Site update, the Action Menu!

After much thought, I have added the Action Menu right on top. All of my posts that are a part of the Action category will now automatically go into this menu. What separates my Action posts from the rest is that they will talk about something I actually did, almost like a personal diary of sorts based on my actual life experience. I won’t be adding any theory posts to this category and for 2022, I do want the Action category to be the most active as I am getting back into the game.


I have realized that everything that needed to be theorized on my end for the most part has been theorized. In the past, I was a bit shy about posting my crazy life experiences since I wanted to remain private but now, I could just care less. I want to share my actual life experiences with you guys, despite the risks that may come with it, because I owe that much to all of you.

You will enjoy what is to come!

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