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The bachelor decides to go out on Friday.

So one of many action logs coming fellas but on this one, I talk about my bold decision to not stay in on a Friday night. The truth is that I had an exhausting week that just defeated me and I realized that I had to find some time to perhaps relax. Yet, no, I have been out of the game for too long and I know I had to get back out there because of how rusty I had become. One of my wingmen hits me up to tell me that they are out in Brickell and I take him up on it and check out the spot he had in mind.

The bar is a rooftop as well as an indoor bar. I initially go to the rooftop bar where I finally find my wing and his friend. We decide to get drinks and as I am waiting on my drink at the bar, this blonde with tattoos and a sweet voice asks if she can squeeze in. I tell her she is slim enough and we have some fun banter. Apparently, she was visiting from Colorado and came to Miami for an important surgery since South Florida had a doctor who could help her out.

I had fun talking to the blonde but she was with a guy so I did not want to push too much. My wing tells me he has access to an indoor lounge so I follow him, somehow he is able to get the lady to stamp me as she playfully tells him “ugh, one more?”. We go inside to the lounge where you see two dancers but the music is loud as fuck. I can barely hear but one of my wing’s friends approaches this dark-haired beauty, she was probably the hottest girl at the bar and really damn hot too.

The approach seems to be going well and then my wing approaches. I take it slow until I finally hit on this one blonde who oddly enough is from Venezuela. We have a good vibe going for a while but I am still warming up so I mess things up. She was with her friends so the whole thing ends. Not long after, I meet back with with my wing and his friend near the bar. I see my wing approaching left and right but he grinds on a couple of girls which prompts the bouncer to throw him out, despite the girls not having much of an objection.

We both catch up with my wing outside who is confused as to why he got thrown out. Thankfully, a local hot spot is not that far of a walk away so we walk over. The whole time we are talking politics and I am shocked to find that all three of us lean more to the right than the left. My wing’s friend tells us how he grew up in the Bay and always knew that something was off about that place.

Finally, we get into the local hotspot. I am in approach mode now since its a quieter place where you can hear people. Most my my approaches early on fall flat as I am not really in the groove as of right now. I get 4 approaches in which lead to somewhat of a decent reception but they do not go anywhere.

Then I notice these two girls, one sexy redhead and another a kind of cute brunette, at the spot where people normally have their photos taken. I see them and tell them that I will take their photo. In reality, I wanted the redhead but due to how it all worked out, my wing was talking to her and I was talking to the brunette. We made a good bit of small talk and I sexualized the conversation a bit. I got her IG and then talked to her some more, even grabbing her butt which she was okay with. Apparently, she was from Spain.

I decide that I am not having it anymore since I am seriously exhausted from the day. I walk off and call it a night but could have done so much more with that. Still, it would at least help set the stage for what I can do the next day, I finally had some momentum.

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