Why most single men should avoid Miami.

After a few months in Miami, I am here to give my input on the city’s dating scene. Before I do, I want to talk about my situation in Miami.

I am actually loving it here.

My dating life has not been too bad in Miami and I am loving life in general. Miami has offered me a much needed escape to a new environment after NYC declined in my eyes. I have had the chance to get my health together, focus more on my fitness, and make a lot of good friends ever since I have been down here. While all of this has been true, I don’t think most single men will be as lucky. For every one of me, I have met at least ten guys here who are single, struggling, and frustrated. Here is why I think most single men should avoid Miami:

Literally everyone is flooding in here, including guys just like you.

Everyone. The guy who was sick and tired of COVID lockdowns or the dude tired of plain boring women in his state (talking to you Californians), everyone is flooding in here. Rents are going up by a lot. If I was to get my apartment right now as opposed to last year, I’d be paying $600 more for it. To make matters worse, Miami is not a roommate culture type of a city as apps like Roomi which would be great in NYC are barely active here, same with Craigslist. More guys flooding in wanting to live the Miami player life means the population quality gets diluted.

To make matters even worse? PUAs have turned Miami into their new home base. Since 2014, RSD Nation has been treating Miami as their new Vegas where they take their awkward students around to spam approach women. Believe me when I say that it has become annoying as to how many of these sleazy socially awkward clowns have infested Miami nightlife now, some places are starting to become Toronto Malls because of them.

Who else hates this the most? The locals being priced out. I have been lucky to get a social circle going due to some of my friends from NY that have friends down here. From what I can tell, people really hate the Californians, New Yorkers, and Bostonians that seem to flood into Miami since the pandemic. Do not expect to be welcomed with open arms.

The competition here is tough, really tough.

The reason this hurts an average guy even more is because Miami is an “open” environment, it’s not like some hick town or a Los Angeles where you have to know people to meet women and everyone is chasing clout. While people do chase clout in Miami, the women are just objective in evaluating men and go for the hottest and coolest guy. Compared to any other city I have been in, the guys in Miami are quite charismatic and look out for their appearance. Your average young Miami guy could run through Manhattan and sleep with at least a couple different women there a week, I cannot say the same about your average New Yorker here.

Miami guys not only lift and look like they live in the gym, they also have far better social skills and game than any other city I have been to. Not only do Black and Latin men here have tight game, as do a lot of white guys who have DGAF attitude. I see way too many dorky and nerdy guys flooding into Miami from California and the northeast, their dating lives here suck. Most of them cannot compete with local men and are often bitching and moaning about how tough the dating market in Miami is.

If you do not look like you lift and cannot hold a conversation with a typical party girl, do not come here. Miami women can afford to be picky because not only are they some of the best looking women in the country, they are also surrounded by some of the best looking men in the country (no homo). I have seen way too many overcompensating Californians get chewed alive by the dating market here to recommend that anyone come here. There are just not enough nerdy Asian girls desperate for dorky white guys to go around here as there would be in a San Francisco.

I would say that Miami guys on average are the prototypical Chads. The city is one where you would find guys that give off that young Conor McGregor or Rob Gronkowski type of a vibe. An average pickup guy is not going to see even an ounce of results here.

Nightlife here sucks.

Miami nightlife sucks, a lot. Atlanta has better nightlife than Miami. Your nightlife options in Miami are to engage in some PUA approach contest at the Wharf and then hope that you brought tickets earlier in the week for either LIV, Story or 11even. Outside of that, Miami nightlife is practically a joke. Wynnwood is a trashier version of Williamsburg and for some reason, it always seems like the ugliest women in Miami seem to flood in there. If you are used to meeting women at bars, you’ll have to change your expectations for Miami. Miami is not a bars type of a city, it is too spread out and people just prefer to be outdoors.

It is desperately trying to be the next Austin.

The Mayor of Miami wants to turn the city into the Silicon Valley of the east. Yeah big tech may mean more jobs but if there is anything you have noticed from cities that big tech has infested, it also means a lot more homeless tents, higher crime, and overall culture decline. After going to Wynnwood enough, I promise you that the Pink-Haired Strong Womyn Cartel has infested Miami and is multiplying like crazy. A reminder, please do not for the love of god go to Wynnwood for anything other than tourism purposes, the quality of women there is abysmal.

If you are like me, you came to Miami to specifically run from the woke techies. You didn’t want to be around hyper-competitive overcompensating Asians and Indians who turn everything into a caste system (and are low-key racist). You didn’t want to be around hypocritical feminists who whine about toxic masculinity all day. You didn’t want to be around overcompensating brogrammers that think playing beer pong at the office in your thirties makes you cool. Well, that has arrived in Miami and it will only expand.

Ron DeSantis is one of my favorite people in politics and I worry about his re-election chances after the woke techies have infiltrated Florida.


I have loved Miami so far because I got damned lucky with how things worked out for me. On the flip side, if I did not have that luck going for me, I would be miserable. I see things getting worse in the city every month and wonder how long before Miami declines to the level of an NYC. Unless the restrictions ease in other cities, Miami will continue to get flooded with low quality people from other states looking to escape income taxes. The one thing I will be keeping a close-eye on is the governor’s race, if DeSantis loses then I am guaranteed leaving this city and state.

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