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How Miami destroys men.

On Saturday, I had agreed to meet up with my wing from the night before in order to do some daygame with him in Brickell. I get there later than I wanted to due to some personal and work related matters coming up on my radar. Well it was that and the fact that due to a night of partying hard, I slept in for much longer than I wanted. I finally make the trip and immediately upon arriving, notice the difference between Brickell and South Beach.

The vibe is different and Brickell has much lower volume than South Beach but much higher quality overall. I end up finding a couple of girls I wanted to talk to but instead make my way over to meeting my wing. We meet at the mall itself and there isn’t much going on so we leave to walk around Brickell. My wing wanted to go to Publix and is kind of all over the place on what he wants to do as it was more dead than usual.

I walk into Publix and yeah, the quality is quite high. I approach these two girls with a dog but it is more of an indirect kind of approach. The conversation goes well but once again, it was indirect so I did not make my intent clear. Not long after, we go outside and I see a blonde in light green heading in my direction. I approach her and tell her how her style looks bold, in reality what was I even thinking right? She didn’t take as well to it, ah well, whatever. After that, my wing and I decide to get some lunch since we were both kind of starving.

We go back inside of the mall, overall just uncertain of ourselves since I don’t usually daygame much in Brickell. I blame myself for what happened here in regards to wanting to do a certain number of approaches so it is no mystery that my mind started to wander off in the wrong places. Now I am not sure what happened at the moment and it really took me quite some time to really reflect on it.

When I was inside of that mall, it gave me somewhat of an empty feeling of the soul that I could not really grasp. It almost felt like being in Dubai where the structures are pretty but the place seems to lack the kind of soul that would bring it to life. I will give it credit where it is due, Miami surely has a lot of beautiful women and Brickell seemed to be the cream of the crop. Yet, it seemed like they were all having that resting bitch face and came off as unapproachable. I notice the amount who seemed to really put the work into their appearance but for the most part, were all very head down.

I had approached this hot blonde who had just had her friend take her photo and the rejection was very ice cold as her Eastern European accent came out. Then I approached a blonde shortly after who had a foreign accent and then tells me she has a boyfriend. What’s worse is that these were both 30 minutes apart because it seemed to be quite a low volume day in the area which didn’t offer the same volume that South Beach does. As someone who wanted to do a lot of approaches, this was a let down. We were all walking around in a mall that was large but seemed so soulless, a vibe I could not describe in words.

Then it hit me why this city leaves so many men bitter.

I feel like sometimes, you have to put yourself in the shoes of other people. We can all call that certain guy a crybaby or a whiner but on that very moment, I felt that bitterness overcome me for a bit. I mean it’s fucking Miami and we are in its most happening area only for us to find that it is mostly large families, couples, and unapproachable sets. For any high volume guy who wants to get his reps in, I found the experience to be such a let down. Now I know why so many men and pickup artists curse this city as having icy women and being overrated for game.

Now I keep doing more approaches and see that the sets keep warming up. As the day goes on, the activity picks up for sure. I fire off a few approaches and then approach this one older Hungarian blonde. I notice that she intensely shook my hand but then a minute later, had to meet with her family member. One thing I noticed was that women were slower to open up in Brickell compared to South Beach where you can extend a conversation. Needless to say, I got no numbers at all and crashed hard.

Meanwhile, my wing gets a really good vibe going with this sexy cougar. I notice them going at it for a while and it seemed like he number closed her as well. Obviously, guys are getting results and I was the one that was not. Something just seemed so off about that day to me.

And it was my fault.

Old me would have said that the women were bitches, venue sucks, or whatever. I realized specifically why I crashed so hard in Brickell and its because I was treating it like South Beach. You see, in South Beach, you can go high volume and spam approach. In Brickell, you have to play more of a patient game that is not as dependent on how many approaches you do. You have to aim more for quality and making the most out of an available approach rather than spam approaching everything.

I will try my luck in Brickell again but it took that momentary reflection for me to understand exactly why I did it so wrong. If I had gone in with more of a laid back mindset instead of trying to rack up the approaches then I would have had a much better time. Brickell clearly had a lot of quality and I left some opportunities on the table myself because I was so focused on trying to hit a certain number of approaches. Instead, it is an area where you sort of let it all come to you.

After the day ends, I go to a local bar to get some drinks. I then head to a night game venue mostly drunk and end up doing quite a few approaches. I hit it off well with a couple of Missouri girls and made out with one which was a huge bonus. Not soon after, I felt that I was too drunk to continue the night, obviously not finding a good way to cope with what was a mostly rough day.

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