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The bachelor scores.

Been a while since I updated the site and shared a lay report. Got a lot to get to and I cannot be happier that it was Memorial Day Weekend. Since I missed so much from my previous field reports, I will split this post up by days.


Went out to my usual spot and met up with a few wings. One of my wings was practically on a mission, approaching everything in site and pretty much ignoring all of us. I check to see what was going on and then notice that the security got involved. Apparently, my wing had gone a bit too far with some girls and was thrown out of the bar. One of the girls threw a drink at him as he was being escorted out of the place.

My other wing, who was having his last night in Miami, and I ended up walking the place a bit. We approached a pair of blondes only to be blown out. We then approached another pair of blondes, only to be blown out yet again. After that, we approached these two girls who had their hair in a French braid as you may call it and then the one with glasses ended the set fast. Typical Miami night game, getting blown out fast, it was a lot easier in NYC.

Apparently the Celtics and Heat were playing so the bar was energetic from that. We noticed that when we arrived at around 11 PM, it was still pretty active. As soon as midnight hit, the whole place had slowly started to die out. I finally turn back and end up approaching this tanned brunette who was from Brazil. All I had told her was that she looks Mediterranean and that got her to light up.

For a few minutes, we get a good vibe going. We are getting a bit physical with each other as the approach goes on. Initially we talked about soccer but then somehow we ended up speaking about Brazilian Ju Jitsu. I make a comment to her saying she looks like the kind of girl with a good group game which had her squeezing my shoulders as we are a bit into the interaction. Then, out of nowhere, comes in my drunk wing who says “yo bro smash that yeah”.


They don’t make them this fucking dumb do they? In all fairness, I met the guy on an online community about a couple of weeks ago but apparently, this fucking drunk idiot lacked that much social calibration. Brazilian shakes her head and walks away since he knew my name. My god, this is the kind of shit that ruins your night. I am so happy this imbecile is flying back to Colorado the next day and at this point, the bar is so dead that I call it a night.


I had a fun daygame session in Brickell where I collected around 4 numbers. My day had started right at noon and what amazed me more than anything about the ordeal is just how many of these women were either Latinas or European. In total, I managed to do about 25 approaches in a span of about 4 or so hours.

After the amazing daygame session, I headed home and got a nice workout in. I decided to go out in Wynnwood for Saturday since they say its better on a Saturday compared to most other places. Met up with a wing who was going to spend his last night in the city and have to fly back the next day. Wing was a tall blond guy with a chiseled jaw and Viking type of look almost. Meanwhile, I am swarthier than my wing.

We approached these three blondes who were visiting from California and immediately, all attention was on my wing. I could barely keep the set alive as neither of the blondes seemed to be into me. Wing was not the best talker and he was a newbie so nothing came of it. After this, we notice two hot dark-haired girls and I open them. Immediately, the reception I get is golden while my wing is being ignored the whole time.

A few minutes in, wing walks away and I am gaming them by myself. One of them dances with me as I am on my fifth day of nofap. I make out with the one as her friend is recording us. Come to find, she is with a group of people and the group finds them to pull them all away as they have to go to another bar, great. My wing and I keep approaching throughout the night and I find that my wing has scored with this short blonde who he ends up fucking right inside of her car, my guy! I know I have to prove myself now because I am all solo.

Throughout the night, we do a few approaches and notice a strange phenomenon. Whenever we approached blondes, my wing seems to always got a better reception. Whenever we approached more swarthy girls (tanned brunettes) and Latinas? I got the better reception. So much for opposites attract.

As the night winds down, I approach this dark haired olive skinned girl in a tiger dress. I ask her how she killed that thing, she said with her bare hands. I tell her she seems too sweet for that at which point she playfully hits me. I was vibing well with this girl who was apparently from France of all places. As soon as she got close, I noticed a uniquely arousing vibe with her that turned me on. I went in for the kiss on her soft cheeks and it is like she had me in a spell. We ended up making out.

I ask her where she is staying, she says she actually came for a friend’s birthday since her friends are in this area, she actually lives in Ft. Lauderdale. FUCK! Should I go for the close? Should I try to take her to a bathroom and fuck her there? Oh wait, its Wynnwood and the bathrooms at most of these bars are nasty. We keep making out and as it nears 2 AM, she tells me we should meet up sometime. I tell her I am in Miami, she says she is moving next month because Ft. Lauderdale is boring. I grab her ass tightly and kiss her neck and soft cheeks.

