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My absence explained.

Hello readers and long-time followers, it’s been a while hasn’t it? While you have been all too used to seeing a post or two or many from me weekly, I have been relatively quiet in this month of May. So what has Millennial Bachelor been up to? Why have I not posted as much?

Well, there are a few things.

  1. I’ve gotten more off the apps and more into approaching
  2. My days are long at work and due to my business I am starting outside of that so I barely have enough time
  3. I find the male self-help space getting more and more toxic every month, some of it has resulted in me getting hateful comments (which is no useful) and other in death threats because of my views towards the red and black pill
  4. I am focusing more on fitness and nutrition as well
  5. I am working on an e-book which I will speak more about in the coming weeks, it’s meant for post grad bachelors in their early and mid twenties (or anyone in the same situation as them)

So I’ve been busy but I have been checking this blog more and more, I check it at least once a day.

However, I have decided that things will once again change on here. One change I will enact is that I will create new tags and category labeled action and reports. I thought that given the amount of approaches I’ve done, I’d share some of my findings. I won’t post every big report but when some fun stuff happens, which clearly has, I will be sharing stories. In other words, more lay reports and field reports. The theory posts will die down a bit on this site as I feel like there is already so much theory I have covered, they will come up here and there but the direction is changing.

Stay tuned readers!

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