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Why you must stop thinking that men peak at a later age.

So there is a common notion that gets told about how women age like milk and men age like fine wine. We are all also familiar with the chart by Rational Male around how men peak somewhere around their 30s. Now some will debate and say that this is not actually true at all and others will agree with it. I am not here to actually debate how true or not true the chart is. For the sake of this post, let’s say that Rational Male is right.

Here is why you need to stop believing that men peak at a later age than women.

If it helps you from being totally depressed, than believe it, but be careful to the extent to believe it. I used to believe the chart in my early-twenties and it gave me a lot of hope about life. In a way, I will say that the chart even helped me look forward to the future a lot when I was a younger guy. One day, those women who rejected me in college will regret it and I will be desirable! Right? Well, there is a problem with being too invested in that thought of peaking at a later age when you are young.

It makes you complacent and takes away your sense of urgency.

Here is the actual truth, the men who peaked in their 30s? They put in a lot of work in their 20s. If you think that you will somehow magically turn 30 and everything will get better, you are wrong. Yet, the other problem is that it takes away your sense of urgency for getting shit done and making life happen. If I had believed that fun is to be had in your 30s, then I would have never moved to NYC or Miami. Why do it? I’ll be 30 and it will all still be there.

Nothing is more keen to success than a sense of urgency in life.

You see it in sports, especially if you have seen a game that has largely been boring for the most part. In those final few minutes, you see teams play their hearts out and try to make something happen because the clock is ticking. Well, this can also be said for how people approach life. If you tell someone they have forever to do something, they will take forever to do it. If you, however, tell them that the clock is ticking, then they will work like maniacs to make things a reality.

Before everyone gets on me about disagreeing with Rollo.

Yes, you can meet a lot of women and get laid in your 30s.

Yes, you can have a great dating life in your 30s.

Yes, you can even get the last laugh as the girls who rejected you in your youth are miserable and you are living it up.

Yet, think more realistically about it.

Will you still have the energy and hunger in your 30s to get laid as much as possible and party like a maniac?

Will living in a rundown apartment in a major city just so you can get your dick wet still work in your 30s?

Will you want to pursue that party life full of people in their twenties when you are over 30?

You have to think about all of this. The reality is that you can do some things at the age of say 23 or 24 which might not sit well with you when you are 30. You can go work at a vacation spot as a bartender and get laid while being in your 30s with a stable career and lots of money coming in? It’s just all hard to walk away from. You may never know what happens when you are in your 30s. Imagine the guys who thought that they would be living it up in NYC for a year only for COVID to hit and lock everything down.

My advice to all young men is to start acting with urgency. If your life sucks, start making plans to change it ASAP. Stuck in that small town? Find a way to get to that big city of your dreams. Out of shape? Get in shape right now while it is easier. Toxic family? Find a way to disconnect from them and become independent. You don’t want to be approaching 30 and dealing with all of this.

The men who peak in their 30s and live in amazing dating life? It took them years to get there. Start putting in the work right now because it will take you a few years as well.

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