At one point, I had my hands under her dress and was squeezing her inner thighs in the crowded bar. She jumped on me and we kept making out, maybe I can lure her elsewhere. I tell her that I live nearby and that she should come to the afterparty I am having with a rooftop pool. She tells me that her friends have texted and are looking for her. I tell her she can tell them that she is okay and just about to have some fun for the night. She promises me that when she moves to Miami, she is going to come see me and gives me her IG and phone number. I try one more time to tell her that the pool party is a bit more calm as opposed to this wildness. She grabs my face, kisses it, and tells me that we will meet again one day and that she is down if I am ever in Ft. Lauderdale in the next 30 days.

Then her friends finally find her and the whole ordeal ends as I go home with a raging boner. I could have played that so much better but didn’t.


I woke up Sunday with a video from my wing smashing the blonde again at his hotel after he had fucked her in his car, rub it in asswipe. Well really, I am joking, I was happy for the guy. Due to the night of heavy partying, it was 11 AM when I had woken up. I had about 3 replies from the girls I number closed in daygame the day before. One was a Hungarian girl with black hair and green eyes, the other was a French girl with black hair and tanned skin, and the final one was a tanned brunette from New Hampshire. French girl with the black hair and tanned skin reminded me of the girl from the night before.

Then it hit me, it’s 11 AM right now and if I play it right, I can have 3 back to back dates lined up! It just so happened that the French girl was in Brickell, Hungarian girl in South Beach, and tanned brunette in Coconut Grove. I know I have to play this right because it can all get easily messed up. I text all 3 of the girls and tell them I am free from 3 to 7 PM for coffee. Well, Hungarian girl said she was busy today but Thursday worked for her. French girl said that 5 PM works for her and tanned brunette said 2 PM would be ideal.

I go see the tanned brunette first and then quickly realize that she is the most stereotypical sorority girl you can think of. To make matters worse, she is a liberal. I call the date off early but end it with kindness.

Next up, I go meet the French girl. She had that golden skin and tan in the sun and even wore her hair in a ponytail. Somehow, as soon as we hugged I felt that same arousal I had felt the night before with the French girl I couldn’t smash. Just feeling her and her soft skin gave me the same feelings of the night before.

We were in Brickell for the date and started off talking about the area. I know that I had to sexualize the conversation after we had bantered for a few minutes so I told her that the ponytail makes her look like someone that is athletic. Her English was not the best but she asked me why I felt that way. I said that Olympians seem to wear their hair like that at which point she asked me what sport I thought she played. I told her I wouldn’t be surprised if she did BJJ or something, she seems like someone who would be nice on the surface but rough deep down. Somehow that got a reaction out of her to where she called me an ass and kicked me under the table.

I tell her she has a lot of fight for a French person at which point she asks me in an assertive way what I mean by that. I respond with “oh you know, Joan of Arc and Napoleon, all tough French people, what do you think I meant?”. She rolls her eyes. We banter for a bit and then she talks to me about how Miami is expensive, I ask if her apartment in Brickell is worth it.

She says its fancy and truly upscale at which point I tell her that my tastes are a bit too picky to call something upscale. We walk around after the coffee date and I put my arm around her waist without much resistance. The sky starts to get gloomy and I know its going to rain so I better come up with some sort of a plan to get to her apartment.

At this point, I ask her what craziness she has going on for the night to which she says nothing. I am also leaning in to kiss her on the neck a bit and whisper things into her ear. Now this is getting tough because I know that the date can easily end if I point out that its going to rain but she says nothing. Then I finally say to her “you know, give me a taste of Brickell and I’ll see if its worth the price for not just me but also you, I move in a few months and need to find a new spot”.

She pushes back and says “I see what you are doing”. I respond with “yeah, trying to sneak into an upscale apartment to get shelter from this upcoming storm instead of getting wet out here”. She laughs a bit and says “oh it is about to storm”. I say “and you’re going to leave me out to get soaked, I thought the French had more heart than that” in a joking way. She laughs at it and says “okay, don’t try anything”. I tell her “I won’t drink your wine don’t worry”.

Now she does let me into her apartment and wow, this woman had it made. We go in and relax only to find that after five minutes, it’s storming and pouring outside. She somehow gets closer to me and I lean in, grab her by the waist and whisper “I won’t try anything”. We end up making out softly and I am reminded of the French girl from the night before. For some reason, I am hitting it off well with French girls.

It all quickly leads to us fucking and she had a very smooth and soft skin even though her smell was a bit strong. We did it twice because it was pouring rain and I was not going to go out. It felt a lot more sensual than I am used to, like I got drunk in lust with her. Lots of kissing just like the night before and I found my body getting aggressive with her the second we kissed and made out.

Won’t turn this long post into an erotica but that was my daygame close readers.

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