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The Pickup Artist infestation of Miami

Readers, as promised, I will now be posting more about my experiences out in the world rather than theories and do I have a story for you. Now I am still deciding on how to best segment these posts, whether I create another section of the site entirely or what. For now, I will just tag them as appropriate, put them in the right category, and then see what we can build out from there.

So this past Saturday, I met up with my wing who is helping me out with day game. My wing has been doing this for over a year and has managed to get his fair share of success. We decide to meet up at Lincoln Road in South Beach. The entire area is known for its long strip of stores and as you take a lap around, you will run into your fair share of approachable and good looking women.

We were walking the area together and I immediately see this gorgeous brunette walking in our direction. I let her pass and then jog ahead of her a bit. Tell her she looks great today and offer my hand which she shakes while smiling. Tells me that she is engaged and shows me the ring, big screw up and lack of social awareness on my part. My wing waits a few yards back and then I walk towards his direction.

As we meet up, an approachable woman walks by, this platinum haired blonde. My wing jogs after her and attempts to approach only to be blown out. We do a handful more approaches together before heading to the beach area. I approach this dark haired girl and it goes well but the rust is still there in my game so I am unable to number close. Wing on the other hand is on fire and just getting approaches in left and right while also getting numbers.

We arrive at the beach itself and walk at the area bordering the waves, yeah my beach terminology sucks! Wing tells me to look a row of people back and usually there are approachable girls. Wing approaches this blonde reading a book and is talking to her for well over ten minutes, he got the number. I approach this curly haired brunette and get blown out. We keep walking and I finally approach this blonde with sunglasses.

As I am speaking to her, I could feel this one guy hovering around us. I was wondering if he was perhaps her husband or what. The approach goes well enough but I am not aggressive enough for the number close. I was just down on this very down and not feeling it, almost had to force myself to go out. Compared to most other days, this day was a rough one for me.

We walk back to the Lincoln Road area and have some lunch together, it was grossly overpriced Italian food which wasn’t even that great. After lunch, we decide to take more of a lap around and notice this one blonde with a black baseball cap walk past us. As we approach a crosswalk, some high-energy guy yells out “high five” at her and attempts to high five her only for her to shake her head and avoid him. A group of people near the guy, mainly all black, laugh loudly at the poor guy being rejected.

“Pickup bootcamp”, says my wing.

“As in that’s what that was?” I ask.

“Yeah, PUAs keep doing their bootcamps here these days,” replies my wing.

“That sucks,” I reply.

“Yeah, but most of these guys are clowns so its even easier for those of us who know what we are doing,” he says, laughing.

“You’re right,” I reply.

“You know, since the pandemic, all these pickup dudes have just flooded to Miami and they run these cringey bootcamps everywhere in the city. You will see them in Brickell and South Beach mainly,” he said.

My wing told me how Miami has faced a PUA infestation since the pandemic due to being the only city open. I checked some videos and found that he was on to something, a lot of Pickup and Dating coaches charging $3k+ for their service are posting videos in Miami and staying in the city. The day didn’t end so well for me even though my wing managed to get 6 numbers, good for him.

I know that I had serious game rust being back into day game. Even back in the day, I was never really committed to it. Not long after, we end up calling it a day. I decided that I had enough rejections for the time being. One thing that didn’t bother me as much was the PUA infestation even though it would have bothered the old me a lot. I know that on this day, my failure was on me.

2 thoughts on “The Pickup Artist infestation of Miami

  1. Hey MB. Honest question: what’s the difference between a PUA and a guy who’s doing day game? Aren’t they both just spam approaching girls?

    1. You know, that’s a good question Daryl. I might dedicate a post to it but IMO, PUAs do it habitually and they are very forceful with it, often creeping girls out because they do all sorts of stuff that is “too much”. Think Sasha who was just a flat out weirdo.

      If it goes from just dudes approaching women to a Toronto mall situation, then you are dealing with a PUA.

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