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Five blunt differences I’ve noticed between NYC’s social vibe vs Miami’s.

After a little over six months in Miami compared to quite a few years in NYC, I have had the chance to reflect and see how the vibes and scenes of the two cities stack up. I have done a post in the past comparing the two cities but now I want to take the time to compare the scenes of the city in different ways. I say blunt differences because the truth is, this post is going to piss a ton of people off and I just do not care. Here are five blunt differences between NYC’s scene versus Miami’s, especially as it pertains to the vibe.

The quality of international people and talent in Miami is many levels higher than it is in NYC.

In no other place is this more evident than in the quality of women from foreign countries that live and come to Miami compared to the foreign women you find in NYC. NYC had by far the trashiest and most narcissistic Russian and Slavic women out of any other major city I have lived in. Let me put it this way, your Basic White girl from Ohio was of higher quality in NYC than your typical Russian or Slavic women in the city whose behavior was the embodiment of trash. The European expat women in NYC were also aggressive social-ladder climbers and clout chasers.

The other place this is evident is in the Latinas in both cities, I mean they just do not compare. NYC Latinas are the worst of Anglo culture mixed in with the worst of Latin culture all in one. You are far more likely to find some Latina SJW that worships AOC than a Latina that is in any way, shape, or form in touch with her culture. I also noticed a ton of self-hating Latinas in NYC that were beyond desperate to fit in with Anglo culture.

For one, let’s just point out the biggest difference between foreign women in Miami versus NYC, the fact that they look significantly better. Tons of Russian and Eastern European women I met in NYC looked like coked out hookers that would be working a street corner in Paris. Meanwhile, the ones I have met in Miami look more like an Irina Shayk type that would end up with a Cristiano Ronaldo.

Not only are the international women of Miami prettier on the outside, they are also nicer and classier overall. You don’t have the same clout-chasing and brash attitudes in foreign women here in Miami, they are just a lot more feminine. Meanwhile, the foreign women in NYC are mostly clout chasing man-hating social ladder climbers with a serious inferiority complex.

Women aside, the quality of international people in general is higher in Miami. You get less people with the overcompensating chip on the shoulder mentality of trying to prove themselves. The foreign nationals that come to Miami come with pride while respecting what America has to offer. Meanwhile, in NYC you get a ton of immigrants and foreign nationals with a serious inferiority complex towards Anglos.

Miami guys are far more secure and naturally alpha than New Yorkers.

Guys in New York are sensitive, touchy, overcompensating, and desperate to prove how tough they are. New York’s version of “alpha” is some loud guido from Long Island that desperately tries to play a character in a Martin Scorsese flick. It’s that try-hard make a scene type of trashy. The genuine alpha males in NYC are usually black and Hispanic guys who find the former unbearable.

Meanwhile, Miami guys are the types to speak softly but carry a big stick. MMA is huge down here and I notice a lot more cauliflower ears compared to my time in NYC. Guys here are also taller and more muscular on average compared to NYC. For those of you that follow football, Florida sends more players to the NFL than any other state despite having less people than California or Texas.

You notice this more in the vibe of the men in Miami who come off as more naturally alpha and charismatic. It’s a far cry from NYC where every guy is desperately trying to play a character and making themselves look foolish in the process. One way it shows is when you actually go out and interact with people, they all seem to be having a good time as opposed to NYC where you are barking at each other and threatening for a fight that will rarely (if ever) happen.

The women in Miami are choosy but at the same time, have class compared to the women of NYC.

The women in NYC are likely to act like raging man-hating feminists when they reject you. All too often, you see women being confrontational with men and making their rejections brash. Meanwhile, in Miami, the women might be choosier but the rejections are also done in a classy way. I am surprised by this given how Miami is supposed to be full of thirsty guys but I feel like the women find a way to navigate the thirst from men better.

People in Miami care far more for their health which explains the city’s slowed down nightlife scene.

You go to NYC to binge drink and get wasted as much as possible, especially if you live in Manhattan. In Miami, there is a lot less of that unless we are talking tourists. The people of Miami take their health very seriously and as a result, you have a lot less of the binge drinking scene here. You even see it in the layout of the city as you don’t find too many large pubs and bars so close to each other. The end result is that the people here generally look better.

People in Miami can take a joke and aren’t as big on the whole Cancel culture Woke stuff.

You will be surprised to find that despite being a big city, there are a lot of people in Miami who are sick and tired of the Cancel Culture Woke stuff. In NYC, if you speak out against it, expect for people to be combative. The Virtue Signaling and radical leftism has not really hit Miami much yet. A lot of people who are here are usually escaping the radical lockdowns in blue states and quite a few have surprisingly learned what they ran from. You can crack jokes and have right wing views on an Uber ride in Miami or even when out and about, unless you go to Miami Beach. In NYC? You’ll risk being attacked by a mob for this stuff.

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