women and getting laid right? Well, it’s not exactly so. Here is why music festivals are actually overrated for meeting women, getting laid, and at times even having a good time.

The people that go to them.

Music festivals are loaded with college girls, at times even high schoolers (and lots of them), and anyone older usually goes with their crazy significant other. Here is the reality, most of the women who are of a legal enough age are already there with guys they are going to fuck. For the few women who are available, well music festivals is where you meet your crazies and wackos. Majority of women who have had their fun grow out of that scene fast and realize how immature as well as how much of a mess it can be. The women that normally go to music festivals go there to be seen.

What the people that go them are on.

People that go to music festivals are on some hard drugs and alcohols which is why fights break out often. You have a group of guys that are younger, trying to get laid, ultimately finding that they paid a lot for tickets to an event which isn’t great hunting grounds, and now looking for somewhere to release that frustration. A lot of times, that comes out in the form of fighting and trying to out alpha whatever guy they can. Similarly, women at these festivals are on such hard drugs that they sometimes pass out or vomit all over the place.

The tickets are overpriced.

Let’s get to this part here, the tickets to these events are very overpriced. A lot of the times, the tickets go into the hundreds for you to stand outside all day in the heat and listen to a musician over poor quality sound. All the while, the people around you are sweaty, stinky, and vomiting all over the place. You also notice that there are maybe 1 to 2 groups worth seeing most of the time. As for price, same is said of food trucks and all other things sold at the festival, prices are ramped up for you to be in super long lines over shit.

They are disgusting.

Porta Potties that get stinkier and stinkier as the day goes on. Nothing haunts you more or screws up your appetite than looking down and seeing a ton of shit in a toilet full of water with a ton of chemicals in it. Oh and did you know? They also overflow if they aren’t maintained.

They wear you out.

The thieves, the horrible bathroom situation, the over-drugged crowds, the heat, and the amount of drugs and alcohol you are expected to consume. All the while, people throwing up everywhere and being animals in general. At the end of the day, you just want to go to a normal sleep schedule or at least not have to worry about passing out to the point that its an emergency.

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  1. Thank you. Local jazz clubs and well-kept punk houses usually provide a far less superficial experience.

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